Weider Pro 6900 Weight System Review

Weider Pro 6900 Weight System Review

If you are trying to save money on a gym membership or just want the convenience of working out at home, then getting an all-in-one home gym can be a great way to save space and still get a great full-body workout. The Weider Pro 6900 Weight System is a compact home gym that lets you perform a variety of exercises including a lat pulldown, chest press, chest fly, preacher curl, row, and more. It also includes both a high and a low pulley for additional exercises. Since it only takes up a small amount of floor space, this system is ideal for a workout enthusiast who only has a small amount of floor space. Find out more details in our Weider Pro 6900 Weight System review.

Weider Pro 6900 Weight System Main Features

The Weider Pro 6900 Weight System is made to be an all-in-one home gym. It takes up an area of floor space measuring 43 inches by 77 inches, and it is 82.5 inches high, making it very compact compared to other home gyms. This setup is eye-catching with silver metal construction and bright red vinyl padding. While it includes many different exercise options, this setup is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced weightlifters.

While the manufacturer notes that the machine offers up to 330 pounds of resistance, the weight stack only goes up to 125 pounds, meaning that this home gym may not be ideal for those who lift very heavily. However, while the weight stack is smaller than some other home gyms, the Weider Pro is very versatile. The manufacturer notes that you can perform 55 exercises.

This setup does contain a variety of exercise opportunities that allow users to get a full-body workout. It includes a lat pulldown attachment, as well as high and low cables for cable curls, tricep pulldowns, and more. It also includes a chest fly setup that can also be used as a chest press or rear delt fly, and it also includes an adjustable preacher curl bench. For the lower body, it includes a leg developer the allows you to do crunches, leg extensions, and leg curls. By including elements that can be used for multiple exercises, this system saves plenty of space.

Weider Pro 6900 Weight System Additional Info


This product generally does not need a lot of maintenance. However, any time you have a system that involves cables and a weight stack, it is very important to inspect the cables. Gradual wear and tear can easily accumulate, and if a cable breaks, it may cause injury. It is also important to wipe down the vinyl padding after every use, as sweat buildup can cause damage and cracking of the vinyl over time.


The manufacturer offers a full 90-day warranty on this product. If you are interested in extending the warranty, you should contact the manufacturer directly.


This product comes with a variety of attachments for cables, but in order to expand the exercises you can do, you may purchase extra accessories. For instance, for more variety with lat pulldowns, you can purchase a V-bar or a straight bar with an option for a neutral grip. For the high and low cables, you can purchase a tricep rope for tricep pulldowns and neutral-grip cable curls, as well as a standard handle attachment for lean-away lateral raises and other exercises.

Recommended Routines

One thing this product can be especially useful for is circuit training. To do a full-body circuit, pick an upper-body exercise like a lat pulldown and perform the desired number of sets. Then, switch to a lower-body exercise like a leg extension. From there, move to another upper-body exercise. Alternatively, you can focus on one muscle group per workout. For instance, in one day, you could do cable curls, tricep pushdowns, preacher curls, and forearm training.

Weider Pro 6900 Weight System Product Pros and Cons

If you are trying to decide whether or not to buy this product, one thing that can help is examining pros and cons. Below is a list of each to consider, although it also can help you to consider what is important to you.

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Very compact. This is a very compact exercise station despite the fact that it has many stations. This makes it ideal for small spaces.
Multiple uses for each station. This is a very space-efficient home gym, and many stations can be used for multiple exercises. The leg developer allows multiple exercises, as does the chest fly/chest press portion.
Exercise variety. While it has six stations, the manufacturer for this product says that you can do 55 different exercises on it.
Accessory opportunities. Because it is easy to attach other accessories, you can expand your exercise opportunities easily.


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Somewhat expensive. While it is not extremely expensive, this setup is somewhat costly for its small size.
Small weight stack. While the weight stack may be enough for some users, the small weight stack may make it hard for others to get a challenging workout.
Non-moveable cables. While the high and the low cable offer some versatility, this home gym would have much more variety if the cables were moveable.


Customer rating:

User Reviews

While some users of this system state that it’s a good value, others have some issues with it in terms of assembly and durability. Some reviewers mention that they had issues with assembly because some of the bolts that need to be tightened are under the weight stack, and that the weight adjustment pin is on the inside of the machine. A common overall complaint is that the assembly is not intuitive.

Another issue that some reviewers have is with durability. Some complain that the chest fly/chest press arms tend to break very easily, even after they have had the machine for a relatively short time. There does not appear to be a consensus among viewers on this machine- some love it and recommend it, while others call it a waste of money and say that it is too difficult to assemble and that it breaks easily.


While there is some disagreement amongst reviewers, this machine is recommended for those who are new to weightlifting and who are not planning on lifting heavily. It also is recommended for those with very limited space. However, if you are looking for a heavy-duty home gym or plan on lifting heavy weights, this setup is not recommended for you.

8 thoughts on “Weider Pro 6900 Weight System Review”

  1. The Weider 6900 is a poor design. Impossible to do preacher curls because the beginning low pulley weight is so great and the weight increases per weight plate are very great. Another one or two pulleys would fix this but I guess Weider is too cheap to add them. I would not suggest that anyone should buy this product.

  2. Rowanne Yasmin

    I’d agree that the Weider Pro 6900 is somewhat expensive for its relatively small size. I honestly expected a bit more. And non-moveable cables? That really sounds like it is going to limit a lot of people and variety in their workouts. I’m not sure this would be the model for me.

  3. People talk about the limited weights. They are wrong cause if u are a normal person or someone like me that’s at 210 with 12% body fat it’s perfect. U have to know how to micro isolate ur work out and do different workouts not the normal compound workouts . It’s really easy to get ripped and build strength and it can be put just about anywhere in your home

  4. Hola, tengo 27 años, soy principiante en este mundo fitness y me estan ofreciendo esta maquina en $900.000 pesos colombianos, quisiera saber si esta en buen precio, la maquina tiene 6 meses de uso.

    1. Fitness Tech Pro TEAM

      It’s a relatively ok price for a used Weider Pro 6900. E new one would sell for just about US$400. Of course, it would be ideal if you could check that everything still works, that it still has all its parts in order. If it’s just minor issues that can be solved with a bit of lube and tightening up sume nuts and bolts, it’s quite alright.

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