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LifeCORE R88 Rowing Machine Review

Although it is the most affordable rowing machine in LifeCORE’s line of fitness products, the R88 does not compromise on quality. It combines air and magnetic resistance to make the workout experience more rewarding. The company created the product for home use, which is why it is foldable. Storage is far much easier with this rowing machine. Also, it is light in weight. The R88 is used for full body indoor training. It combines many desirable features to make the workouts comfortable and productive. However, the Lifecore R88 Rowing Machine does have some disadvantages as well. We will talk about them further in this LifeCORE R88 Rowing Machine review.

LifeCORE R88 Rowing Machine Main Features

The LifeCORE R88 Rowing Machine is rich in features. It is made with a large LCD screen for you to monitor your progress. You can also set distance and time targets and watch the screen to see when you met them. When assembled, its dimensions are 53 by 24 by 33 inches. The machine is foldable, a feature that helps in saving space. You only need 16 by 24 inches of space to store the folded product.

The machine has eight levels of resistance, which means it can work well for amateurs and experienced trainees. All you need to do is adjust the resistance level to your preferred intensity. The resistance level is set easily using a knob under the LCD screen.

The machine has an extruded aluminum frame and uses steel for extra support. It can stand a maximum user weight of 300 pounds, which goes on to prove the high quality of materials employed in its making.

The R88 rowing machine comes with five preset workout programs that should help you vary your workouts. Among them is a pacer program that lets you race a boat for a set distance. The programs are designed differently for people at varying training levels. For example, the races are faster for experienced users.lifecore rowing machine


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LifeCORE R88 Rowing Machine Additional Features


The R88 rowing machine requires very little maintenance. The quality of materials used in its making is very high, and its design is built to last. So, if you want many years of trouble-free use, you should take some time to maintain its parts.

The mistake most users of this machine make is storing it in moist places. Moisture corrodes the machine, and this will lead to its eventual damage. Here are a few more tips to help you in the maintenance of the R88 rowing machine:

• Use it on flat surfaces, ideally over a shock absorbent mat

• Clean the rails, rollers, and console regularly

• Tighten the screws on the seat

• Check the machine every month to note if any part is starting to wear


The warranty package covers the frame for a lifetime and the parts for two years.


The LifeCORE R88 rowing machine comes with heart rate chest straps and several race programs, solid steel fan, and an LDC monitor

Recommended Routines

You should work out on the rowing machine for 20 minutes. The first three minutes should be spent performing warm-ups. For these exercises, you can row at 17 strokes per minute. Increase your rowing speed up to 26 rows per 60 seconds in later instances. After some time, you can stretch for a moment to relax your muscles. Over the last half of the training session, 28 rows per minute are recommended.

LifeCORE R88 Rowing Machine Pros and Cons

All machines have their pros and cons, and the R88 is no exception. These are some of the notable advantages and disadvantages of this product.


• It saves space. The foldability of this machine makes it ideal for people who have limited room in the houses.

• Affordable. The LifeCORE R88 rowing machine is in the lower price range of these fitness products.

• It has preset workout programs. These break the monotony of a single workout. Also, the intensity of the programs can be adjusted according to a user’s experience level. The two programs are built into the LCD monitor.

• Durable. The machine can withstand a maximum body weight of 300 pounds.

• Excellent warranty package. The company gives a lifetime warranty on the frame and a two-year guarantee on its parts. For such products, this warranty is above average.

• Wireless heart rate. This accessory helps you monitor the rate of your pulse. It is advisable to train at around 70 percent of your maximum heart rate, and this feature can help you determine when you have reached that point. It is also used when cooling down to determine when you are rested.


• Takes long to assemble. The process of assembling the machine is complicated, and can typically take over 2 hours.

• The LCD screen is not visible enough. You cannot read the display well since it lacks backlighting. If you are using your machine in a poorly lit room, then you will have trouble reading the feedback.

• Noisy. It produces some noise since it uses magnetic principles and air to create resistance. The fan will also generate loud sounds if it is rotating fast. While the noise might motivate users to work more, it is usually irritating to other people in the room.

User Reviews

Buyers of the LifeCORE R88 rowing machine have left lots of comments for others to determine how good the product is. Many buyers chose the machine because of its low price. All of them bought it for home use, as was intended by the manufacturer. For this reason, the machine did not break down or experience damage from heavy use. For many buyers, it actually exceeded their expectations. They noted that the machine was very strong and sturdy, and the design was impressive.

Workouts were also smooth for most of the users. They also found it quite easy to operate.

Although it is much quieter than many competitor products, many users have noted that it is still very loud for a home fitness equipment. The missing backlight on the screen was also a source of irritation to many buyers. For a clearer vision of the display, users have to place an alternative source of light over the LCD screen.


To conclude our LifeCORE R88 Rowing Machine review, we must say that the LifeCORE R88 rowing machine is definitely not the best machine you will ever find. It is, however, one of the best home fitness products on the market. It will help you save space at home since it is foldable. For its quality, the R88 rowing machine is reasonably priced. The warranty is also great, and it demonstrates the company’s confidence in their product. With its 8 resistance levels, this machine can suit experienced and amateur trainees. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on home gym equipment, this product will serve you well.

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