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Bowflex Hvt Reviews: Workout Station

Are you thinking about investing in a pulley system for your home gym? The Bowflex HVT machine is one of the most advanced and comprehensive pulley systems. Find out more about this workout station and its many features.

There are many machines designed to help you get in shape with a short daily workout. Very few of these machines are as efficient as the Bowflex HVT. This advanced pulley system stands out from other similar machines due to its versatility and built-in workout programs.

What Is The Bowflex HVT?

You should know that HVT stands for Hybrid Velocity Training. This is a home gym machine that helps you work on cardio and strength at the same time. The machine comes with all the resources you need to get the most out of this advanced pulley station.

The workouts don’t last more than 20 minutes. This is a machine made for people who want to get in shape in spite of their busy schedule. The short workouts are intensive, but they target all your muscle groups while improving your resistance.

You will see a difference very quickly thanks to the intensive workout programs. If you want to invest in a home gym machine and are looking for something that delivers results, this is the right machine for you.

The Boxflex HVT features three sets of pulleys. There is a total of six hand grips that you can pull at different angles an in different positions. You can adjust the resistance of the pulley system to get different results.

A low resistance setting allows you to perform short jabbing movements with a set of pulleys to develop your speed and cardio. A high resistance setting will improve strength and help you build muscle mass. The workout programs are about alternating different movements, positions, and resistance levels to get optimal results.

The machine features a central console you can use to choose a workout mode. There is a sprint mode that will help you build power and speed, a circuit mood for developing your strength, form, and your range of motion, and a builder mode for strength and endurance training. The console shows your progression through each workout session.

You can go further with the Bowflex app. You can install this app on a tablet or Smartphone and use the tablet holder built into the console.

The app features more than 50 exercises. You can watch videos where trainers show you how to perform these exercises. You can combine these exercises to create personalized workouts. There is a knob under the console to help you adjust the resistance of the pulley system as you progress through your personalized workouts.

The Bowflex app is free, and you can create a huge number of workout routines with these 50 exercises. The app will help make your workouts more interesting and is also a useful tool for meeting your fitness goals if the built-in workout modes aren’t a good match for what you want to accomplish.

This home gym machine is interesting because of its versatility. There are three sets of pulleys. You will find a set at ground level, a set at shoulder level, and a set directly above your head. You can pull on the hand grips to perform many different movements and activate different muscle groups.

The machine uses a fan to create resistance. This is a simple but efficient way to deliver different levels of resistance. A study of the HVT machine has shown that this workout system activates muscles five times more than a traditional strength training workout.

The machine measures 63.6×46” and is 83” high. You will need some clearance around the machine to work out safely. The machine takes up some space, but this is the only piece of equipment you need to work on strength and cardio.

What Is Unique About The Bowflex HVT?

Most pulley machines have one or two sets of pulley handles. Adjusting the angle of the pulley cable or using different position to work on different muscle groups isn’t new, but a machine with three sets of pulley handles stands out.

The six handle grips make the machine more versatile than any other pulley systems. You can perform a wide range of exercises and use the pulley system to work on strength, endurance, speed, form, and muscle mass.

We like the built-in workout modes and the free Bowflex app. It seems that home gym machines either lack digital features or overuse them. Bowflex has figured out how to get the most out of digital features without overwhelming the user.

Being able to choose between three workout modes will help you get started. These three workout modes will probably become your go-to workouts when you don’t have time to explore the app and pick the exercises that match your goals.

The app opens up multiple possibilities. It will show you all the exercises you can perform with the machine, and you can use this resource to create customized workouts to keep things interesting and achieve your fitness goals.

You can easily combine the Bowflex workouts with other exercises that don’t rely on pulleys. If your goal is to develop muscle mass, you could combine your pulley workout with weights or wear a weighted vest during your Bowflex workout.

In the end, the HVT machine stands out because you can get a full body workout and develop your cardio in twenty minutes a day. The machine is adapted to a wide range of fitness levels and is the only piece of home gym equipment you need if you enjoy working out with pulleys.


You can get the Bowflex HVT for $1799. The app is available for free and doesn’t require a subscription.

The machine is an investment, but it is very durable and replaces other home gym machines.

What Do Bowflex HVT Reviews Say About The Product?

The Bowflex website has compiled reviews from 100 shoppers. The rating of the machine is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Google Shopping has combined these reviews with the reviews written by shoppers who purchased the machine from the Canadian version of the Bowflex website, which sells the same product. The rating is still 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We found a handful of reviews on Amazon. Only one Amazon shopper had a bad experience with the HVT machine due to faulty parts, and it looks like customer service sent the parts needed to fix the machine.

People love the results they are getting with this machine. They say the machine is fun to use and think it is easy to commit to working out for twenty minutes a day. Many reviews recommend this home gym machine to those who have a busy schedule.

Advanced athletes use the machine as a supplement to other workout routines. They find that the HVT is a great way to work on cardio and overall strength.

A lot of reviews talk about using the machine to lose weight. People are amazed by how quickly they reach their goal. A lot of users also talk about getting defined muscles with this machine and about gaining muscle mass.

People love the built-in workout programs and the Bowflex apps. The machine looks intimidating at first, and some shoppers say they weren’t sure where to start.

The built-in workout programs make these high-intensity workouts accessible to everyone. The app is an amazing tool for those who want to go further and build customized workout plans.

A lot of people say this machine is a great alternative to going to the gym since they can get results with workouts that last between 18 and 25 minutes.

We found a few neutral and negative reviews for the machine. A shopper received an HVT machine with damaged platform joints, and another person ran into a problem with a broken mount. Another shopper thought the quality of the plastic of the wheel didn’t match the price of the machine.

It is possible that these shoppers received faulty units and it looks like customer service took care of these problems by sending spare parts. We don’t think running into quality issues is likely given the large number of shoppers who had a positive experience.

How Does The Bowflex HVT Compare To Other Home Gym Machines?

We didn’t find any other home gym machines that use a similar pulley system. We compared the Bowflex HVT with machines that deliver a full body workout.

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Compared to the HVT, the PR1000 machine is a budget option with its $500 price tag. This machine is an interesting alternative if you aren’t ready to commit to a more expensive machine.

This is a pulley machine that lets you adjust the power rods to change the resistance of the pulleys. There is only one set of hand grips so you won’t get the same range of movements and exercises as with the HVT. The performance of the machine is worth mentioning since you can get up to 210 pounds of resistance.

The machine also features a bench you can use to lift weights. The bench also works as a rowing machine, which is a great way to work on your legs, core muscles, chest, shoulders, and arms.

You can do more than 25 exercises with this machine. This isn’t nearly as many as you can do with the HVT, but you can easily combine these 25 exercises to create personalized workout routines.

You can fold the machine to save space. The downside of the machine is that there are no digital features. There is a phone and tablet holder you can use to watch shows when working out, but there are no built-in workout programs. You will have to manually adjust the resistance of the pulley system.

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

This $100 home gym machine features a double pulley system and a leg developer system. There are up to 210 pounds of resistance, and the machine will help you develop your strength and cardio with more than 50 different exercises.

We like this machine because it comes with different attachments you can use to grip the pulley system in different ways. There is a sturdy frame and this machine represents an excellent investment if you are looking for an advanced pulley system.

The double pulley system doesn’t allow for the same range of exercises you can perform with the HVT, but the leg developer system makes the PR3000 home gym an interesting option if you want to build leg strength.

The downside of this machine is that you will find all the different exercises in a printed manual. An app with videos would have been preferable since printed material can’t show you how to keep good form when working out.

Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym

We think this machine is a great pulley system if you are shopping on a budget. It also features a press arm you can use to do vertical butterflies and chest presses.

The double pulley system allows you to perform exercises such as pull-ups, pulley rows, and more. It isn’t as versatile as the other pulley systems we have looked at, but the combination of this simple pulley system with the chest arm is interesting if you want to build strength.

There is a leg developer feature to help you develop your leg muscles and a bicep pad. You can use the bicep pad with dumbbells to build up muscle mass.

The machine isn’t ideal if you want to work on your cardio since there is only one set of pulley handles, but this is a good choice if your goal is to develop strength and muscle mass. The machine is a good value at $400 and has received great reviews.

What We Think

The Bowflex HVT is one of the most advanced pulley systems we have ever seen. The range of exercises you can perform with this machine is impressive.

We like the built-in workout programs and think they are suitable for a wide range of fitness goals. The Bowflex app will help you get more out of your HVT machine by providing you with everything you need to create personalized workouts.

The price of the machine is the main drawback. However, the HVT machine is an excellent buy if you are ready to commit and work out every day.

In the end, the HVT machine is one of the best pieces of home gym equipment if you want to work out with pulley systems. Very few machines will help you build up strength and resistance like the HVT.

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