Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt

Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt Review

The Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt is one of the most popular muscle toning belts on the market. Even though it shares common features with the equally popular Flex Belt, there are quite a few aspects that set the two apart. Indeed, they both work by toning abdominal muscles through EMS, but the Flex Belt is more expensive and comes in only one model. The Slendertone Flex Pro 7 Program Ab Toner, on the other hand, comes in three varieties (for women, men and unisex) and is also almost half the price of the aforementioned abdominal muscle toner belt.  Abdominal belts tend to make a lot of promises when it comes to fitness. In our Slendertone belt review, will break down what this product has to offer and how well it stands up to the expectations.

What is the Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt?

We’ll start off our Slendertone belt review with the fundamental information you need to understand how this product works – what is the Slendertone ab toner? In a nutshell, it is a muscle toner belt that uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (commonly abbreviated as EMS) technology to trigger the core muscles in your abdominal area. In other words, an abdominal muscle belt contracts your muscles to tone them.

Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt

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Thus, the Slendertone belt is not intended to replace a proper workout routine. The best it can do is to complement physical training, and offer you additional help while you are at home.

This Slendertone belt model is quite comfortable to wear. It offers 99 resistance levels. Thus, you have a lot of room to get comfortable wearing the belt. It also features 7 programs, hence the name of the product, that provide sufficient variety. The unisex model is designed for waists between 24 and 47 inches. The Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Belt operates using 3 AAA batteries.

Additional Info

Warranty and Guarantee Information

The Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt has a two-year warranty.

Maintenance Advice

Make sure that your gel pads are always cleaned before and after each use so you can preserve them for as long as possible. Some customers recommend rubbing alcohol, while quite a few others spoke about water-based hand-sanitizers to keep them sticky and clean. When putting the belt on, make sure the area you are placing it on is completely dry, as the any sort of moisture may affect the performance of the Slendertone belt.


The Slendertone belt comes with three gel pads and three AAA batteries, which are needed for it to work properly. The package also includes a handy carrying pouch. You can use this pouch to transport or store the belt. Electrode gel is highly recommended for using with the Slendertone ab belt. After your pads are no longer sticky, you can get a pack of 9 gel pads here.

Recommended Routine

The manufacturers recommend that you use the Slendertone belt five times a week for around half an hour each day. Results should start appearing after the first two months of constant use, provided you have maintained a healthy diet and regular exercise. As part of our Slendertone belt review, we recommend you use the Slendertone belt when you skip a day of working out, or during regular workouts as well. Though if you decide to use it while performing other exercises, it’s best if you keep it at a low resistance level.

Pros and Cons to Using the Slendertone Belt

To sum up our Slenderton belt review, we’ve made a short list of Slendertone pros and cons.


  • Muscle Stimulation – Slendertone belt reviews – both from customers and authorized sources – prove that the EMS technology used in the Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt does work.
  • Alternative – Users who cannot perform more traditional workout exercises can use the Slendertone belt as a safe alternative. Though the results might not be as impressive, it’s better than no workout at all.
  • Value – Surprisingly, the Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt isn’t as expensive as you would expect a product in its class to be.
  • Diversity – The Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt has 99 levels of resistance, in addition to the seven programs mentioned in the product’s name.


  • Higher resistance levels may be too intense – While the Slendertone belt has 99 different resistance levels, in truth, you’ll probably use it up to 80. At higher levels, the Slendertone is just too much.
  • Not designed for workouts  While it is a great addition to any workout regime, the Slendertone belt isn’t really designed to be workout equipment. At best, it’s useful for maintenance.

Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt

User Reviews

Slendertone reviews made by users tend to be on the positive side. Most of the complaints come for users who expected more from the Slendertone belt. But positive Slendertone belt reviews point out that as far as muscle toning is concerned, the belt performs as intended. Some reviewers also noted that the higher resistance levels can be a bit too intense. Likewise, a number of users pointed out that the belt does not perform well when it comes in contact with moisture. Most users agreed that as long as you use this device together with a proper workout routine, it is definitely worth the investment.

Our Recommendation

To conclude our Slendertone belt review, we should say we were pleasantly surprised by the product. While it is by no means a miracle fitness product, the Slendertone belt does firm ab muscles nicely. And consider how easy it is to use, and how risk-free it is, it’s worth a shot.

Is there anything you would like to add to our Slendertone belt review? Leave a comment and share your opinion on this product.

2 thoughts on “Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt Review”

  1. Hmm… how comfortable is this belt? I’ve tried some in the past and I never liked how they felt. I preferred to stick with traditional exercises but am tempted to give the Slenderton 7 Program belt a try. My last belt didn’t offer anything close to 99 resistance levels, so many this belt will help me find something more appropriate for my fitness level.

    1. Patrick Lenhoff

      Well, you can expect some level of discomfort even with this belt. However, most users say it’s comfortable compared to other similar products, and you’re sure to get used to the feeling in no time, if you use it constantly!

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