ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill

Proform Performance 400i Treadmill Review

Sturdy, compact and easy-to-use, the Performance 400i treadmill comes at an affordable price, making it a great option for runners. This ProForm model is well-suited both for begginers and advanced users. The Proform Performance 400i Treadmill is a compact treadmill created for users who wish to exercise from the comfort of their home. In case you don’t like going to the gym, the Proform Performance 400 treadmill is a great solution for you and your family.

Below, you will find the most important features, as well as technical information about the Proform Performance 400i Treadmill that will help you make an informed decision.

ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill

ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill Overview

The Proform Performance 400 treadmill comes with a cushioned tread belt that ensures a safe jog or run, without adding any pressure on the joints. This great feature is especially useful for people who experience back or knee pains, as well as seniors who wish to stay in shape.

To monitor your performance, the ProForm 400 treadmill comes with a heart rate monitor and EKG sensors locates in the handlebars. It also features 18 workout apps to choose from. Additionally, you can connect your iPod to the monitor. Unfortunately, the ProForm 400 treadmill speakers are not very impressive, but they do the trick.

Much like the ProForm ZT6, this ProForm treadmill comes with the added advantage of a space saver design. The space saver design enables you to easily fold and store your treadmill. In addition, it measures only 19 inches in length, while the tread belt measures 20 x 55 inch. For those living in apartments, this ProForm treadmill model is a great piece of equipment, from this points of view.

The ProForm 400 treadmill is available on Amazon, as well as in specialized retail stores. On Amazon, you can purchase the ProForm 400 treadmill for around $650, which makes it one of the more affordable treadmills out there.

Additional Info


As with any treadmill, the most important step in ensuring that it will last a long time is the setup. Make sure the belt is centered and the treadmill is leveled. You can adjust the position of the tread belt using the bolts on the sides. The tread belt will require some lubrication, occasionally. You must also check to see if the belt hasn’t loosened between workouts.

Warranty and Guarantee Information

The Proform Performance 400i Treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and 25-year warranty on the motor. Both the parts and the labor come with 1-year warranty.


Apart from its components, the Proform Performance 400i treadmill doesn’t require additional accessories. However, long-time users suggest purchasing a bottle of professional lubricant that will ensure the well-functioning of your treadmill. Apply it periodically to maintain a silent, comfortable use of your treadmill.

Recommended Routine

After you get your Proform 400 treadmill set up, it is highly important to maintain a safe workout and follow professional guidance. We recommend beginners use the workout apps. These apps were designed by fitness professionals. The workout apps have a relatively gentle learning curve.

Beginner runners should only attempt workout sessions that are set according to their levels. Start at a lower level and then gradually increase the intensity and duration of your workout. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and include running on the treadmill Proform 400 in your daily routine in order to get the best results.

Proform Performance 400i Treadmill Pros and Cons


  • Affordability– The ProForm 400 is a relatively cheap treadmill. There are of course cheaper treadmills available, but the ProForm provides very good value for the asking price.
  • 18 workouts included. –  This treadmill comes with 18 different workout programs designed by fitness professionals and adapted to any fitness level. All users can benefit from a safe and challenging workout session by selecting the right program for their level and then following professional instructions. Almost all ProForm treadmill reviews praised the addition of these workout apps.
  • Music port for iPod. – Another great feature of the Proform Performance 400i Treadmill is that it comes equipped with a music port where you can simply connect your iPod. This way you can enjoy a fun exercise session while listening to your favorite songs.
  • Powerful motor. – The 25 hp motor produced by Mac Z is one of the strong features of this treadmill. Both powerful and silent, this motor will provide a comfortable running experience, regardless of speed or duration.
  • Silent operation. – The ProForm 400 is clearly a treadmill for home. While many treadmills for home feature a space saver design, noise levels often make it difficult to use. This ProForm treadmill is, however, quite silent. Thus, you can use it any time you like, without having to worry that you’re going to disturb anyone.
  • Easy-to-assemble. – As most of the Proform 400 treadmill review writers have noticed, the assembly process is quite easy, even if you’re not very talented when it comes to technical stuff. The treadmill can be put together by only one person with the aid of a wrench. The assembly instructions are quite easy to follow and you should be able to set up everything in under an hour.
  • Pulse Rate Monitor. – Also included is an EKG grip style pulse rate monitor. This way you can keep track of your heart rate while exercising, and you can also monitor your performance.
  • ProShox Cushioning. – The ProShox cushioning is an innovative way of reducing the impact on the joints. Thus, it can ensure a high degree of comfort while jogging or running. This feature will help you maintain a comfortable workout even if you suffer from knee or ankle pain.

ProForm Performance 400i TreadmillProForm Performance 400i TreadmillProForm Performance 400i Treadmill

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  • Incomplete manual. – A few users have mentioned in their Proform reviews that the treadmill manual didn’t include enough information about the monitor. Specifically, it didn’t mention how to set up the workout apps. Most of them said that they had to spend some time figuring everything out by themselves.
  • Customer Service Issues. – Some users have mentioned a few issues they have encountered while trying to get in touch with the customer service department. Apparently, the staff members were not quick enough to fix the reported issues.
  • Poor Speakers – The in-built speakers of this treadmill are slightly subpar. Even though you can connect your iPod to the treadmill, you’re probably going to be stuck listening to podcasts.

ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill

User Reviews

ProForm 400 treadmills are mixed. Overall, most users are happy with this ProForm treadmill model. Many found the workout apps quite useful, and the general consesus is that the ProForm treadmill is quite sturdy, even after prolonged use.

As mentioned, the quality of the speakers is the main weakness of this treadmill. However, it’s a relatively minor complaint. Some users also complained about the monitor, which in some cases doesn’t work properly. However, when looking at other ProForm treadmill reviews for this model, it seems this depends a lot on how lucky you are. Many users claimed they had no issues with the monitor whatsoever. Unfortunately, if you are one of the unlucky customers who has problems with the monitor, you’ll have to deal with the ProForm customer service department. And that, it seems, can be a major hassle.

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend this affordable product for anyone who wants to get in shape without spending too much money. The Proform Performance 400i treadmill, in spite of the fact that it’s one of the cheaper treadmill models available, has many of the features you’d expect from a high-end treadmill.

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