Sole Fitness E95 Review

Sole Fitness E95 Review

This robust elliptical is designed to handle both the intense workouts of the seasoned athlete and the more modest exertion of the beginner. Weighing 215 pounds and standing at 58,” the Sole Fitness E-95 is a comfortable fit for most people. But, it is the features on board that make it stand out. To top the list is the computer that monitors your body’s response as your workout progresses. Next are the various adjustments in the machine to customize your workouts. With a 5-year warranty, your peace of mind while using this treadmill is guaranteed.

Sole Fitness E-95 Main Features

The Sole Fitness E-95’s stability rests on its heavy-duty 34-pound flywheel that is complemented by a silent drive motor for an extra comfortable noise-free workout. Its motor adjusts for forward and reverse motions.

sole fitness e95 elliptical machine

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For ease of motion, the treadmill features an incline that can be adjusted from level through to 40 degrees in 20 different positions, thereby giving you the latitude to exercise the various muscle groups. It also has an adjustable 20 to 22” stride length.

When pedaling, the extra wide and cushioned pads are designed to support the foot and protect the leg from high impact workouts. The pedals also adjust to a 2-degree slant that allows more natural movement to prevent strain and soreness.

Exercise needs monitoring for one to tick those milestones. It is for this reason that the Sole Fitness E-95 comes with a 9” computer monitor. Your heartbeat, pace, calories, time spent, and distance are all available on the blue screen.

The steel frame of this treadmill stands at 38mm with a width of 32.” Its length is 72.” So confident are the manufacturers of their machine that they offer a lifetime guarantee for the frame.

To give a superior workout, the handles have vertical bars so that your upper body is not left out of your exercise routine. It is from the handles that the incline and resistance levels are set.

Additional Information


Maintenance of the Sole Fitness E-95 is minimal. The biggest problem might come in assembling the machine by fixing washers and screwing on nuts. Though the parts to be assembled are not difficult to handle, some people find the simplest tasks complicated. For this reason, the company has a responsive customer service to back up their manual on how to operate the machine and troubleshoot any hitches.

With its huge experience in producing fitness equipment, the company has no problems when it comes to replacing non-functioning parts. Some of the moving parts also need lube from time to time to cut down on squeaks and other noises. Greasing should also include the rails for the same reason. It is also necessary to keep the machine clean so that it functions at its best.


Sole Fitness E-95come with different warranty packages for the various parts of the machine. Its frame is guaranteed for life. The electronics and other parts have guarantees for 5 years and the labor for 2 years.


Other than the normal functions of a treadmill, the manufacturers have added some nice touches for the trainee’s convenience. There are speakers to provide music and you can also connect your mp3 player to enjoy your music as you work out. You also get a holder to place your water bottle as you burn the calories. When you get too hot, you can turn on the strategically-placed fan to cool you down. There are mats you can purchase to prevent the weight of the machine from ruining your floor.

Recommended Routines

The Sole Fitness E-95 is designed to give you the ultimate in cardio and lower body workout. An upper body workout is also included but at a lower intensity. However, you can get creative on your treadmill to target muscle groups that are often forgotten. For example, low (squat) side shuffles work your glute medius to improve the side of your butt. You squat sideways on the treadmill and step towards the front of the machine with your closest leg and then change. The treadmill should be at low speed.

Sole Fitness E95 Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable foot pads. People have different styles of running and walking. By adjusting the foot pedals to fit your style, the feature comes out as thoughtful as it caters to individual differences. The alternative is pain and soreness from as unfamiliar gait.
  • Computer monitor. This feature is motivating as you can see just how much progress you have made in getting into shape. You also get to note issues like an erratic heartbeat. This could alert you to underlying problems.
  • Quiet performance. The smooth operation of the Sole Fitness E-95 means that you can watch TV even as you work out. Even more important is that you do not disturb others as you burn those calories.
  • Cost. For a machine that could easily fit into a gym, the Sole Fitness E-95 is good value for money at the cost of below $2,000.


  • Difficult to assemble. Various people have cited problems in assembling the machine.
  • Not suitable for shorter people. The stride adjustments do not cater for very short people who would then be required to consider some other version of the machine.
  • Size. The machine is fairly big and you need to consider the size of the room it will go in before purchase, hence the dimensions that are given.
  • Weight. Lugging a machine that is over 200 pounds up a flight of stairs might prove to be a difficult and sweaty affair.

User Reviews

Most of the buyers who had a problem with the sole fitness E-95 cited the issue of unpacking it as time-consuming. The unboxing and assembling took too long. A few also noted squeaking in some of the moving parts but this was easily rectified by tightening the nuts and bolts, as well as applying some lube. The overwhelming majority of reviewers gave the machine a five-star ranking. Some of the features that were frequently praised were the sturdiness and quiet operation of the equipment. Even those who thought the machine was costly agreed that it was a good quality for the money.


Having looked at the Sole Fitness E-95, it is clear that it scores highly in most of the areas. Purchasers were particularly impressed by its quiet, smooth operation and adaptability to individual needs. Other key attractions are the computer-related additions and value for money. The manufacturers also got thumbs-up for their customer care services. Other than the difficulties that some experienced with assembling it, the Sole Fitness E-95 is definitely a worthwhile investment.

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