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Weider Ultimate Body Works Home Gym Review

If you truly want to take your workout to the next level and upgrade from a regular incline bench, the Weider Ultimate Body Works Home Gym is for you. This excellent piece of strength training equipment is one of the top 10 best-selling home gyms on Amazon. It provides so many exercise options that it is impossible to get bored. As opposed to other models in its class from competitors, the Weider Ultimate Body Works Multi Gym is at an amazing price and brings equally amazing value.

It is the more affordable alternative for the Weider Weight System and it has everything you need to stay fit, build muscles and increase your strength. If you are looking for a quality piece of exercise equipment on a budget, then take a look at our Weider Ultimate Body Works review, complete with reports and ratings. You will find out what the Weider Ultimate Body Works exercise equipment is, the pros and cons involved, where you can find it and other detailed information about the total gym Ultimate Body Works provides. Discover everything you need to know before purchasing this piece of Weider home gym equipment below.

What is the Weider Ultimate Body Works?

Weider Ultimate Body Works is more than just an incline bench; it is an authentic Joe Weider home gym. The Joe Weider Home Gym as was inspired by the late Joe Weider, also known as the ‘Father of Bodybuilding’. Joe Weider was also Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal trainer. The Weider Ultimate Body Works home gym bench has all of the accessories and features you would need for a full body workout.

As far as Weider home gyms are concerned, almost all customers expressed their enthusiasm regarding the Weider Ultimate Body Works. Most stated that it is more reliable than the Weider Total Gym or the Weider Weight Machine. One of the main advantages of the Weider Ultimate Body Works is that it brings the convenience of gym exercise equipment to your very own home. Its features include over 50 body-shaping exercises, space-saving design, body weight resistance system, adjustable incline, four power bands that you can adjust and a durable built, among many others.

Pros and Cons to Using the Weider Ultimate Body Works

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More than 50 exercises to shape your body
Uses for shoulders, thighs, arms, back, hips, calves and abdomen
Comes with 4 adjustable power bands
Easy to store
Resistant (steel tubing)
Great for stretching
Excellent results when used frequently
Free shipping when purchased on Amazon
Can be used for the exercises from a Total Gym exercise chart
Highly affordable
Praised upgrade from the Weider Total Gym


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Might be a bit loud
Make sure to tighten the eye bolts on the 2 pulleys
Plastic hand grips (might be uncomfortable)
Amazon customers mentioned that they did not receive an exercise chart with their product


Customer rating:

Where to Find the Weider Ultimate Body Works?

If you want to enjoy the Weider Ultimate Body Works bets price, you should definitely consider purchasing it on Amazon. Currently, you can find the Weider Ultimate Body Works for sale on this platform for $147, which means that you save 26% off its original price of $199. In addition to this, you also can benefit from free shipping; the only downside is that residents of Alaska or Hawaii cannot order the machine.

You can also purchase the Weider Ultimate Body Works at Walmart or on eBay, but we recommend Amazon as a trusted source. When you are on the website, make sure to check out the Weider Ultimate Body Works reviews provided by customers.

Extra Info:

Recommended Routine

Like we previously mentioned, the Weider Ultimate Body Works machine offers an abundance of exercise to choose from, depending on what body part or muscle group you want to work on. This means that you can use this piece of Weider equipment to work both on your upper body and your lower body. When you order the Weider Ultimate Body Works, you will see 12 exercises on the box that will help get you started (such as leg press or squats). If you want a detailed list of exercises with illustrations to follow, you can look at the Weider Ultimate Body Works exercise chart presented on the FitBodyBuzz website.

Maintenance Advice

When it comes to Weider Home Gym parts and maintenance, USA Home Gym explains that “there’s a section of the ICON website where you can order a replacement for just about every part that went into the construction of the Weider Ultimate Body Works.” This information might come in handy if something goes wrong with your Weider Ultimate Body Works in the first three months after you purchase it.


In our pros and cons section we covered what the Weider Ultimate Body Works comes with; other than the features we mentioned, there are no other notable accessories. Two items that are frequently bought together with this piece of equipment, according to Amazon, are the Total Gym exercise chart and 6-8 minute workout DVD, but we do not find them necessary for your workout experience to be awesome.

Warranty and Guarantee Information

When ordering the Weider Ultimate Body Works on Amazon, you benefit from a warranty. The only disappointing aspect is that the warranty is quite short: 90 days for parts and labor. If you need any new parts after this warranty period, you can contact ICON Health and Fitness for assistance and products.

Any Customer Complaints?

Surprisingly, there are very few customer complaints regarding the Weider Ultimate Body Works. A few customers mentioned that the machine sometimes can get a bit noisy. However, they added that the sound is not enough to wake somebody up in another room of your house. If you analyze all customer reviews, you will notice that there are no real complaints. Rather, there are small details that could put the machine in a better light. Customer ratings reflect the value of this Weider home gym. The average rating (out of a total of 500 customer reviews) is 4.4 out of 5 stars. Of these, 65% of customers rewarded their purchase with 5-starar rating. All customers agree that, for this budget, the Weider Ultimate Body Works is a fantastic choice for building your strength from the comfort of your own home.

Our Recommendation

Our final verdict regarding the Weider Ultimate Body Works is that the home gym is an exceptional piece of equipment that is well worth the small investment it requires. It offers amazing value and will help you joy visible results in a short period of time. As opposed to its competitors, the Weider Ultimate Body Works has received wide approval from customers. And we personally recommend the product to individuals who want to make the most of a piece of exercise equipment. By ordering and using the Weider Ultimate Body Works, not only will you be saving time spent driving to the gym and back. You will also be focusing upon building a better and bolder you.

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      Prices may change. You’ll have to check on the website. We’ve provided purchasing links. If you click, you will be able to view the most recent price tag.

  1. Pollie Archer

    I like how the Weider Ultimate Body with really let you put your shoulders, thighs, arms, back, hips, and abdomen to work. I can also see myself doing some nice stretches with it. The reviews seem overwhelmingly positive. And on sale for $147? Seems like a great deal.

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