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Concept2 Model E Review

The Concept2 Model E indoor rowing machine is a high-quality exercise machine. It’s ideal for low-impact full-body workouts, and is built to last for many years of use. It comes with a performance monitor and extra-high seat. This machine is ideal for rowers of all experience levels, as well as for indoor gyms and health clubs. In this Concept2 Model E review, we’ll go over all the specifications, pros, cons and recommended uses of this rowing machine.

Concept2 Model E Main Features

In this part of the Concept2 Model E review we will be looking at the main features of this rowing machine. The Concept2 Model E rowing machine is designed for indoor use. It takes up about 9 x 4 feet in the home, with a frame height of 20 inches. The unit weighs 65 pounds and can be separated into 2 pieces for storage. It’s made of aluminum and steel with a nickel-plated chain. It comes in light gray and black.

This rowing machine can accommodate up to 500 pounds, and is best for users with an inseam of up to 38 inches. It’s great for small gyms or home use. This machine is suitable for people of all levels of experience, and can even be modified to be used for team training. We’ll talk a little bit more about workout routines in the second part of this Concept2 Model E review.concept2 model e

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Concept2 Model E Additional Info


The Model E rowing machine is easy to maintain. Simply wipe the machine down after use, and lubricate the chain every 50 hours. Every 250 hours, inspect the chain, shock cord, screws and flywheel.
This rowing machine features a nickel-plated chain, which requires less frequent oiling than typical rowing machines.
The Concept2 Model E rowing machine is easy to repair at home. Spare parts are both affordable and easy to install, but it’s unlikely that you’ll need replacements very often. The machine is well-designed and built to last for a long time.


Concept2 Model E rowing machine comes with a limited 2-year warranty and a 5-year warranty. The 2-year warranty covers all parts, while the 5-year warranty covers only the frame parts, including the rear leg, seat frame, footplates, chain guide brackets, front legs and flywheel axle/bearings/cover. It is not possible to extend either warranty after expiration.


You can buy a Concept2 Slide to use with this machine for an on water feel, perfect for simulating a rowing experience. You can also use the Slide to connect to other rowing machines for team training.

Recommended Routines

The Concept2 Model E rowing machine is great for a low-impact, full body workout. It’s an intense cardio exercise that also develops muscular endurance and burns fat. If you’re new to rowing, start with just 3-5 minutes of rowing for your first workout. Then you can begin experimenting with your stroke rate and power output. Try gradually increasing your strokes per minute (spm) by doing 3 minutes of rowing at each of the following rates: 20 spm, 22 spm, 24 spm (twice). Rest for one minute between each interval, and finish off with 10 minutes of steady rowing at the rate of your choice.

Concept2 Model E PROs and CONs

The Model E has several key strengths as well as a few weaknesses. In this section of our Concept2 Model E review, we’ll sum up the pros and cons of this rowing machine.


  • Tall height. The Model E is taller than most rowing machines, making it easy to mount/dismount.
  • Quiet. This rowing machine does not create distracting noises during use.
  • Monitor features. The Model E can wirelessly monitor your heart rate and track data from each of your workouts, which can be uploaded to a USB flash drive.
  • Durable. This machine is built to last for a long time without any major maintenance.
  • Easy to assemble. It only takes about 30-45 minutes to fully assemble this machine.


  • Seat. The seat is not the most comfortable, especially if you have a wide bottom.
  • Price. This rowing machine is a bit pricey in comparison to competing machines.
  • Black and white monitor. The monitor screen on this machine does not have any color images, so it can be a bit difficult to see at times.

User Reviews

Users who have bought the Concept2 Model E rowing machine have had great experiences on the whole. They acknowledge that the price is a bit steep, yet almost all reviewers write that it was worth every penny. It’s easy to set up, well-designed, quiet and smooth. It does take up quite a bit of room, so it’s ideal for those who have a separate room that they can dedicate to workouts. One feature that users love is the height, which makes it much easier to get in and out of the machine.
Some cons noted by a few users include the seat and the monitor. The seat is not particularly wide, so it can be uncomfortable for some users. The monitor would be even better if it had color images rather than just black-and-white. However, these were relatively minor issues, as reviews on this product are overwhelmingly positive.


The Concept2 Model E rowing machine is an extraordinary piece of equipment. Its high price is justified by its durability, ease of use, and accessibility. It features a thorough performance monitor to track each of your workouts, a high seat that makes it easy to get into the machine, and an easily maintained design.

We recommend this machine for anyone who is looking for a rowing machine that will last for many years to come, regardless of experience level. With the Model E, you can feel confident that the upfront price will buy you a long-lasting machine that won’t require many repairs in the long run.

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