Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill

Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill Review: Reports and Ratings

The Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill is meant to be a powerful piece of equipment that enables users to incorporate cardio sessions into their workouts from their home gyms. Inactivity is slowly becoming one of the most pressing issues of our century. Thus we should turn our attention towards incorporating as much movement as we can into our daily routines. However,  many of us barely find time to go to the gym, let alone to walk back home from work. Thus, the only alternatives are machines for home gyms. Both beginners and advanced users can use them if they don’t have the time or the desire to invest in a fitness club membership. The Proform Pro 4500 promises to stand out of the crowd through top notch quality and an extensive warranty.

What is the Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill?

With a 4.0 CHP system and a comfortable 22-inch belt, the Proform 4500 is a 296-pound machine which impresses through strength and reliability. The Proform 4500 treadmill boasts a 10-inch display that has an Android browser. With 38 built-in programs, the Proform Pro 4500 treadmill measures 84 x 38 x 24 inches and weighs 296 pounds. It has a user capacity of 400 pounds and is iFit enabled. The maximum speed is 12 MPH and the speed controls allow runners to adjust the levels with a simple touch of a button. The design is sturdy and simple, encompassing a powerful motor and an excellent cushioning system, which helps noise levels be kept at a minimal. The Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill is a great choice for intermediate runners who have a generous budget and are looking for a cardio machine.

Pros and Cons to Using the Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill

At first sight, the Proform 4500 fitness treadmill is packed with goodies and couldn’t possibly disappoint its customers. But users’ reviews pinpointed some drawbacks that are worth taking into consideration before ordering the equipment.
Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill


  • The iFit feature is a huge plus. The nifty options enable you to use Google Maps to design routes all over the world. If you’ve ever fancied running on Swiss streets, the Proform 4500 will make your dream come true.
  • The automated incline and decline options set apart the Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill from other machines in the same price range. With a simple press of a button, you’ll be able to adjust the range from -3% to 15% and continue your workout uninterrupted. The decline feature is quite unique and offers users even more workout possibilities to tone certain muscles and work lower body.
  • With a wide, 22 inch belt, the Pro 4500 offers a generous workout space for users of all heights. This feature will come in handy for runners who have a longer stride and need more room on the treadmill to run at faster speeds.
  • Since not all users are big fans of losing their space floor, the Proform 4500 can be folded and stored away. The shock assist technology makes sure you can put your machine away safely, without scratching your floors.
  • The wide range of programs is quite useful for beginners. However, experienced users can also find appropriate programs, for a challenging cardio session. Runners can choose from 38 running modes which are pre-set to target calories burnt or increasing running endurance.


  • The idea of a large, shiny screen is appealing, but you might hold down on the excitement levels. You won’t be able to install Android apps or surf the web. A Proform website reviewer pointed out that the wireless isn’t very reliable, and the controls take a while before sending the instructions to the machine.
  • Pro treadmill reviews keep complaining about the customer service quality. Buyers are dissatisfied by the time the staff takes to reply or send a replacement for a defective part within the treadmill.
  • One Proform 4500 treadmill review wasn’t particularly happy with the assembly process, which can take up to two hours. Definitely a task for two people, putting the treadmill together can be quite frustrating if the instructions are not followed to the letter.
  • One Amazon reviewer noted that while running on the Proform felt smooth and pleasant, after reaching 9 miles, the machine performed a reset and wiped out all data, including the distance and burnt calories.

Proform Pro 4500 TreadmillProform Pro 4500 TreadmillProform Pro 4500 Treadmill

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Where to Find the Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill?

The treadmill can be found on most online retailers. We recommend you buy this piece of equipment only from trustworthy vendors. You can view the product on Amazon and see which retailers are currently selling Proform Pro 4500. Current prices for a new Proform Pro 4500 treadmill are around $1,599. Some vendors also offer additional product warranty. These cost around $188.99 extra for 5 years and $144.13 for 4 years.

Extra Info:

Recommended Routine

If you need some inspiration, you’ll find plenty iFit HD video workouts. These workouts are suitable both for beginners and intermediate users. What makes treadmills so versatile is that they can be used by senior fitness enthusiasts who are trying to improve their mobility. But they can also be used by professional runners who are training for the next marathon. If you’re not sure how to start, take into consideration your endurance level. Then, set a clear objective from the beginning of the workout. The Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill is bound to help you achieve what you want. That is, as long as you know how to plan your running sessions and stick to a schedule.

If you want to use the Pro 4500 for walking, play around with the decline and incline settings to keep the session livelier. If you want to gradually build up your strength and running abilities, you can choose intervals. Never skip the warm, which should be at least 5-minute long. After that, you can start increasing the speed and run intervals of 30 seconds to one minute. For best results, keep the treadmill constantly inclined at 1%, which best mimics outdoors surfaces. More experienced users will find the pre-set workout sessions challenging enough to keep them from getting bored while toning their leg muscles.

Maintenance Advice

Proform treadmill instructions advise against using abrasive cleaning products. Instead, stick to a damp cloth to wipe out the piece of equipment after each run. Try to keep the Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill away from excessive moisture and store it in a dry room. If you relocate the treadmill often, make sure the wheels won’t damage your wooden floors.
Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill


The Proform 4500 comes with a rate monitor chest strap and a workout fan. It can support iFit and it has a 10 inch touchscreen display as well as an iPod compatible music port.

Warranty and Guarantee Information

If you choose the Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill, you’ll receive a lifetime warranty for the motor and frame and a 5 year cover for parts.

Any Customer Complaints?

A few customers complained about the small rollers. At 2,5 inches, the rollers could decrease the longevity of the thread belt. Some customers also reported hearing squeaking sounds as soon as they started using the treadmill. The noise didn’t go away in time, but rather increased and turned into a real nuisance. Since customer service can be difficult to reach, this can be a real problem and can actually mean spending additional money on repairs.

Our Recommendation

With more negative reviews than favorable ones, the Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill fails to impress both beginners and advanced users. While its large display looks appealing on paper, in reality, it offers limited possibilities. The iFit feature requires a separate subscription, while the customer service leaves a lot to be desired. For the price, the Proform Pro 4500 Treadmill doesn’t succeed in meeting all the expectations and there are many cheaper alternatives out there that can do the job better.

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