Body Solid EXM2500s Home Gym Review

Body Solid EXM2500s Home Gym Review

In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the Body Solid EXM2500s home gym. This home gym features 210 pounds of cast iron weight and two back-to-back stations with a variety of pulleys and accessories that allow the user to perform over 20 different exercises that target every part of the body. Thanks to the variety of exercises that can be performed and the amount of weight offered this home gym is suitable for both novices and more advanced fitness enthusiasts alike. We’ll take an in-depth look at all these features in our Body Solid EXM2500s Home Gym review.

Body Solid EXM2500s Main Features

body solid exm2500s

The Body Solid EXM2500S is a sizable home gym constructed of 2 inches by 4 inches 12 gauge high tensile strength steel that is given a sleek white finish. When fully constructed the EXM2500S stands at 83 inches in height and has a base measuring 51 inches by 83 inches making it somewhat large in comparison to most other home gyms. This size is put to good use though, as the gym features two seats facing opposite directions with a variety of pulleys and accessories.

While the 210 pounds of cast iron weights offer substantial resistance the weights move in 10lb increments meaning this gym can easily be used by beginners. However, advanced lifters and fitness enthusiasts might find this machine lacking some of the exercises they prefer to perform, making this an ideal machine for intermediate fitness enthusiasts who want to maintain or develop muscle definition and a decent amount of strength.

Body Solid EXM2500s Additional Info


The EXM2500S was designed with simplicity in mind meaning there is minimal maintenance to be performed. The pulleys and weight system need to be cleaned on occasion as well as lubricated. You’ll know when it’s time to perform this maintenance when the movement of the pulleys starts becoming a little stuttered or jerky and not as smooth as you’re used to from the machine.


This home gym comes with one of the best warranties on the market and boasts a lifetime warranty on every part of the machine. Body Solid warrants that the product is covered for non-commercial use and will provide in-home maintenance and replacement when shown your receipt as proof of purchase.


This Body Solid home gym comes with a variety of exercises and stations including a pec station, leg developer, high pulley for pulldowns, and more. In addition, more accessories can be purchased for an even wider variety of exercises. A triceps rope can be equipped to the machine for performing arm exercises as well as a nylon strap handle for a variety of upper body accessory movements as well. There are also a variety of plates available that can increase the weight stack by increments of 2.5 pounds, 5 pounds, or 10 pounds.

Recommended Routines

The EXM2500S is a full body machine making it perfect for working every muscle. To develop muscular definition and overall strength, consider using the machine every other day and performing three sets of 10 reps at each of the pulley stations. On non-lifting days go for a jog to get some heart-healthy cardio to round out your fitness routine and stay in peak shape.

Body Solid EXM2500s Home Gym Pros and Cons

The EXM2500S is the number one rated home gym by Consumer Magazine and sports a tremendous variety of features, but it does also come with some drawbacks.


Tons of exercises – The EXM2500S is capable of performing over 20 different exercises that target every aprt of your body and can develop both strength and muscle.

Ample Weight –  The cast iron weight stack goes up to 210 pounds in 10-pound increments.

Great accessory options – With accessories like the tricep rope and the stirrup handle, there’s practically no limit to the exercises you can perform.

Durable Frame – The thick 12-gauge steel can support over 2200 pounds of weight.

Lifetime Warranty – Body Solid’s unique lifetime warranty covers every part of the machine for in home repairs with proof of purchase.


Very large – This home gym is roughly four and a half feet by 7 feet meaning it might not fit in some spaces.

Difficult Assembly – The assembly requires a substantial amount of time, includes tons of parts, and come with unclear instructions.

Seat adjustment requires tools – If you workout with or share the equipment with someone who is larger or smaller than you then the seat will require a wrench in order to be adjusted between uses.


body solid exm2500s


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User Reviews

Many users have discussed their experiences with this product online and from these reviews, several trends seem to emerge. Many users love the included lifetime warranty and the security that if something happens to their home gym it is undoubtedly covered by the warranty. Others point out that most home gyms now come with stacks of only 150 or 160 pounds and stronger more advanced users love that this machine boasts a 210-pound weight stack.

On the other hand, many users mention that the instructions are very difficult to follow and the assembly takes a long time. The machine comes in about a hundred separate parts that require assembly and the instructions aren’t of much help.


The Body Solid EXM2500S is an extremely versatile piece of home gym equipment which boasts over 20 different exercises that can be performed. This home gym allows you to train every part of your body with weights of up to 210 pounds and the machine itself features a lifetime warranty on every single part. Almost every level of fitness enthusiast can benefit from this machine and it’s a great addition to almost any home gym.

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