Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike

Marcy Air 1 Review: Reports and Ratings

The Marcy AIR 1 is a very popular indoor exercise bike. And it’s easy to understand why. Not everyone has an easy time to incorporate cardio into their workout routine. If you find running tedious and spinning too much work, you’ve probably been looking for alternative ways to get some exercises. A good way to sneak in some cardio that will also help you sculpt your legs is the fan bike. This is great for interval work. And when it’s used at its full capacity, it offers great results.

Like indoor spinning cycles, fan bikes have a heavy flywheel and two long handlebars which you have to push back and forth while you’re pedaling. This translates into an instant auto-challenge. You don’t have to stop pedaling in order to adjust the intensity. All you have to do is go as fast as you can in order to get a good workout of low impact cardio that burns a lot of calories. A Marcy AIR 1 exercise bike review says the fan bike will hit both your upper and lower body, so you’re not only working your legs, but your arms are contributing as well.
Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike

What is the Marcy Air 1?

Marcy exercise bikes reviews speak highly of the firm’s equipment, which is sturdy and reliable. The Marcy Air 1 is a fan bike that will exercise your legs and your arms. It has a built-in fan that ensures resistance and also keeps you cool during your workout. The seat is made out of high-density foam, which will spare you the need to add more padding or wear special shorts. Marcy Air 1 customer reviews praise the handlebars. These are also very comfortable since they’re covered in foam and you can rest assured your hands won’t be slipping on them. Designed by Impex Fitness, this fan bike features an intuitive computer. This computer will track your distance, record your speed and display the number of calories you’ve burnt in your work out.

The steel tubing makes this Marcy AIR 1 exercise bike sturdy and very safe to use. No matter what the user’s height is, this Marcy exercise bike will adjust to suit your needs: the pedals have adaptable foot straps and are counterbalanced for a good grip. Every ride on the Marcy AIR 1 will work your leg muscles and you’ll start noticing how your legs and arms are slowly getting toned up. Measuring 45 x 25 x 47.5 inches and weighing a little under 82 pounds, this fan bike from Impex Fitness is suitable for all at-home gyms and is easy to move around thanks to its transport wheels.

Pros and Cons to Using the Marcy Air 1

A closer look at the Marcy AIR 1 exercise bike pros and cons gives us a better idea about what this equipment can do and what it lacks.


  • It’s safe to say this fan bike delivers quality at a reasonable price. Marcy AIR 1 ratings are around the 84% ballpark. One big plus of this machine is the $250 price. This makes it affordable to anyone who wants to start incorporating low impact cardio workouts at home.
  • Another noteworthy feature is the high-quality materials. In spite of its low cost, the makers of this bike didn’t cut any corners. The durable metal makes this Marcy exercise bike look sturdy and reliable. At the same time,  the high-density foam seat offers enough support and comfort for long workout routines.
  • Marcy AIR 1 customer reports prove that this equipment is great for people with any height. Whether you’re four feet tall or over six feet, you won’t have any problem gripping the long handlebars or pushing your legs into the pedals. This Marcy exercise bike can also support up to 300 pounds user weight, which makes it ideal for beginners who are looking for an alternative to high impact cardio.


  • Some buyers complained about the wide seat which can become uncomfortable on long work outs. While this is a personal preference, the seat cover and the seat itself can be replaced with new ones that better suit individual needs.
  • One unfavorable Marcy AIR 1 product review pointed out that one of the machine’s drawbacks is the limited settings on the computer. This doesn’t display your heart rate or the resistance level, so you have to use additional gadgets to track your RPM.

Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise BikeMarcy Air 1 Fan Exercise BikeMarcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike

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Where to Find the Marcy Air 1?

You can find a Marcy AIR 1 exercise bike for sale both in stores and also online. Make sure you always buy from a trustworthy source. We would also recommend, if possible, to check inside the packaging to make sure your equipment is intact. For the Marcy AIR 1 exercise bike best price, head over to Amazon. You can get it for $249.99. Amazon shipping costs are $5. And if you choose standard delivery, you’ll have your Marcy AIR 1 at your doorsteps within five business days.

Extra Info:

Recommended Routine

With the Marcy Air 1 fan bike, you’ll get to exercise your upper body and lower body at the same time. If you need some motivation, bear in mind that only thirty minutes of cycling will help women burn between 207 and 345 calories. And men will burn between 252 and 420 calories. Marcy air bike reviews suggest that in order to get the most out of your workout, you should use intervals to your advantage. Alternate between slow pedaling sitting down, to going fast and standing up. Switch between moves every one or two minutes to keep your heart pumping and your muscles working at all times.

Maintenance Advice

You can certainly prolong the life of your equipment by taking care of it and storing it in safe places. The Marcy AIR 1 exercise should be kept away from extreme heat and freezing temperatures. Also, you shouldn’t use any harsh chemicals to clean the handlebars and the metallic parts. A damp cloth should do the trick. You should also be careful when you’re moving the fan bike. Wooden floors could get scratched and the machine could tip over and fall if you’re not holding it properly.


The fan bike doesn’t include any accessories. Some of the Marcy AIR 1 upright bike reviews noted that not even the batteries for the computer are included in the package, and the buyers had to get them separately.

Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike

Warranty and Guarantee Information

The equipment comes with a two-year warranty. For normal wear and tear or any factory defects, the company will cover any potential repairs needed within the first two years after buying your Marcy AIR 1 exercise bike.

Any Customer Complaints?

A few Marcy AIR 1customer reviews stated there is something wrong with the equipment from a mechanical point of view. Some buyers complained either about receiving a bent fan or the fan breaking down after half a year’s use. The computer could also be improved and adjusted to show calories burnt per hour and the heart rate.

Our Recommendation

This equipment is a great way to incorporate low cardio into your workout routine. The favorable reviews prove that he reasonable price doesn’t imply Impex Fitness cut any corners. The fan bike feels sturdy and the materials have a durable feel to them. The incorporated computer is not one of the best one out there, but it offers basic info about your workout. If you’re searching for the best price, look up the Marcy AIR 1 exercise bike on Amazon.

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