bodycraft spx indoor cycling bike

Bodycraft SPX Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Bodycraft SPX is an indoor cycle that performs great as a club level cycle and also works well as a home cycling bike. It is offered with a compact design that enhances storage and movement and high level components making it ideal as an indoor cycle and offering it great functionality. Its automotive quality blended with its maintenance-free belt gives it a quiet performance and beckons buyers to it. This article aims at looking into details of the various features of the bike and what gives it a high rating.

SPX can be used by beginners as well as veterans thanks to its easy to use design. It sports a sophisticated build where users hop on and start cycling without a hassle.

Bodycraft SPX Indoor Cycling Bike Main Features

With its compact design, the bike is easy to move from one place to another. It is 47 inches high, 24 inches wide and 43 inches long. It only weighs 122 pounds and can support up to 300 pounds making it a training bike for the big and the small-bodied individuals. All levels of spinners will find it easy to use the bike.

For durability, the bike features heavy duty steel frame. This frame comes with multiple paint coats to prevent rusting and corrosion. With a steel frame, the bike feels steady and can withstand everyday use. Bodycraft prides on producing easy to ride bikes. Granted, Bodycraft SPX Indoor Cycling Bike sports SKF precision sealed bearings with a 46 lb balanced perimeter flywheel. This has been coupled with a maintenance-free Hutchinson automotive drive belt to offer a smooth cycle.

The patented braking system works smoothly. It is controlled by small adjustment knob near the handlebars. The arms of the bike are created with a 3-piece cold forged steel. The crank arms are 175mm and a narrow Q-factor measuring 175mm long comes alongside them. Other features include 9/16-inch dual sided aluminum alloy pedals with straps, fore and aft adjustments on the handlebar stem. The handlebar comes with aero, bullhorn and cross grip positions. It also has an adjustable seat.

The Bodycraft SPX Indoor Cycling Bike comes with 2 adjustable levelers, ball bearing transport wheels and a water bottle holder.

bodycraft spx indoor cycling bike


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Additional Information


The drive-belt is maintenance free thanks to its design. Given that the bike is water and rust resistant, the user will only need to wipe oil, sweat and dust that may fall on the bike. Parts that need to be lubricated such as the pedals needs to stay lubricated for a smooth ride. Before use, it is advisable to ensure that the braking system is working in order and the bike is standing on a flat surface to prevent accidents. Be sure to store the bike in a place it will not be scratched.


The Bodycraft SPX is offered with a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 5-year warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on wear items and 2-year warranty on labor for home use. When you buy the bike for club and light commercial use, it comes with a 5-year warranty on the bike’s frame, 3-year warranty on parts and 90 days on wear items and labor.


This bike comes ready to use out of the box. Ergo, there is not much in terms of accessories. However, you can buy water bottles for the bike and easily slide them in the holders – there are two holders conveniently fitted. The bike does not feature a console and you can also buy one separately and fit it on the bike.

Recommended Routine

Cycling the Bodycraft SPX will enhance your cardiovascular endurance and enhance the strength of your legs. The bike is good for group workouts but is also ideal for individual indoor workouts. To get good results, we suggest you take at least three minutes to warm-up with slow pedaling. Sprint for between 30 seconds and one minute and then recover for about a minute; alternate between sprinting and recovering for about 30 minutes.

Bodycraft SPX Indoor Cycling Bike Pros and Cons

The SPX has a host of benefits to the user especially given its compact and sophisticated design but then again, it has its fair share of drawbacks. Overall, this bike is impressive.


• Weighted Flywheel: This gives the bike a smooth fluid ride offering the user motivation to pedal on and on.
• Low Maintenance: The belt drive of this bike does not need adjustments or oiling and therefore maintenance-free. Other parts will only need to be oiled after a long period of use or wiped after use for the following day.
• Comfortable: The bike is offered with an adjustable seat that is thickly padded to enhance comfort and accommodate people of different statures.
• Sturdy: The aluminum frame coupled with the 24-inch wide four contact stands give the bike stability during cycling for people of different sizes and during different cycling intensities.
• Great resistance: For enhanced exercise, the resistance offered by this bike is continuous and keeps increasing as you pedal.
• Water bottle holders: The bike is designed with two water bottle holders that are conveniently fitted near the handlebar for ease of access.


• Lacks a Console. The Bodycraft SPX Indoor Cycling Bike does not feature a computer like most modern bikes. This makes it hard for the user to monitor calories, distance and speed.
• No MP3 player platform. If you like working out as you listen to music, this bike does not offer a place to put your music player.
• Small Pedal Straps for specialist shoes. Though the pedal straps for this bike are adjustable, they are still small to fit specialist shoes.
• No Resistance Level Indicator: The resistance levels on the SPX are not marked; this makes it a challenge for users to return to previous levels.
• No sweat guard. Sweat can drop on the pad and on the flywheel with no guard fitted anywhere.
• No training guide: You would expect a training bike to be accompanied by a user guide showing exercise routines but this bike lacks that making it a challenge for beginners to kickstart their workouts.

User Reviews

The Bodycraft SPX is high rated in most merchant sites thanks to its great features. Most of the reviewers are happy with the compact and sturdy design of the bike which gives them confidence when cycling. It is also praised for its great resistance, its ergonomic handles and comfortable grips, its maintenance free drive belt and its adjustable seat height. Most of the customers who have used and reviewed this bike would recommend it.

However, according to user reviews, the resistance pad makes some noise and the bike is simple for those looking for advanced cardio workouts. Overall, most of the reviewers are impressed by the performance and the price of the bike.


In terms of quality and performance, the Bodycraft SPX is worth its money. It is a good bike for beginners and for experienced spinners. You can buy the bike and upgrade it by buying accessories such as a console, iPad tray, bottles and others to match your needs. Though these extra accessories will cost you money, the total cost will still be lower than that of a premium bike.

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