using elliptical machine

Octane Fitness Reviews: High-end Elliptical Machines

using elliptical machine

Octane Fitness is a brand known for making commercial grade gym equipment. We have reviewed the different Octane product lines to help you determine if these elliptical machines could be a good addition to your gym.

Elliptical trainers are an excellent choice for low-impact full body workouts. They are popular home gym machines and a must-have for gyms and other fitness businesses. Octane is an interesting brand for those who want high-end elliptical machines.

What Is Octane Fitness?

Octane is a brand that offers six product lines. All these product lines fall into the elliptical category, but the brand introduces some interesting designs. These six lines are designed for a wide range of needs.

We like the brand’s approach to low-impact workouts. One of the main advantages of elliptical machines is that they reduce pressure on the joints. Octane elliptical machines take things further by offering a zero impact workout.

man and woman exercise using elliptical machine

The recumbent and lateral machines make the brand stand out. We weren’t able to find any other commercial gym equipment brand that offers similar designs.

Here is what you need to know about Octane’s different product lines.

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Standing Elliptical Machines

This line includes five different standing elliptical machines. All the machines deliver smooth stride motions and rely on magnetic resistance. There are 30 levels of resistance on most of these machines.

You can choose between a standard and digital console for these machines. The standard console displays information related to your workout and gives you access to built-in workout programs. The digital console can be used to access workout apps or to stream media content.

Elliptical Machine

These are the five different standing elliptical machines offered by Octane:

  • The XT-One features 23 different workout programs. You can adjust the stride length from 20 to 28” and adjust the incline of the machine.
  • The XT4700 comes with 21 workout programs. You can adjust the stride length between 20 and 28” but can’t adjust the incline.
  • The XT3700 comes with a fixed stride length of 24.” There are 21 built-in programs.
  • The Pro3700 model has a fixed stride length of 24.” It comes with 20 workout programs and is designed to reproduce a natural running motion by keeping the pedals closer.
  • The Pro310 is a compact machine. It comes with 20 resistance levels and 12 workout programs. There is a fixed stride length of 20.5.’

Max Trainer

The Max Trainer is an elliptical machine designed for HIIT workouts. It uses a fan system to create ten levels of resistance.

We like the compact design of this machine. The controls are very simple, and the machine is designed to help people get started right away with their workout.

There are six pre-programmed circuit HIIT workouts. A workout typically lasts 14 minutes. This machine is an excellent choice if you are want to get an intense full body workout. The Max Trainer is designed for busy people who want results fast.

Max Trainer

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Zero Runner

Octane Fitness makes two Zero Runner machines. These machines combine the treadmill with the elliptical trainer.

The Zero Runner design is an elliptical machine with an emphasis on smooth leg movements. The purpose is to reproduce the movements of a runner as naturally as possible. The machines deliver a zero impact workout.

A Zero Runner machine would be ideal if you are recovering from an injury or want to work on your running form. The console will display data on your running stride so you can improve it.

Zero Runner

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There are two machines in this line, the ZR8000 and the ZR7000 model. The ZR8000 model has 15 levels of resistance while the ZR7000 has ten levels of resistance

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LateralX Elliptical

The LateralX elliptical is similar to the standing elliptical machines. It features 30 levels of resistance and uses a magnetic system.

However, this machine delivers a more challenging workout. You can get a fuller range of motion thanks to the lateral features of the pedals and handles.

There are 15 built-in workout programs designed to help you burn more calories. Using lateral movements in your workouts will engage more muscles, but you can use this machine as a traditional elliptical machine as well.

LateralX Elliptical

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Recumbent Ellipticals

The recumbent elliptical machines are designed to help you burn more calories than you would if you were to work out on a recumbent bike. The recumbent position is ideal if you want to limit pressure on your knees.

This line includes the XR6000 and the XR650 models. Both machines have 30 levels of resistance and allow you to adjust the seat height and tilt for comfort.

The XR6000 model comes with a digital console option. This digital console will give you access to 18 different workout programs and several workout apps.

Both machines use the PowerStroke technology developed by Octane. The purpose of this technology is to make strokes longer and engage more muscles.

Recumbent Ellipticals

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This is a line of exercise bikes with a fan resistance system. The line includes the Airdynex and Airdyne Pro.

Each exercise bike comes with nine built-in workout program. These machines are designed for HIIT workouts.

The two models are very similar but the Airdynex exercise bike has a sturdier stabilizer that is more suitable for commercial settings.


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Why Is Octane Fitness Unique?

Octane Fitness stands out from other gym equipment manufacturers due to the quality of the products offered. Octane has been nominated 2017 vendor of the year by Snap Fitness and 2016 innovator of the year by Sporting Goods business.

The brand has an excellent reputation and a lot of the machines are truly unique. We like the customization features available with most machines. You can usually choose between a standard and digital console depending on the features you want.


The idea of a zero impact workout is interesting as well. Elliptical machines are designed for low impact workouts, but Octane is taking things further with machines designed to provide a smooth operation that doesn’t put any pressure on your joints.

The recumbent elliptical machines stand out. We weren’t able to find any other fitness brands that offer a similar design. Combining the recumbent position with an elliptical workout is ideal for developing leg strength without putting any pressure on the knee joints.

We think Octane offers an excellent selection of gym equipment. We like how the machines are organized in different product lines and how each product line targets a specific need.

Even though these machines take up some space, there is an effort made to create compact designs. This will make a difference for gym owners.

The built-in programs that come with these elliptical machines add value. Each machine has a good selection of programs adapted to different fitness levels. The standard consoles make it easy for users to select a workout program and get started quickly.

The digital consoles are ideal for users who want to access entertainment while working out or for those who want to track their progress and access video workouts thanks to web apps.


The official Octane website sells equipment to gym owners. You will have to contact the brand and request a quote if you would like to purchase some of their machines. Purchasing directly from the brand is your best option if you want to get several machines for a gym.

If you want a commercial-grade machine for your home gym, you can find used and refurbished machines from this brand.

We found two recumbent machines. The XR650 model is available for $$$$, and you can get the XR6000 model for $$$$.

There is a demo XT-One model available for under $5,000 on eBay, and another website has a refurbished Pro4700 model for $$$$. We also found one of the LateralX machines for $$$$.

Finding a used or refurbished Octane machine for home use isn’t easy. We weren’t able to find anything under $3,000, and most of the sellers who offer used and refurbished machines have a limited warranty on labor and parts.

What Do Reviews Say About Octane Fitness?

An older elliptical model used to be sold on Amazon. The machine is no longer in stock, but the product page still has a few reviews that talk about the quality of the machine.

Most shoppers loved this elliptical machine. A few bad reviews mention sweat corroding the machine, and another shopper left a bad review because they didn’t like the built-in workout programs.

However, 76 percent of shoppers left a five-star review for the machine. Positive reviews mentioned the built-in workout programs, the different settings of the machine, and the zero impact workouts. Shoppers talk about having fun with their workouts and are happy with the results.

woman doing exercise

Since these reviews were written for an older elliptical model, it is possible that the brand has updated the built-in workout programs of the machines since then.

We also found Octane reviews on website and online magazines that specialize in gym equipment. We found positive reviews for these machines.

Reviewers say Octane products meet high quality standards. The frames of the machines are very sturdy, and there are plenty of safety features that make the machines ideal for commercial use.

The smooth and quiet operation of the machines is another positive point. Reviewers also love the ergonomic design of the pedals and handles.

The negative points mentioned in the reviews include the price of the machines and the fact that these machines take up space.

How Do Octane Fitness Machines Compare To Other Products?

We compared Octane machines with what other similar brands make.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness is a brand that specializes in commercial gym equipment. However, the brand also has a line of home gym products.

The elliptical machines offered by Life Fitness feature a similar technology to the one used by Octane. You will find the same smooth and quiet motion that reproduces natural movements.

The selection of elliptical trainers isn’t as broad as what Octane offers. You won’t find machines that use lateral movements, and Life Fitness doesn’t offer any recumbent elliptical machines.

However, Life Fitness has a wider selection of machines in other categories. This brand is an excellent choice if you are a gym owner who wants to shop for stair climbers, treadmills, or exercise bikes.

Lie Fitness also has a wider selection of consoles. You will find different console models designed to provide you with information about your workout and several entertainment console options.

The home product line has a good selection of high-end elliptical trainers. These machines are an interesting alternative if you can’t find the Octane machine you want via a reseller.


Cybex is another option to consider if you are looking for commercial elliptical machines. The brand also makes Arc Trainer machines. These machines use the same principles as elliptical trainers but feature different handles that allow for different grips. You can also modify the incline of the Arc Trainer machines.

The main difference between elliptical machines and the Arc Trainer line is the pedal movement. Instead of going up and down, the pedals are levels. This is a more natural motion that reduces pressure on the knees.

The Sparc machine is another interesting option to consider. This machine is similar to elliptical trainers, but it doesn’t include arm motions. This machine is a good choice if you want to develop good running form and work on your speed.


NordicTrack makes high-end elliptical trainers for home gyms. These machines feature built-in workouts, an adjustable incline, and smooth and quiet operation.

The features vary from one series to another, but you can find some machines designed for zero impact workouts.

There are fewer levels of resistance and a smaller selection of features compared to Octane, but NordicTrack is an excellent alternative if you want an elliptical trainer for your home gym. You should be able to get a brand new machine between $1,500 and $2,000.

What We Think

Octane Fitness makes quality commercial-grade gym equipment. The selection of products offered by this brand is extremely interesting, and the brand has created some unique designs you won’t find anywhere else.

The zero impact workouts are ideal for a wide range of users. We also like the built-in workout features designed to help people get started right away.

The customization choices are another positive point. The downsides include the price and the fact that these machines aren’t easy to find for home gym buyers.

woman doing exercise

We recommend Octane machines to gym owners and to those who can find used or refurbished machines for their home gyms. These are some of the best elliptical machines on the market, and you can expect excellent customer service from this brand.

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