ab lounge ultra review

Ab Lounge Ultra Review

Ab Lounge Ultra is a breakthrough invention in the world of fitness. Using this product involves a range of motion since you are off the ground. It is effective at working your abs and obliques. The design of the lounge supports the back, neck, and head during exercises. This support makes it more comfortable to use and also helps you focus more on working the target muscles. The lounge comes with instructional DVDs, so you don’t need to worry if you’ve never done such exercises. The purpose of the product is to help people tone their abs. Its design cannot support people over 250 pounds. Check out our Ab Lounge Ultra Review for further details.

Ab Lounge Ultra Main Features

This first section of the Ab Lounge Ultra review covers the basics. The Ab Lounge weighs 33 pounds. Its dimensions are 39.5 by 30 by 44.5 inches.

The device has an ergonomic design that takes away strain from the wrong areas of your body during workouts. As a result, the exercises efficiently tone your abs. Several exercises can be performed in this lounge. That is why it includes Iso-Grip padded handles and Focus Straps. These accessories support the hands during the performance of these different exercises.

Premium mesh material is used in the making of the seat. This material makes the Ab Lounge Ultra even more comfortable. If you have a shortage of space in your house, you can take advantage of the foldable footprint feature of this lounge. After your workouts, just fold the chair and store it in a proper place.

The frame of this lounge is made of steel, a material that makes the product sturdy enough to support people of up to 250 pounds. The Ab Lounge Ultra is made of premium materials, and this means it can last for many years. The product’s warranty runs for 90 days.

After your exercises, you can reverse jackknife to relax your abdominal muscles. Amateur trainees and unfit people will find it advantageous. If you don’t know how to do the exercises, you can go through the DVDs for demonstrations.

If you’re mainly interested in a low-impact ab workout, you may also want to take a look at our Flex Belt Ab Belt review!

Ab Lounge Ultra Additional Info


The Ab Lounge Ultra lasts for long, owing to its excellent design. However, a few mistakes could make it break down fast. The most important thing to remember is always to tighten the bolts. Also, you need to fold it after your workouts and store it in a dry area. When putting it away, follow the instructions in the user manual. For example, you need to remove the bands. As you fold the lounge, it is important to watch out for the support bar. If it gets on your fingers, the support bar can cause injury easily.


This warranty on this lounge lasts for 90 days.


Apart from the main fitness device, the Ab Lounge Ultra comes with a DVD on how to perform the ab exercises, a book that details all the workouts you can do on it and Focus Strap and IsoGrip handles to allow for different hand positions.

Recommended Routines

This product is meant to give you a thorough abdominal workout in a very short period. It is recommended that you do a minimum of 12 reps for a start. Since the Ab Lounge Ultra does not have a way of increasing resistance, you will have to do more reps to make it more challenging. After the workouts, you can use the lounge to relax. Just stretch it out and lie, or do some reverse jackknife exercises.

Ab Lounge Ultra Pros and Cons

The Ab Lounge Ultra has its strengths and weaknesses. Let us examine some of them.

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Easy to assemble. Putting it together should not take a significant portion of your free time. You can even do it on your own
Easy to use. The manufacturer includes learning materials for inexperienced users. Once you have an idea of how to do the exercises, you will find them very easy
Efficient for abdominal workouts. This lounge is specially designed to take away the stress off your head, neck, and back during workouts. You can, therefore, perform exercises focused on toning the abdominal muscles. The lounge can support people of up to 250 pounds. If you are under this weight limit, you shouldn’t expect the equipment to break down or even get damaged any time soon
Good for those with little space. If you have limited room in your home, this lounge is conveniently foldable. Because of this capability, you don’t need much space for storage
Comfortable seat. Premium mesh material is used to design the seat, and this makes it comfortable enough for you to do many reps without hurting your bottom
Silent. You won’t get any squeaky noises or other irritating sounds from this lounge. That means you can focus on the workouts without the distraction
Good warranty. The warranty package for this product runs for 90 days. They have a no-questions-asked return policy. You will not even have to pay restocking fees in case you need to return it


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Pricey. The cost of the Ab Lounge Ultra is higher than many similar products
No resistance. To make the workouts more challenging, all you can do is increase the reps you perform. Because of the support given to the back, many people will find the exercises too easy, especially those in good shape
Heavy. Carrying the lounge around is a hard job
Footrests not adjustable. Since the footrests cannot be adjusted, people of extreme heights may have trouble using it. People under 5’2” and over 5’11” may experience issues using the footrests


Ab Lounge Ultra User Reviews

Customer rating:

Buyers of the Ab Lounge Ultra have mixed reactions to this product. That said, many are pleased with their purchase. The primary source of satisfaction is the design of the lounge. Specifically, users are happy with its sturdiness, and the way it supports the back and neck as you work out.

The product is efficient, as reported by users. Almost all have reported feeling a burn in their abdominal region after the exercises. They can do many reps because of the support offered to the back and head. They also like the fact that they do not have to get to the floor to do these exercises.

Some users have critical comments about the product. Mostly, this is because of the sellers and not the manufacturer. For example, many mention of receiving packages with missing or poor quality parts.

Experienced trainees find the exercises too easy. Ideally, the product should be used by unfit people who are well under 250 pounds.


The Ab Lounge Ultra is a product with lots of positive qualities. As noted by many users, the lounge will help you do lots of reps because your back gets supported during the workouts. Although it is a little pricey, it gives a lot of value. Before purchasing the lounge, confirm whether you are within the weight and height limits. If you have already tried the Ab Loung Ultra and want to share your experience, or if there’s anything you’d like to add to our Ab Lounge Ultra review, feel free to leave a comment!

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  1. Can you please tell me where I can get a replacement parts for the ultra ab lounge I need a X15905-4 Focus StrapTM with Iso-GripTM handles.

    1. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get hold of spare parts for the Ab Lounge. It would be safer and more cost-effective to purchase a new one.

  2. This looks like it’d give you a really good ab workout. Nothing too complicated here either which is nice. I feel you could set the Ab Lounge Ultra up in your living room pretty quickly and get in a workout right away. Amazon have the best prices for something like this? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you, I’ve just been searching for info about this topic
    for a while and yours is the best I have came upon till now.

    But, what concerning the conclusion? Are you certain concerning
    the supply?

    1. Hi, Francesco,

      Thanks for your positive feedback. We consider that if you order the product from a reputed seller there will be no issues with packaging and delivery.

      Have an awesome day!

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