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10 Best Treadmills for Home

A good treadmill will be an invaluable training tool. They offer safety, controlled running parameters and the convenience of being able to manage physical activity regardless of what’s going on outside. While there are good reasons to buy a treadmill for home, there are many ways to buy the wrong one. We want to make sure everyone has the treadmill that suits their needs. What we have here are the best treadmills for home based on features, price, size and skill level. Each of the brief treadmill reviews presented here will show you exactly what each model has to offer.

10. Sole F85 Folding Home Treadmill (2016-2017 Model)

sole f85 treadmill

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Sole’s production consists of fitness equipment for the home with commercial grade construction. Many commercial businesses – such as Hilton Hotels – appreciate Sole’s durability. The newest Sole F85 Folding Home Treadmill model reaches 12 miles per hour while supporting runners up to 400 pounds. The secure flywheel is engineered from steel and has a zinc coating. This ensures a quiet operation. The device features Bluetooth, integrated stereo speakers, pulse grip heart rate monitoring and workout fans for keeping you cool. The Easy Assist feature lets the device fold itself.

9. NordicTrack C1650

nordictrack c 1650 treadmill

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From a leader in treadmills for home use, the NordicTrack C1650 has FlexSelect Cushioning which reduces stress on the ankles and knees. Inclining is managed with the single touch of a button, allowing you to intensify workouts and target muscle groups quickly. The model has a quality dual speaker sound system and an integrated tablet holder. With its telescoping EasyLift shock systems, the device is foldable without being unnecessarily heavy. This makes one of the best treadmills for home since storage can be an issue when it comes to home treadmills. In addition, this NordicTrack treadmill comes with almost three dozen programmable workouts.

8. LifeSpan Folding Treadmill (2016-2017 Model)

lifespan tr1200i folding treadmill

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The LifeSpan Folding Treadmill is a medium duty exercise machine that’s perfect for the walker and casual jogger. It has a built-in heart monitoring program and an incline that goes from 0 to 15 percent grade. This is a great feature to have, as many home treadmills do not offer incline control. This is just one of the reasons we consider the LifeSpan Folding Treadmill one of the best treadmills for home.

This treadmill will help manage cardiovascular health, weight loss, and physical fitness. The deck supports 300 pounds. The treadmill has a folding frame with an auto EZ Drop. Use a USB device to track progress and take advantage of membership in the LifeSpan Fitness Club, accessing a range of online health management programs.

7. Nautilus T616 Treadmill

nautilus t616 treadmill

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The Nautilus T616 Treadmill is a top solution for meeting fitness goals. Among its many features is the capacity for a 15 percent incline, up to 12 miles per hour running speed, a 3.0 CHP motor and four user profiles. The dual track LCD display provides 13 workout specifications. There’s also Bluetooth LE connectivity. Connect your MP3 player or tablet and enjoy the chambered speakers.

6. Horizon Fitness Treadmill

horizon t101-04 treadmill

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The Horizon Fitness Treadmill has a 10 percent incline and a large running area. Among its many programs are settings for manual workouts, 10 distance based runs, 10 step goal workouts, a half dozen calorie-burning workouts, and three interval workouts. There are workout options both for the newcomer and the pro. You can expect the CHP motor to deliver a quiet performance that lets you enjoy the Sonic surround speakers. This is one of the best treadmills for the home for users who are ready to make a commitment.

5. APP Control Electric Folding Treadmill

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For versatility and one safe, productive workout after another, the APP Control Electric Folding Treadmill has strategic absorbers to minimize joint stress as you put you perform your lower body workout routines. Designed for the casual jogger, walker or runner, this machine burns calories and boosts cardio endurance. The machine is driven by a delicate motor working stably at the extreme silence and low power consumption. With a two-position incline, there are many options for a varied workout. More incline, more calories burned. Easy assembly with a space-saving feature, it folds up easily for storage.

4. ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

proform 505 cst treadmill

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The ProForm 505 CST Treadmill has a low profile for homes with limited space. Sleek and compact, it folds upright. You can monitor your speed, mileage, calorie burn, time and heart rate. The large frame motor is powerful, smooth and provides high levels of inertia. The device gives users access to professional training, putting you through a challenging workout designed to help achieve all fitness goals. Promising a reliable and consistent performance, the ProForm 505 offers a vast array of workout options. It’s currently available at Amazon for $459.00.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill

sunny health fitness treadmill

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Quiet and smooth, the Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Treadmill is ideal for beginners. Its 2.2 horsepower motor can hit up to 10 miles per hour with three incline positions. Its hydraulic system makes opening and closing the deck a simple task. The console display shows heart rate, speed, distance, time and calories. The device has nine programs for losing weight and burning fat. It’s currently available at Amazon for $295.37.

2. Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill

confidence electric treadmill

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Burn up to 900 calories an hour with the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill. As affordable as a treadmill gets, everyone can have access to one of the best treadmills for home use to burn fat, get fit and keep weight in check. No need to find time to get to the gym or let the weather stop you from getting exercise. This is the ideal option for anyone who doesn’t need an expensive device. The treadmill has wheels for easy storage. You can read more about this treadmill in our Confidence Power Plus review.

1. Best Choice Products Portable Folding Treadmill

bbest treadmills for the home

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For one of the most affordable, quality treadmills for home, consider the Best Choice Products Portable Folding Treadmill. It has a multi-function display and an exceptionally low noise motor. Your run will have added safety and comfort via foam covered handrails along with an emergency key for stopping the unit. It’s an excellent treadmill for the home for beginners who have limited storage space. It folds and has rolling wheels for moving the product with ease. With this unit, even the user with the busiest lifestyle can have a high performing cardio machine.


What makes the latest devices exciting is the tech. From inclines to USB charging for personal devices to using Google Maps to create real-time simulations of any course in the world, the treadmills for the home have the capacity to adjust to any variable the user wants. Treadmills will be fun, save time and help you stay fit.


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