Proform 600i Review

Proform 600i Review

For walkers and joggers, Proform 600i is their best companion. It is iFit-enabled, which allows the user to perform a series of exercises. For indoor workout programs, you want a foldable treadmill that is easy to move around and store. This treadmill comes with a Round Watts LED display that helps you meet your exercise goals and objectives efficiently. This Proform 600i review will help you know all there is to about Proform 600i.

Proform 600i Main Features

The Proform 600i is in many respects similar to the earlier Proform 400i. Proform 600i is constructed in the SpaceSaver design, which is complemented by the EasyLift Assist. This allows you to fold and move the treadmill from the storage area to the exercise area easily. It comes with a ProShox Cushioning System that features four separate shock absorbers. This provides adequate support as you go about your workout routines.

Proform 600i

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The comfort of using this machine is bettered by the tread belt that is not only thick but also strong for durability. This minimizes the level of maintenance needed. You will also enjoy the incline and speed control with the former being up to 12 percent and the latter 12 mph. All you need to do is crank the treadmill up and start your exercises. With this speed, you can even sprint as a professional runner.

It has a Round Watts LED Display that features powerful functions that are easy to use and read. It is also designed with iFit compatibility that helps motivate you for a continuous workout. It is fitted with functions for advanced workout programs. You can also access multiple vibrant programs from Google Maps. You can track your workout routines on the display and easily synchronize it with your smartphone, iPad etc.

Proform 600i Additional Info


After finishing your workout session, unplug the equipment, and proceed to check for any broke, worn out, or loose parts. To wipe off the dust and moisture, use a clean, damp cloth every week. Ensure that the console is moisture-free.

The belt should also be wiped clean with a damp cloth so that it can work efficiently.

In every three months, be sure to use a lubricant lightly on the belt and the deck system. After two months of use, you should lube heavily and moderately if done on a monthly basis. Assess the bolts and screws for tightening every now and then. This way, you will enhance your safety.


The frame and motor parts of the Proform 600i have a lifetime warranty. Its other parts, on the other hand, have a two-year coverage. You can also enjoy a one-year coverage on labor. This is a great value for your money.


To make your exercise session motivational, Proform 600i allows you to use a music player or connect to your mobile phones or other electronic devices.

 Proform 600iProform 600iProform 600i

Be sure to choose the right shoes and other gear to help you benefit most from the machine while you keep yourself safe.

Recommended Routines

Proform 600i features 22 built-in workout apps that provide a wide variety of programs to use. You can keep track of your heart rate, fat burning, weight loss, and intervals, among others. The running area is 20 inch by 60 inches, and it supports a 325 pounds weight capacity.

Proform 600i Pros and Cons

Proform 600i has attracted a series of positive reviews due to the following advantages:


  • Long tread track: This treadmill provides a 60 inch by 20-inch track that provides an ample space for workout.
  • Top speed: It allows you to sprint at 12 mph, which is ideal for runners. This is a great way to speed your workout goals.
  • 22 workout apps: This provides a variety of workout programs for you to utilize as you try to meet your exercise objectives.
  • iFit-enabled: It allows you to track your workout results. You can use a tablet holder on the console to access interactive programs on Google Maps.
  • Power incline: It allows the incline to be powered up to 12 percent, which allows you to perform powerful workouts without getting an incline trainer.
  • iPod-compatible: This allows you to use 2 inch speakers to keep your workout sessions interesting for motivation.
  • Backlit display: This allows you to view your workout information such as calories burnt, the time, speed, distance etc.
  • It features digital features: It is designed with a contact pulse monitor, tablet computer holder, and SpaceSaver, which makes it foldable for storage and portability.


  • It lacks a wireless heart rate monitoring: Most digital treadmills today allow you to keep track of your heart rate through wireless connectivity for convenience. With this treadmill, however, you are forced to download a phone app for you to monitor your heart rate.
  • Thin track: The tread track is long and thin, which does not provide enough room for sideways movements. This means you may trip and injure yourself.
  • Small track rollers: The rollers are too small, which make them less effective for a continuous workout. This affects your ability to meet the set exercise goals, especially for those looking to lose weight or burn fat.
  • Slow customer service: If you have questions or problems with the delivered Proform 600i, you will not be able to contact the customer care department clearly and their services are low standard.
  • Weak motor: Proform 600i is one of the treadmills in the market with the weakest motors. Although the motor’s make is great, it will perform better when you work out at a low speed and less power.

Proform 600i User Reviews

Most users argue that this treadmill gives users a great value for their money. It is particularly ideal for tall individuals because of the long deck. It is a great option for the runners who are looking to spend less. For the serious runners, however, we recommend that you do more research to identify a treadmill that meets your needs.

The iFit technology is highly beneficial to you because it allows you to use a wide range of workout programs that make the sessions interesting and motivating. You are able to track your workout, which helps you achieve your goals better.

In comparison to the other competitive brands in the market, the specifications of this equipment are top level. The weak motor on this treadmill is inefficient, which puts off a number of users, especially those looking to sprint.


Proform 600i is a great treadmill to use for low speed running, jogging, and walking. It comes in a foldable design that allows you to store and use without occupying much space in your room. Nonetheless, this 600i treadmill version is not the best product from Icon Fitness, but we cannot say it is the worst. It is an average performer and highly affordable. It is highly versatile, which makes it a favorite for most users. The ProShox Cushioning, workout fan, and iPod compatibility are some of the features that enhance the quality of this treadmill.

Would you like to add anything to our Proform 600i review? Have you had personal experience with this piece of equipment? Let us know!

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