Cheap Treadmills under $200

Best Cheap Treadmills around $100 and under $200

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Looking for treadmills around $100 or treadmills under $200? Finding cheap treadmills under $200 dollars is not that difficult. However, it’s quite hard to find a treadmill for more under $200 that’s not a complete waste of money. Good home treadmills, whether they are electric treadmills or manual treadmills, tend to be quite expensive in general. However, it’s not impossible to find a solid, budget treadmill for less than 200 dollars.  It may lack some of the features and functions more expensive treadmills have, but they’ll get the job done.

In this article, you will find the best and cheapest treadmills on the market. All the treadmills here are perfectly suited to be used at home. We have included both electric and manual treadmills on the list. The main criteria for selection were price and opinions shared by users regarding the treadmills.

Before diving right into our selection of cheap treadmills under $200, consider reading our guide on what to look for in a treadmill, and the differences between a manual treadmill and an electric treadmill. This will help you make a more appropriate decision when shopping for a budget home treadmill.

What to Look for in Cheap Treadmills under $200

When looking for the best affordable treadmill for home, there are a few things you should consider. These will help you find the optimal solution when it comes to buying a cheap treadmill.

Purpose – Before looking at what cheap treadmills on sale there are, you need to decide what you want out of it. Do you want to find the best inexpensive treadmill for light workouts and or intensive training? What features do you want your home treadmill to have? Are there any features you are willing to give up?

Where to Buy Cheap Treadmills – You have two basic options when it comes to finding a cheap treadmill. You can either look for a used treadmill or browse online to find a good treadmill on sale.  We would recommend the second options, since buying used treadmills is always a gamble. Plus there are plenty of good deals for cheap treadmills on Amazon.

Stick to the Basics – Many high-end treadmills have a lot of features that may seem useful at first. But if you’re only interested in buying a solid, well-made machine, you’ll see a cheap treadmill without all of those bells and whistles can be just as good.

Below are some of the best choices when it comes to cheap treadmills under 200 dollars. These treadmills might look very impressive, but they’re definitely worth the investment.

Difference Between Manual Treadmills and Electric Treadmills

Our list includes both manual and electric treadmills. It’s important to understand what each has to offer, especially when it comes to cheap treadmills.  An electric treadmill under $200 can be remarkably different from a manual treadmill under $200.

As the name implies, manual treadmills do not have motors. Your feet will be pushing the treadmill belt along. There are certain advantages to manual treadmills. The most obvious one is that they will be cheaper than electric treadmills since they don’t have complicated components. For this reason, even cheap manual treadmills tend to be quite sturdy.

On the other hand, manual treadmills are harder to operate. If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to run on a manual treadmill. They can also be quite bulky, which makes them less than ideal treadmills for home if you don’t have a lot of space. And since they don’t have motors, manual treadmills do not offer the same range of workout difficulties as electric treadmills, since there’s little you can adjust in the treadmill resistance. Some manual treadmills also tend to be quite noisy.

On the other hand, cheap electric treadmills can often be poorly made. Cheaper electrical components are more likely to break down and more difficult to replace than the components of a manual treadmill. However, they do allow more workout variation, and they are more suitable for beginners. Electric treadmills are also generally easier to store. While you can find both manual and electrically foldable treadmills, electric treadmills are usually lighter, and thus easier to fold.

These are some of the things you should consider when looking for cheap treadmills, and best treadmills for the home in general.

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

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When browsing for treadmills under $200, one of the first options you’ll come across is the Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill. It is among the cheaper treadmills for sale online. It is one of the best cheap treadmills for those who want to push their limits with a manual machine. It features 8 resistance levels, which give you some measure of control over the intensity of your workout. The magnetic belt system allows for quite a smooth and silent workout. It also feaures a small computer that tracks speed, distance and calories burned. The Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill has weight limit of 220 pounds.

Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill

The Fitness Reality TR1000 is a manual treadmill that is highly praised by all its users. Its quite tiny at just 43″l x 13 1/4″, perfect for smaller homes. However, in spite of its size, it can still hold up to 230 pounds. The Fitness Reality TR1000 treadmill is good for beginners, as it has a 6 and 10 degree incline. The lower incline is more suitable for those who are just getting started with a workout routine.

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Confidence Power Plus Electric Treadmill

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The Confidence Power Plus is one of the better cheap electric treadmills. To keep costs down, this Confidence treadmill is very simple. It’s very easy to adjust and maintain. The Confidence Power Plus features a 600w motor. It’s the perfect cheap treadmill for beginners or senior users. The Confidence Power Plus Electric Treadmill can hold up to 250 pounds. Unlike other cheap treadmills, this one is large enough to allow even taller users a comfortable stride. Its full size is 49″ x 24″ x 11″. Keep this in mind, as this might not be the best treadmill for home if you have a very small area to set it up in. For more information about this treadmill, you can check out our full Confidence Power Plus review.

Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill

Customer rating:

The Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill is another great treadmill under $200. It is 46.5 inches wide, 43.5 inches tall and has a diameter of 26 inches and also comes with a 1-year warranty on the frame. Its two incline positions, portability and nicely sized walking deck (42 inches long) all recommend the Stamina InMotion II as one of the best treadmills under $200 you can purchase online. Like the Confidence Fitness treadmill, the Stamina InMotion II Treadmill has a small computer that allows you to view distance, speed and calories and a no-slip belt surface that allows you to take advantage of the steeper inclines.

Phoenix 98516 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

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Another best-seller is the Phoenix 98516 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill. It comes with easy to use electronic features that allow you to track time, speed, calories and distance. The belt of this Phoenix treadmill is a 41-by-13-inch belt. When it is opened, the treadmill measures 46.5″ x 21.1″ x 50″. The Phoenix Easy-Up treadmill might not be the best choice for beginners, as it has a pretty steep incline that cannot be adjusted. However, for advanced trainers, it’s definitely one of the best cheap treadmills.

Black 500W Folding Electric Treadmill by Best Choice Products

Customer rating:

Even though the Black 500W Folding Electric Treadmill by Best Choice Products is a bit more expensive than other cheap electric treadmills on our list. However, it still costs under $200. Considering the fact that it’s a motorized treadmill – while most treadmills under $200 dollars are manual –, the folding running machine manufactured by Best Choice Products is truly a great get. It has a 500w motor, foam-coated handrails and a smart design for added portability. Once you fold it up for storage, you can roll it across the room with the help of the wheels incorporated on the bottom side.

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  1. Hello! Very nice reviews overall. I’m interested in purchasing the folding electric treadmill by best choice because it seems to be the best one for its price. I will come back soon with my opinion about it!

  2. I weigh 580 pounds, trying to find a cheapist treadmill i can get that Will hold my weight while I walk, if there is any out there let me know.

    1. The frame is usually the first major difference between budget and high-end fitness machines. It’s really difficult to find a relatively cheap machine with a durable frame like those of high-end models. Plus, sturdier fitness machines tend to take up a lot of space, so they’re more suitable for commercial, not home use. We would recommend trying the machines at your local gym first, and perhaps investing in smaller home fitness equipment like kettlebells or ankle weights for running

  3. I remember treadmills being so expensive. Sure expensive models are still out there, but it’s nice to see some cheaper options under $200. I’m looking for something that can handle light workouts and has just the basic features. This article is timely! I might order an electric treadmill on Amazon. Free Prime shipping should also help keep the cost down.

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