Flex belt abdominal toning belt

Flex Belt Abdominal Toning Belt Review

The Flex Belt abdominal toning belt is easily one of the most well-known products in its class, regarded as ‘the belt that gives you abs’. In addition to being one of the best-selling core and abdominal trainers on Amazon, FlexBelt uses innovative technology (EMS – Electric Muscle Stimulation). This unique technology makes it truly outstanding. The product created by FlexBelt.com works by stimulating and contracting the muscles in your abdominal area, resulting in muscle toning. In other words, all you have to do is strap the Flex ab Belt around your abdomen and let it do its magic.

Nevertheless, don’t expect to use the Flex Belt product as an alternative for weight loss. The FlexBelt was designed to tone muscles, and the manufacturers clearly state its purpose in all product descriptions.  Let’s see how well the Flex Belt Abdominal Toning Belt performs.

Flex belt abdominal toning belt

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Flex Belt Abdominal Toning Belt Main Features

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning of our Flex Belt review, this abdominal toning belt uses Electric Muscle Stimulation to tone your abdominal muscles. With the help of a few gel pads, the nerves in your abdomen will receive signals that work by contracting and relaxing the muscles. You can choose from 150 different levels and all you have to do is put the Belt Flex on, continue by plugging it in and allowing it to work your muscles for half an hour.

The Flex Belt was not designed to replace a healthy diet and regular workout sessions. However, its unique EMS technology does help strengthen abdominal muscles in-between workout sessions.

The gel pads are good for about 30 to 50 uses. The Flex Belt uses velcro to allow you to secure the belt around your waist. There is also an extension attachment that allows you to lengthen the Flex Belt. In this way, no matter what your body type is, you can be sure the Flex Belt will fit comfortably.

To purchase the Flex Belt at the best possible price, we recommend Amazon, where you can purchase the Flex Belt for $170.

Flex Belt Abdominal Toning Belt Additional Info

Maintenance Advice

The gel pads that Flex Belt comes with are the parts you need to take more care of. As we’ve mentioned, they typically last for up to 50 uses. After this point, you will need to get new ones. The Flex Belt gel pads come with a plastic shield. You should cover the gel pads with these shields in-between uses, to maintain them in peak condition. You should also make sure that you unplug Flex Belt when you are not using it.

Warranty and Guarantee Information

It is said that the company offers a 2 year warranty for Flex Belt, but reviews state that, due to lack of quality customer service, you might not get to use your warranty.


With Flex Belt you get the special battery that powers this ab belt, as well ass an adapter that you will need to use to charge it. You will also receive a set of gel pads. You can purchase additional gel pads from Amazon.

Recommended Routine

You can easily experiment with one of the 150 levels that Flex Belt offers. While we recommend that you ease into the process, you can upgrade to levels according to your own pace. It is generally recommended that you use Flex Belt for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time. As you get more comfortable with the Flex Belt, you can start wearing it during your normal workout routines.

Pros and Cons to Using the Flex Belt


  • EMS Technology – the EMS technology used by this ab belt is scientifically proven to help with muscle toning and improving resistance.
  • Quality – The Flex Belt price might seem a bit high at first, but the majority of flexbelt.com reviews (even the critical ones) describe that the product it looks and feels professionally designed.
  • Muscle Toning Efficiency – By all accounts, the Flex Bel abdominal toning belt does indeed help with muscle toning. However, it must be used regularly and consistently for best results.
  • Positive abs belt reviews – Most Flex Belt reviews are positive. On Amazon, out of the 500+ reviews from customers, more than 400 are positive
  • FDA Approval – The ab belt designed and manufactured by www.flexbelt.com is approved by the FDA. This proves not only that the Flex Belt is safe to use, but that it actually employs EMS technology, as advertised. The FDA must approve all EMS devices.


  • Flex Belt Cost – The Flex Belt is slightly more expensive than your average ab belt. However, cheaper ab belts rarely offer similar results.
  • Customer Service – Some Flex Belt users complained that the Flex Belt customer service department is lacking. It seems it is difficult to get through to a customer service representative, and even more difficult to resolve an issue. Some users circumvented this problem by discussing with Amazon customer service (if they purchased the Flex Belt from Amazon).

Flex belt abdominal toning belt

User Reviews

Most users are generally pleased with the Flex Belt as far as performance goes. As these reviews mention, the Flex Belt is a fitness device designed for maintenance, rather than actual weight loss. And as far as toning and core strengthening goes, the Flex Belt abdominal toning belt does its job.

Some customers complained about the Flex Belt gel pads. They mentioned the pads became unusable much faster than advertised. However, this was not an issue for buyers who used the gel pad shields correctly.

Our Recommendation

If you don’t plan on actually losing weight, but rather toning and strengthening your muscles, the Flex Belt is for you. Even though it might be a bit on the pricey side for some, Flex Belt can prove to be a reliable product for those who either don’t have much free time at hand. The Flex Belt  abdominal toning belt can also be useful for seniors or people who have suffered injuries and cannot work out. However, we strongly recommend you consult your physician before using the Flex Belt in these situations.

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  1. Barrett Rocky

    I haven’t really looked at abdominal toning belts before. I’m really curious as to what the electric muscle stimulation feels like. Is it comfortable and something that you can get used to? If not, I see myself sticking to more traditional ab workouts. Perhaps the results are better with those anyway.

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