Proform Power 995i Treadmill Review

Proform Power 995i Treadmill Review

The Proform Power 995i Treadmill is a space-saving, well-functioning treadmill that is affordable and durable. It has the most recent features of the top treadmills on the market and runs as quietly as a treadmill can. It’s an ideal addition to any home that is looking for a fair-priced treadmill to add to their home gym.

Proform Power 995i Main Features

The Proform Power 995i has what you would need for an enjoyable run with its iFit alpha message center, as well as its iPod compatible audio, meaning that you can listen to your music on your phone or listen to it on the built-in speakers.

As with any treadmill that is dependable for a good exercise routine, it has a digital quick speed control of 0-12 mph, as well as incline control of 0-15. It also has a Coolaire workout fan and an EKG grip pulse which only add to the user experience. Anyone who is under 350 lb. can use this effective treadmill. There are also several different workout options to choose from, making it easy for you to have variety in your daily run.

Because it has ProShox cushioning, you don’t have to worry about hurting your knees while running. The Proform Power 995i is ideal for anyone who needs a small yet functional treadmill that can fit in any home, even if you don’t have that much space. An attractive feature is the length that is at 20″ x 60 “which means that taller people will fit on it just fine.

Proform Power 995i Treadmill Review

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Proform Power 995i Additional Info


For the most part, the Proform Power 995i doesn’t need much attention, as long as it keeps running well. The good news is that the Proform Power 995i does come with a good warranty if you do end up having any problems. To avoid trouble, make sure to regularly clean the belt with lubrication and readjust it every once in a while. Overall, you should clean the whole treadmill on a continuous basis to avoid the buildup of dust and unplug it from time to time.


One way that the Proform Power 995i shines is that it has a great warranty. Users will be happy to know that there is a lifetime warranty for the frame and motor, which are typically the areas that could ever need attention on treadmills. It’s a highly attractive feature when it comes to a machine that you hope to use for years to come. For parts, you can depend on a 3-year warranty and for labor, a 1 year warranty, so as you can see, any problems that show up within the first couple of years should have a remedy.


The Proform Power 995i includes bottle holders on each side so you can always have your water near, it also has a holder for tablets, so if you want to keep your mind off your workout, you can watch a movie right in front of you. The workout fan is a huge plus which is nice when you find yourself sweating just a little too much.

Recommended Routines

A highly fabulous feature that the Proform Power 995i has is that it includes an incline function. Using this feature can help to add much higher intensity to your workouts. You can even do lunges or a gluteus workout with this treadmill. Using the incline feature can also help you to burn more calories, which is ideal for weight loss. We also recommend it for fast cardio, whether you enjoy running or walking at a brisk pace.

Proform Power 995i Pros and Cons

While we do consider that the Proform Power 995i has more pros than cons, it does have a few negative. Following are the pros and cons of the Proform Power 995i:


  • While it isn’t that big, it has a strong build. This is a big factor in good treadmills. You don’t want to buy a treadmill with a weak frame as they aren’t typically as durable.
  • It is a relatively quiet machine. Many treadmills can be a bit loud due to the belt mechanism, but the Proform Power 995i does a good job at keeping the noise down to a minimum..
  • The warranty package is a highly attractive one that helps users feel comfortable with their purchase. If it breaks down due to packaging, you can trust that you will be taken care of.
  • It has all the accessories one could want on their treadmill. From being able to watch something on your tablet, listen to music on your iPhone or with the built-in speakers, to the fan cooling you off, it makes your running time a comfortable and entertaining experience.
  • The cushioned deck helps to make your run more comfortable and provide lower impact to your knees. Many people like to use treadmills to avoid running on hard pavement.


  • It may be too heavy for some. This may make assembly or transporting it a challenge for someone who is lightly built or who doesn’t have someone to help them move it.
  • There isn’t a heart rate strap function. If you like to test your heart rate with a strap, there isn’t an option for this. There is a pulse function that you can grip, but many people don’t like to run holding on to bars.
  • The arms on the side are a little short. If you are a taller person and you like to hold onto the arms when walking fast or during your workout, this may be uncomfortable.
  • Customer service can be difficult to reach. It’s great that the Proform company has a great warranty, but it may be challenging to get in touch with customer support, should you need to. This may be a deterrent for some.

User Reviews

There are many mixed feelings amongst people who have used the Proform Power 995i. While many people appreciate it’s solid and durable build, not many people like how difficult this makes it to move it or transport it.

The fact that it is so quiet for a treadmill has a lot of people loving it, because they don’t have to worry about waking anyone up should they want to get exercise, first thing in the morning. While the arms are somewhat short for some, many people don’t pay attention to this as they don’t really depend on them in their workouts.

While users love that it has the function for hooking up your phone to Bluetooth, many are dismayed that isn’t always so reliable. While assembly may be challenging, users love how great the manual is that comes with it.


While this isn’t a problem-free product and has caused trouble for some users, it is a good treadmill for its affordable price and the amenities that it includes. As long as you can have patience with customer support, the warranty is very beneficial. If you are looking for a machine that you can depend on for frequent in-door exercise that is good quality—with a little maintenance—the Proform Power 995i can work for you. If you are looking for something that promises life-long quality and barely any problems whatsoever, you may need to look elsewhere.

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