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Grand Tour Review: Best Indoor Exercise Bikes

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The Grand Tour series by NordicTrack features some of the best high-end indoor exercise bikes you can find. Take a look at our Grand Tour review to find out about the features that set these bikes apart.

An indoor exercise bike is an important investment for your home gym. It is important to choose a product that will make you want to work out regularly. The Grand Tour is an exercise bike that is packed with features designed to make working out more fun. Here is what you need to know about this indoor bike.


The NordicTrack Grand Tour is a line of indoor exercise bikes packed with digital features. We should start this Grand Tour review by going over the feature of the basic Grand Tour indoor bike before introducing the additional features available with the Pro model.

Grand Tour Features

The Grand Tour features a wide and sturdy base. The pedals and flywheel system are built into a single casing attached to this sturdy base.

The seat is attached to this casing, and so are the handles. You will find a wide console built into the handles of the bike.

The bike is 59.2” long, 23.3” wide, and 56.2” high. You will need some clearance around the bike to work out comfortably. This is a piece of home gym equipment that takes up space, but we think this is an excellent use of space if you are serious about getting in shape.


The resistance system of the bike uses a 16-pound flywheel. There are 24 different levels of resistance you can select on the digital touchscreen. The magnetic resistance system is smooth and quiet. The quality of the flywheel makes this indoor bike more durable.

The design is sturdy since the bike can support a maximum weight of 350 pounds.

We like the fact that you can adjust the incline of the bike. The incline ranges from -10° to 10°. This is a great way to make your workouts more challenging and interesting.

You will find 32 pre-programmed workouts into the bike. These workouts use the different resistance and incline settings to recreate different cycling conditions and help you work on your cardio.

You will get two five-pounds dumbbells with the bike. There are rests designed for these dumbbells on the bike console. You can use the dumbbells throughout your workouts to develop upper body strength.

There are several features that make the bike comfortable to use:

  • You can adjust the seat height.
  • The seat of the bike has plenty of cushioning.
  • There is a built-in cooling fan.
  • The foot plates are very wide.

The Grand Tour also features a 7” touchscreen. You can use this screen to keep track of your progress, to access one of the built-in workout apps, or to access content available via the iFit app.

There is a music port and two speakers so you can turn the bike into an entertainment station during your workouts. You will also find a tablet holder, a water bottle holder, and some wheels in front of the bike to make transporting it easier.

Discover iFit


The iFit compatibility is an interesting feature. The bike is Bluetooth-compatible so you can log on to your iFit account from the bike’s touchscreen. You can access this account from a computer, phone, or tablet as well.

You will get a one-year iFit membership when you purchase a Grand Tour exercise bike. This service is a digital platform where you can access workout and nutrition resources, set goals, and interact with other members in challenges.

You can, for instance, use the Google Maps feature to choose a route for your next workout. The touchscreen will display the view from the streets, and the bike will reproduce the incline of the route you selected.

There are plenty of pre-programmed workouts available via the IFit app, as well as some workout videos with professional trainer Jillian Michaels.

The workout library is an interesting feature for the large screen of the bike. New content is added regularly, and this is a great way to keep your workouts interesting since you can take part in a virtual race, challenge other members in online races, or look at scenery and landmarks.

You can review your data on a computer to set new goals and access nutrition recommendations as well.

How Is The Grand Tour Pro Different?

The Grand Tour Pro features 26 levels of resistance while the basic model has 24. The frame is slightly different since this bike can support a maximum weight of 375 pounds.

The touchscreen is wider. You will get a 10” touchscreen instead of 7” screen that comes with the basic model.

There is a built-in Bluetooth feature so you can connect a heart rate chest strap to the bike. You will have to buy the chest strap separately.


There are more ways to adjust the seat since the basic model doesn’t feature horizontal seat adjustments. There are three additional preset workout apps, and the length of the bike is shorter by three inches.

The most interesting aspect of the Pro indoor bike is the warranty. Both models come with a lifetime warranty for the frame, but the basic model comes with a three-year warranty for parts and a one-year warranty for labor. The Pro model comes with respective warranties of five and two years.

What Is Unique About The Grand Tour?

The overall quality of this indoor bike stands out. The Grand Tour is a high-end indoor exercise bike. This bike is similar to what you would expect to find at the gym.

The digital features make the bike an interesting choice for your home gym. If you are new to working out, the built-in workout apps will help you find new ways to get in shape and help you reach your goals.

The workout apps, including iFit, will also help you stay motivated. They will bring diversity to your workout routines and you the iFit community will make working out fun if you like friendly competition.


The attention to details also makes the bike stand out. Features like the tablet holder, dumbbell holder, water bottle holder, or the speakers can seem like details, but they will improve your experience when you work out.

We also like how you can customize your workouts. You can adjust the resistance and incline of the bike easily thanks to the touchscreen. You can use iFit or one of the other workout apps to plan a workout and have the resistance and incline change throughout your workout.

The NordicTrack Grand Tour is one of the best high-end exercise bikes because of its quality and because it comes with all the resources you need to plan your workouts, achieve your goals, and stay motivated.


The basic Grand Tour model costs $999 while the Pro model costs $1,449.

Both models include a free one-year iFit membership. If you decide to keep your membership, you will have to spend $15 a month for a single user, or $33 a month for a family plan which supports four users. We like the free trial included with the bike since it will give you plenty of time to decide if the membership is worth it for you.

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What Do People Think Of The Grand Tour?

We found a Grand Tour review in Top Fitness Magazine. The review gave the bike a rating of 97 out of 100 possible points. The review states that the bike has “everything and more” and we agree.

The Top Fitness Magazine review draws attention to an interesting point. The 16-pound flywheel is ideal for beginners but is too light for advanced users. You might want to look into getting an indoor bike with a more performing flywheel if you have been cycling for years.

weight holder

Overall, the Grand Tour has received excellent reviews. People are impressed with the quality of the bike and love how comfortable it feels.

The digital features are mentioned in a lot of reviews. Shoppers enjoy being able to choose from many different video workouts. Some prefer to create personalized workouts with one of the built-in apps. The digital features make the bike fun and interesting to use.

People agree that the bike is a good value for the price. It is possible to find indoor exercise bikes in a lower price range, but the Grand Tour is an excellent value given all the features included and the overall quality of the product.

Some reviews mention that contacting customer service isn’t easy and people are typically on hold for a while.

How Does The Grand Tour Compare To Other Bikes?

We compared the Grand Tour to other high-end indoor exercise bikes in the same price range.

Echelon Smart Connect Bike

The Echelon Smart Connect shares many features with the Grand Tour. A few features are missing from the Echelon Smart Connect, and the bike surpasses the Grand Tour in a few areas.

The Echelon Smart Connect features a sturdy frame. This is a high-quality indoor exercise bike.

Echelon Smart Connect Bike

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The 33-pound flywheel is more performing than the flywheel you will find inside of the Grand Tour, which makes the Echelon Smart Connect a better choice for advanced users. There are 32 levels of resistance to choose from.

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You can adjust the seat of the bike and will find the wide foot plates very comfortable. The bike is WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled, and it also features speakers. There is a tablet holder, but no built-in screens.

You will need to use your tablet to load the Echelon Fit app. This app includes a wide selection of classes, scenic rides, and other workouts. You can even find yoga workouts and stretching tutorials on this app.

We recommend this exercise bike if you are looking for a more performing flywheel. If you are looking for an entry-level bike, the Grand Tour is a better match.

Sole SB900 Bike

This is one of the most performing indoor exercise bikes we were able to find. The Sole SB900 bike features a 48-pound flywheel and is ideal for advanced users and athletes.

There is a built-in screen that helps you keep track of the calories burned, distance, and speed. You can also connect the bike to a wireless heart rate monitor.

You can adjust the handlebars of the bike. This is an interesting feature that seems to be missing from the Grand Tour.

Sole SB900 Bike

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You can also remove the clips from the pedals to be more comfortable. The resistance of the flywheel is adjusted with a knob instead of relying on the screen.

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We recommend this indoor exercise bike if you want a more performing flywheel and would like to avoid digital features. The screen is very simple and will show you what matters. This bike is a good option if you want to avoid monthly subscriptions to workout apps and know how to plan workouts by yourself.

What We Think

The Grand Tour is one of the best high-end indoor exercise bikes. This piece of home gym equipment is perfect if you are looking for an entry-level bike packed with features designed to help you stay motivated.

We like the digital features that come with the bike. There is a huge selection of workout apps, videos, and other interactive features that will make every workout feel like a new experience. You can try different things and decide which approach works best for your fitness goals.

The performance and quality of the bike also stand out. The sturdy frame makes the bike durable, and the quiet operation of the flywheel makes the bike ideal for a home gym setting.

There are several details that make the Grand Tour stand out from other exercise bikes, such as the music port, dumbbells, or adjustable seat. The 16-pound flywheel isn’t performing enough for advanced users, but the bike is a good fit for other users.

You should have a better idea of whether or not the Grand Tour is right for you after reading this Grand Tour review. A high-end indoor exercise bike is an important investment, and you should take the time to do more research on the Grand Tour and to explore other options.


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