Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill

Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill Review

Merit Fitness 715T Plus TreadmillThe Merit Fitness 715T Plus treadmill is ideal for walking and light jogging. It’s supposed to be a durable piece of equipment that will get you moving without having to leave the house. The Merit Fitness 715T is one of the cheapest treadmills currently available. In this Merit Fitness 715T Plus review, we aim to take an objective look at this machine. We will be looking at the main features of the 715T treadmill, and whether it is truly worth the investment.

We will also be looking at Merit Fitness 715T pros and cons and extra features. In addition, we will mention important details, such as Merit Fitness 715T Plus warranty information, maitenance advice, accessories and maitenance advice.

Merit Fitness 715T treadmill Main Features

The Merit Fitness 715t Plus has a 1.5 CHP motor and can go as fast as 10 miles per hour. It has a LED display that keeps tabs on your speed, time, distance and calories burnt. The workout area measures 18 x 47 inches and is cushioned with the Aerosoft system. This treadmill measures 29 x 52 x 61 inches and the foldable steel frame makes it very easy to store away when you’re not using it. With a 250 pounds capacity and a 0 to 5 percent incline, the Merit Fitness 715T Plus treadmill is a high quality piece of equipment that is suitable for beginners or intermediate users who are not looking for a fast running machine.

Merit Fitness 715T Pros and Cons

Merit Fitness’ reputation precedes them. They built sturdy machine that emphasize high quality and efficiency. However, the Merit Fitness 715t is not without drawbacks.


  • The Merit Fitness 715T Plus treadmill is the greatest tool for any fitness beginner because it has an in-built intuitive console and four pre-set programs. According to your endurance and number of calories you want to burn, you can choose between the weight loss session, the rolling hills program, intervals or manual.
  • Merit 715t reviews revealed that users were impressed with the design, the frame’s sturdiness and the overall aspect.
  • It has a cup holder where you can put your iPod or bottle of water.
  • The motor of the Merit Treadmill 715t is quiet compared to other machines in the same price range.
  • The belt feels smooth and never skips. Increasing or decreasing the speed is done evenly, at the simple press of a button.


  • While the Merit 715t plus treadmill allows incline, this can only be achieved manually. This can easily interrupt your flow and throw you off track.
  • The display does not sport a professional look. One Merit Fitness 715t plus treadmill review noted that the equipment’s console leaves a lot to be desired through its performance and design.
  • Unlike most treadmills, the Merit fitness 715t plus treadmill speed increase can only be done by 0.5 increments instead of 0.1.
  • The heart rate monitor has been reported to lack accuracy. In comparison with a Polar Wearlink, the motorized treadmill 715t plus displayed wrong data.
  • The Merit treadmill automatically shuts down after an hour of functioning. Not all users finish their workouts within an hour, and it can become very frustrating to interrupt your flow and restart the treadmill.

Merit Fitness 715T Plus TreadmillMerit Fitness 715T Plus TreadmillMerit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill

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Extra Info:

Recommended Routine

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate user, the Merit 715T Plus treadmill can suit your needs and help you ease your way into cardio routines. If you just want to walk on this treadmill, alternate between slow walking and brisk walking, keeping the intervals between two and three minutes. The length of the session depends on your endurance level and how much free time you have on your hands.

For more experienced users, the Merit Fitness treadmill offers the possibility to increase the speed up to 10 mph and incline the running deck to 3%. If you’re looking for a quick workout and a maximum of calories to burn, try intervals. Switch between sprinting and light jogging to keep your heart rate up at all times. You can also increase your endurance on the Merit Fitness 715T Plus treadmill, by keeping a steady pace for 5-10 minutes and then slowly increase the speed to a level you are comfortable with. This type of treadmill was not designed for more serious runners, but it’s highly suitable for walking and light jogging.

Maintenance Advice

There is not a lot you can do in order to maintain the Merit Fitness treadmill. However, if you want to increase its longevity, clean it with a dry cloth after each use and make sure you keep the control panel away from too much moisture. You should also check for loose parts or screws each time before you begin your workout. Choose a high-quality lube in case the treadmill starts squeaking and don’t use abrasive cleaners and petroleum-based products.


The Merit fitness 715t Plus treadmill doesn’t come with any accessories. However, the lateral holders are useful if you need a place to set your water bottle or your iPod.


Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill
Merit Fitness 715T Treadmill



Warranty and Guarantee Information

The motor of the 715t is covered by one year warranty, while the frame is covered for a lifetime and the parts and labor for 90 days. You only qualify for the warranty if the treadmill is used within your home only.

Any Customer Complaints?

Most Merit Fitness 715T Plus user reviews are positive. The treadmill performs aadequately given its low price. However ,there are a few complaints that come up more often than others.

Some customers complained about tripped circuit breakers when plugging in the Merit 715t. This means that you might have to acquire a surge protector if you don’t already own one.

Some customers also complained about the unit breaking down in a year or less. These seem to be isolated complaints but still worth noting.

Our Recommendation

There are many good and sturdy low price treadmills on the market, but the Merit fitness 715t plus treadmill isn’t one of them. The affordable price hides a great number of flaws that could only be ignored by someone using this treadmill a couple of times a week, for walking. The machine can easily be stored away and it has a helpful LCD display, but the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to efficiency, durability and reliability. For this price range, there are other treadmills that do the job better without tripping circuit breakers or breaking down within months from being set up. While it’s definitely not suitable for more advanced runners, it might end up being a decent choice for beginners.

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