stamina aeropilates pro xp 556

Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP 556 Review

The Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP 556 is an excellent weight loss tool. Apart from giving you an excellent cardio workout, this product will help you develop core strength and body flexibility. With this Pilate reformer, you also have the option of adding resistance to make your workouts more challenging. The jumping will become harder and will make your heart rate rise at a faster pace, giving you an intense workout session. The machine is ideal for people who would like to engage in intense workouts but are not able to go to the gym. Individuals who are short on time can also use this machine since it only requires a few minutes of your day. You only need to exercise for three or four days every week. We’ll talk about this further on in our Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP 556 review.

Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP 556 Main Features

The AeroPilates Pro XP 556 was the first non-folding reformer from Stamina. The design of the Pilates reformer allows it to fit perfectly in most home gyms. Well-trimmed oak wood is used to make this equipment, and this makes the whole product visually appealing. Steel is used in the making of the frame.

The machine has four black resistance cords that allow users to adjust the level of resistance. A patented Free-Form Cardio Rebounder is also included in this Pilates reformer. This addition helps to make the product effective in burning fat, increasing stamina, and toning the body. To experience the full benefits of the AeroPilates Pro XP 556, you will need to use regularly. Over an extended period, the machine will even lengthen your spine. To make the Pirates reformer more comfortable to use, the manufacturer included padding in the head rest.

The Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP works for beginners and experienced trainees alike. If you find the exercises too easy, you can adjust the resistance level to the intensity you prefer. For beginners, the manufacturer offers two full-color instructional DVDs that will guide you in performing the exercises.

The dimensions of the machine are 97 by 23.5 by 36 inches, and it carries a maximum weight of 300 pounds.stamina aeropilates pro xp 556

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Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP 556 Additional Info

in this part of the Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP 556 review we will talk about important things to keep in mind when deciding if you should purchase this fitness machine.


Proper maintenance of your Pilates reformer is essential if you want to keep it running for a long time. The AeroPilates Pro XP 556 is built to last, but inadequate care can lead to its early damage. Here are some tips on how to maintain your Pilates reformer.

Clean the headrest, shoulder rest, frame, carriage pad, and footrest with a soft cloth every time you finish using the machine. Make sure the parts of the Pilates reformer are always free of dust and moisture. Apply oil regularly on the moving parts. It is also important to always wipe off the excess lubricant.

If you are using silicon spray as a lubricant, be careful not to overspray. Always tighten the screws and bolts. Lastly, you should replace the parts of the machine whenever they get old or start performing poorly. For example, the reformer spring will need to be replaced every two or three years.


The AeroPilates Pro XP 556 warranty covers five years on the frame and 90 days on the parts. It might be possible to purchase additional warranty from specific vendors.


The accessories included with the purchase of this Pilates reformer are a free-form cardio rebounder and workout DVDs. It also includes a full-color workout wall chart cords and ropes and straps and handgrips

Recommended Routines

The reformer will arrive with DVDs detailing introductory workouts. It is advisable that you go through them first. The exercises should last for about 30 minutes a day and should be done three or four times a week. Working out every week will allow you to experience the benefits of the machine. It will strengthen your whole body and at the same time make you more flexible.

Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP 556 Pros and Cons

The AeroPilates Pro XP 556 has its advantages and disadvantages. You can go through them to decide whether or not the machine will work for you. Here are the ones we though were worth higlighting in our Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP 556 review.


• It comes with the free-form cardio rebounder. This allows you to do cardio and strength exercises on this machine.

• Can perform over 100 exercises. There is a very wide variety of exercises that can be done on this machine. The instructional videos will only give you three to start you off. However, there are a lot more that you can try out from YouTube and other sites. Varying the workouts will help you target different muscle groups; and therefore, work your whole body well.

• You can adjust the resistance level. The intensity of the workouts can be changed to make them as challenging as you like.

• Easy to assemble. Putting this machine together will take you less than two hours, and is pretty simple if you follow the manual.

• Great design. It is built using oak wood. It is also elevated at about 15 inches to allow for a wider variety of exercises.

• Adjustable foot bar. Because of this adjustability, the machine can be used by people of different heights. Also, it is removable.


• Very large size. The bigger dimensions of this machine serve an important purpose. However, many people will find it too big to have in the house.

User Reviews

We’ve also included a few user reviews in our Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP 556 review. Almost all the user reviews on this product are positive. Many people were happy with the design of the machine. It appears to be sturdy and is very comfortable to use. According to buyers, the assembling process was easy, although some needed an extra hand. Their comments show that their mistake was failing to follow the instructions in the manual. A number of them appear to have had the Pilate reformer for several years now and have not reported any damage yet.

Many people also noted that the Pirates reformer is a lot more affordable than other similar products. Higher end Pirates reformers are almost twice the price of this product and only have a few extra advantages. Also, products better than the AeroPilates Pro XP 556 are mostly designed for use in health clubs and gyms. A few users also complained about the size of the Pirates reformer. Apparently, it requires lots of room for storage.


If you are interested in burning some fat and building general body strength, then this is the product you need. The machine can also increase the flexibility of your body. It will not cost you a lot, and can still work as a replacement to your gym membership. On this machine, you can perform over 100 workouts. Introductory videos are included in the original purchase. If you don’t have a lot to spend but are still interested in getting value for your money, you should consider the AeroPilates Pro XP 556. Would you agree with our Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP 556 review?

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