Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine Review

If you’re serious about taking your workout to the next level, then you should definitely consider buying a solid smith machine. Smith machines may seem like a big investment, but with a good product, you won’t really need much else. In this review, we will be looking at one of the best, the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine. The Marcy Smith Machine is a reasonably priced piece of equipment that’s highly versatile.  We evaluated the main features of the Marcy Diamond Elite and listed the pros and cons of this home gym. We’ve also included a summary of Marcy Diamond Elite user reviews, and useful maintenance tips and warranty information.

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine Main Features

The Marcy Smith Machine basically combines three different workout machines in one. It allows you to work your whole body in one go. At first glance, the Marcy Smith Machine might a seem a bit bulky for an average home. It weighs just over 300 lbs and does take up a lot of space. When it’s installed, it measures 95″ by 79″ by 86″. So it’s clearly much larger than the Bowflex PR1000, for example, which has a similar price tag to the Marcy Smith Machine.

However, this is basically the only piece of equipment you’ll ever need. The construction of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine is impeccable, at near professional-grade quality. The designers didn’t overlook the small details that can truly make a difference.

As opposed to the Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic bench, the Marcy Diamond home gym presents “dual action leg developer with 6 oversized roller pads and row/curl bar”, as described by the manufacturer.

In addition to this, the Marcy Diamond Smith machine cage system has great cable cross-overs. These can aid you in performing efficient pectoral exercises. The machine features an off the floor base, which has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the base structure offers much more stability than others. On the other hand, it may damage the floor. So, if you can, you should purchase floor protectors.

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine Additional Info

Warranty and Guarantees

The manufacturers offer a limited 2-year warranty on the parts. The frame is also subject to a two-year warranty. This applies only to normal, regular use, though the warranty itself is kind of vague in this respect. It’s unclear what constitutes “normal use”.

Maintenance Advice

As with any complex piece of equipment, you will have to take care of your Marcy Smith Machine. Maintenance doesn’t require a lot of effort. You will need to oil the moving parts from time to time with a light oil. It’s also a good idea to check nuts and bolts before a workout, to ensure everything is tightly screwed in. The machine itself can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a light detergent. It’s best if you don’t leave moisture on the machine after cleaning it, so wipe the machine dry after scrubbing it.


The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith machine comes with a generous range of attachments, including ankle strap, lat bar, chrome row handle, two single handles, shiver bar, and triceps rope. However, you will have to purchase the weights separately. The Marcy Smith Machine uses Olympic, 2″ diameter weights.

Recommended Routine

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine reviews state that there truly is no limit to how many types of exercises you can perform using this Marcy Diamond equipment. The manufacturers claim that there really are more than 100 exercises that you can perform with this Marcy Diamond machine. You can vary the routines, depending on which parts of the body you want to work on. Customers are thrilled that they can carry out all of the exercises they would normally do at a gym from their own home. This makes it one of the best home fitness equipment.

Pros & Cons

While there are countless advantages regarding the Marcy Diamond Smith Machine cage system, there are still a few disadvantages that you should consider before ordering the home Smith machine.

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Great price for its features
Safety stoppers and guide rods included in the Marcy Smith machine design
The Marcy Diamond home gym comes with a series of attachments
Safe and durable structure/frame
No need for a spotter
Extended number of exercises
Built to last for years with very little maintenance


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Marcy home gym parts do not come with labels, so assembly might be tricky
You require space for the Marcy Diamond Smith machine (measurements: 95 x 79 x 86 inches)
Requires lubricant so the chrome bars do not make noise
At 300 lbs, the Marcy Smith Machine is difficult to move around. Once you’ve set it, that’s pretty much where it stays


Customer rating:

User Reviews

With a 4-star rating and hundreds of positive reviews, users offer generally positive feedback regarding the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine. Most agree that it is definitely worth the investment if you have to room to set it up. The equipment is solidly made, and the materials are high-quality and low-maintenance. User reviews also praised the versatility of the Marcy Smith Machine.

However, several Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine reviews were not so positive. Some users pointed out that this machine was not really built for very intense workout sessions, but for average, light home use. And quite a few users complained about the assembly. Many received the machine with missing parts or parts that didn’t fit. Many also pointed out that the parts aren’t labeled in any way, which makes assembly even more difficult.

Our Recommendation

Taking all of the pros, cons, features and customer reviews into consideration, we would very much recommend the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith system to any experienced gym-goer. The product sincerely offers all of the features that any bodybuilding enthusiast could want from a gym. And it comes with the benefit of being able to practice at home. Indeed, there are a few cons to consider, but they are not as relevant as the abundance of advantages. If you want to learn more about personal customer experiences with the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith machine, you can look into user reviews and see if this piece of gym equipment is the right purchase for you.

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  2. I’ve always been a fan of machines that combine different workout machines into one. The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine certainly seems to do that. I see myself really needing more big equipment if I added this to my home gym. Over 100 exercises to perform? I can’t see myself getting bored or running out of new exercises to try.

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