Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill

The Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill is modeled after the brand’s popular treadmill made for health and fitness clubs. It differs from other Life Fitness models with unique features such as deluxe cushioning and shock absorption technology, maintenance-free belt, and 4.0 HP motor.

The Club Series also offers many features suitable for skilled trainers and beginners. In this article, we will provide a simple overview of the product including highlights and features, usage recommendations and a final critique.

Main Features

The Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill weighs in at 431 pounds and offers a 4.0 HP motor as well as 60″x 20″ pre-lubricated belt. Its dimensions are 83″x 37″x 63.5″ and comes with an ErgoBar handrail and FlexDeck shock absorption system. This product provides speeds of up to 12 mph and incline levels of up to 15% (set to be utilized in increments).

The Club Series is recommended for various levels of fitness ability. It provides basic preset programs for beginners as well as advanced options for experienced trainers. Some of these include personalized programs for each day of the week as well as preset options such as Speed Interval Training.

Other stand-out features of the Club Series include:

  • Heart rate sensors that track your rate to provide the most suitable workout programs
  • A shock absorption system that provides you with a more comfortable and safe workout, lessens joint stress by 30%
  • Strong commercial-grade motor for durability
  • Wide track for advanced runners

life fitness club series

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Additional Info.


The Club Series requires reasonable maintenance obligations similar to other manufacturers. Owners are expected to clean and check for certain problems with the product regularly. For instance, centering the track when needed.

This model, as well as the Platinum one, includes a maintenance-free belt which does not require yearly lubrication. Parts are covered with the 10-year-warranty and can be replaced if necessary.


Life Fitness provides a seemingly honest warranty service to customers. This consists of:

  • 1-year of labor or service personnel
  • A lifetime guarantee on frame, motor and shock absorbers
  • 10-year warranty on parts


The only separate device that accompanies this product is the wireless chest strap. This is used for the pulse heart rate monitoring system. Contact sensors are also available to track heart rate levels. Suggested add-ons available from the manufacturer’s website include a large equipment mat and foam roller.

Recommended Routines

The Life Fitness Club Series offers a range of options for cardio training. We recommend incline training specifically with this model. A simple 30-minute workout would include a 10-minute walk/light jog, walking at a 3% incline level for 5 minutes, run for 2 minutes at a 7% incline, recover for 1 minute and repeat 5 times. Cool down for the remainder of the time, 5 minutes.

Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill PROs and CONs

With the intention of providing consumers with a commercial-grade product for the home, the Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill offers a host of compelling reasons to purchase. Primarily it’s durable and sturdy framework along with its varied fitness options.

But as with any product, the Club Series also loses points in certain areas for things such as price and technology features. We will explore all concerning points below.


  • 22 workout programs: Custom, preset and personalized workouts available. Preset workouts include a variety of fitness levels for beginners and experts.
  • HeartSync workouts: Purely personal workouts. Build workouts according to the indicated responses of your heart sensors.
  • Wireless and contact heart rate monitor: Track your heart rate for personalized programs.
  • Quick start feature: Start right where you want. This feature stores your elected run, walk, and jog speeds as well as inclines.
  • Incline up to 15%: Incline in small increments to provide a skilled workout.
  • 4.0 HP motor up to 12 mph: Strong motor built to last, challenging run speeds.
  • 400 lb weight capacity: Solid structure that can handle a large weight capacity.
  • FlexDeck shock absorption technology: Decreases joint stress by 30%. Helps to prevent heel and knee pains.
  • Wide Belt 60″x 20″: Spacious running surface for a more comfortable workout.
  • iPod Integration: iPod port for charging.


  • Price Tag: With an MSRP price of over $5,000 the Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill is a clearly a high-ticket item. Much more than what most would opt to spend on a quality fitness device. There are reputable, and less costly treadmills available.
  • Size: Because the Club Series is modeled after a health club treadmill the size is comparable. It can’t just fold away and is not ideal for anyone with space concerns. In-home delivery and setup can also be expensive and burdensome.
  • iPod and technological limitations: The Club Series is a bit out of date tech-wise. The iPod port is designed only for an iPod4. It is also not Android-friendly. Adapters for newer iPod models may work but is not something you would expect to have to buy for such an expensive piece of equipment.

User Reviews

The overwhelming attitude towards the Club Series is pretty positive. Users note its sturdy framework and solid design. Many are confident in it lasting for quite some time and are satisfied with its performance. The shock absorption system is also a winner with buyers. Compared to cheaper model treadmills without this system, the benefit of having it is often stated. Many mention its cushioning and comfort when running.

Some sour points are with the technology interface of the product. Only being compatible with iPods and not Android devices has created some negative opinions. Also, some users complain about the control panel. The buttons are sometimes difficult to use and not as user-friendly as they should be.The price tag is also a little hindrance.

Feelings that the treadmill is overpriced have abounded. But ultimately users seem to agree that the price is justified for the comfort and craftsmanship of the treadmill. Though it is thought that small issues with the console should not be present due to its high-end buying market.


The Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill is distinguished from its competitors for several reasons. It provides a high-quality system appropriate for a variety of training levels, a useful mixture of fitness programming options, 4.0 HP motor, shock absorption system and heart rate sensor capabilities.

Considering these points our final verdict would be to recommend this item to anyone interested in a long-term health investment. It is difficult to argue the durability of the product due to the powerhouse motor it is equipped with along with its impressive list of fitness club features. Anything made to take the beatings of a gym crowd should definitely last in a private home with only a handful of users. The hefty price tag is in line with the quality it offers.

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