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10 Best Gravity Boots to Buy This Year

They might not fly you to the moon and back, but gravity boots are becoming a popular household item for exercise needs. Known to help with invasion therapy, these boots first saw their way into the world in the 1970’s and are still a popular item, although they have been modernized in more ways than just one. The way the boots work is that they hook onto a large rack in which you end up standing on your head with your hands offer your support. They can help with a lot of health issues including posture, back pain, and spine conditions. In this article we have composed a list of the top 10 gravity boots, ranging from most expensive to least expensive, to help narrow your search. But first, let’s go over the basics of what gravity boots are and the benefits they offer.

What are Gravity Boots?

Gravity boots are not exactly a new process. They first became popular in the late 1970s and early 80s, helped on their way to workout fame by mention in a slew of popular movies, but they seemed to fade into uncertainty again as the rise of alternative fitness fads crested in the late 1980s and early 90s. And this is sad since gravity boots are not just some useless fitness gadget.

It is not relatively similar to ab rocker or ab belt, but gravity boots are more effective than most common traditional gym ab exercises. However, in addition to all of that, there is another good reason why you don’t often see gravity boots at the gym.

They are pretty elaborate and can be quite intimidating if you haven’t used them before. Since you have to get over the whole hanging upside down thing, which isn’t something that most of us have done our whole life.

The benefits of inversion therapy have been known for many years, and you are likely to be familiar with inversion therapy in the form of the inversion table. However, did you know that gravity boots are another versatile, useful and popular inversion tool?

Gravity boots are a piece of workout equipment that allows you to hang upside down from a pull-up bar. For this reason, they are also commonly known as inversion boots, since they put your body in a completely inverted position. Almost look like padded leg shackles that you strap around both ankles for leg workouts.

You will also notice a hook on each boot, which is what you use to fasten yourself onto a pull-up bar, before hanging upside down.

What are the Benefits of Gravity Boots?

There are many benefits besides decompression to an inverted position. Wearing gravity boots benefits both your mind and body because it helps your spine and relaxes you. Hanging inverted helps your system to drain which is relatively similar to detoxing.

If you suffer from shoulder and neck pain, you will feel immediate relief from hanging with your gravity boots because there is no force pressing down on you.  Suffer from varicose veins and the pain they can cause? Hanging will not take that away permanently but it will ease your discomfort because it eases the work your heart has to do to pump blood throughout the body.  The added blood flow to the face and head will revitalize and tones your facial tissue.

Good posture can develop thanks to the downward effect of gravity. Most importantly, hanging upside down with gravity boots sends more blood and oxygen to the brain.

Hanging boots may not be for everyone but if they are good for you then you will certainly gain a lot of benefits. Consult with your doctor before you start working out.

How do you use Gravity Boots?

Gravity boots can add a significant degree of difficulty to your core workout in addition to therapeutic use for back pain. If you want even bigger results, try to consider using light weights to further increase the results. A good example of using gravity boots for your workout is the humble crunches.

Due to the effects of inversion therapy, your calves, hamstrings, and quads will have to do the work of stabilizing the exercise, so it works out far more muscles than normal ground-based crunch.

Furthermore, you are opposing the pull of gravity on your whole body, instead of just your upper torso, so even the most accomplished of athletes will find an inverted crunch challenging.

Inverted exercises with gravity boots do not start and end at crunches. There is a wide range of core movements you can take into the air to increase your gains, and add fire to your workouts. Even mild modifications on your pose and other low-key movements can become a challenge when inverted.

Make sure to keep all of your movements slow and concentrated, do not just fool around as you could potentially injure your muscles. Inversion is not the place for quick movements. Take note that using lighter weights than you would when working on the floor is recommended, as the process of inversion brings completely new and different dynamic to your workout.

Do not be satisfied to start light because even inverting without weights will have a profound effect on your training. Your main goal is to get great results and help the spine, not injure your back for the sake of your pride.

Remember that gravity boots don’t have to be a stand-alone product. As well as the inversion bar for use if you don’t already own a pull-up bar, there are options to own an inversion rack or to use gravity boots in conjunction with an inversion table for maximum comfort and benefits. These are particularly helpful add-ons if you happen to buy the boots for therapeutic reasons more then exercise ones.

What is Inversion Therapy?

Bad posture and inactive lifestyles can have a significant effect on our spines. Sitting crunched into all the wrong positions for spinal health, then worsening the problem by remaining stationary for hours crouched in front of computer screens and keyboards is the primary cause of stiff, painful backs, and joints.

Inversion therapy tries to address these compression forces and relieve the pressure on the spine by stretching out the spaces between joints using the force of gravity. In particular, suspension from the feet as with both gravity boots and inversion tables which allows each joint of the spine to decompress under equal but opposite loading of forces and this can relieve painful pinching in the joints.

Gravity boots, which are also marketed as gravity inversion boots, offer a few other useful aspects too, namely as a core training aid. Inversion therapy is ultimately good for back pains.

It takes time to adjust to inversion therapy. It is best to start off in shorter increments to get used to the process. You can start with one-minute sets then slowly increase it to three or five. This can help reduce side effects like dizziness or muscle strain so be careful not to overdo it.

For these reasons, inversion therapy is beneficial for people with:

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Poor circulation
  • Sciatic nerve pain
  • Scoliosis

Inversion therapy is also considered unsafe for people with certain conditions due to the fact it increases your blood pressure and decreases your heart rate. This position also puts significant pressure on your eyeballs. If you have certain health conditions your doctor may tell you to avoid inversion exercises.

What Are the Best Gravity Boots?

10. Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion and Chin Up System

Customer rating:

This gravity boot system is built from a durable steel and plastic combination, which can last for years. The Teeter Hang Ups system has a very simple constructionr, which makes it easy to dismantle as well as easy assembly. The ratchet buckles are also self-locking which means less of a chance of injury while exercising. The boots themselves feature a 2-degree bend in the knees to reduce any stress on knee joints. If your system ever encounters any problems the company provides a 5-year warranty, as well as an instructional video on how to get set up with the equipment.

9. Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots

Customer rating:

The Teeter Hang Ups gravity boots come in an attractive blue color. Made out of a durable plastic, you’ll be happy to know they are made or imported in the United States. The ankle straps are extremely safe and can accustom just about any foot size. The calf loops are also removable and adjustable to prevent any serious injury to your knees while exercising. The double lock system adapted by Teeter ensures not only security but as well as any safety measure for maximum comfort.

8. Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Gravity Boots XL

Customer rating:

This pair of Teeter boots come in a sleek black color and are specifically designed to fit bulkier people. They are made from a durable plastic, not to mention lightweight and lined with foam for added comfort. Their outer shell is flexible as well to provide an excellent sense of movement. If your boots ever break or wear out, Teeter offers a 5 year warranty for ease of purchase.

7. Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots

Customer rating:

This pair of inversion boots, brought by Tokyo, offers a wide array of versatility. The Tonyko Inversion gravity boots can help ameliorate cardiovascular disease and cervical conditions. The foam lining provides support and the outer shell is flexible for ease of movement. The locks on the outside are incredibly easy to install no matter how old you are. Tonyko also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning no buyer’s remorse.

6. Xtreme Monkey Platinum Inversion Boots

Customer rating:

This pair of boots offers heavy duty durable locking buckles for added safety. With their comfortable foam padding, you can perform quite a lot of exercises wit these Xtreme Monkey Inversion Boots. You can work your legs, neck, and back. Its snug fit is perfect for those with thinner or larger legs in providing a more security.

5. Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots

Customer rating:

If you are looking for a pair of inversion boots that will relieve your back pain and reduce muscle fatigue, the Body Solid GIB2 Inversion Boots are the ones for you. The best feature of these boots is the thick support pads that contour to your ankles. This provides extra comfort when you are hanging upside down. They even include extra pads for an even more comfortable fit.

4. Vyber Gravity Inversion Hanging Pull Up Boots

Customer rating:

If you are new to gravity boots, the Vyber inversion boots are the perfect equipment to start with. These boots were designed to keep you safe. With one simple click of the durable metal locking system, you will be secure and ready to exercise.  Another standout feature of these boots is the thick, double layered foam padding which provides additional comfort.

3. Goliath Labs Gravity Boots

Customer rating:

These boots are ideal for those who love to leave the house for their inversion exercise. These Goliath boots are super portable and lightweight. They also feature comfortable padding and can be adjusted for almost any ankle size. Their unique hook and loop design allow you to use them with any size or material bar.

2. Anti-Gravity Inversion Hang Up Boots

Customer rating:

For an affordable and sturdy pair of inversion boots, check out the Anti-Gravity Inversion Hang Up Boots. These boots are designed to fit comfortably and safely on all people, children included. There is soft foam padding for extra comfort. For added safety, these boots feature a double locking mechanism and come with a security cable.

1. 8milelake Set Gravity Boots

Customer rating:

These are perhaps some of the most affordable gravity boots on our list.  However, the 8milelake boots are by no means poorly made. These boots have a built-in safety lever and an easy-to-use locking mechanism. They also have added padding. However, bear in mind that this padding might not fit all users well.


When it comes to gravity boots, you really do get what you pay for. The best band for your buck is the Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion and Chin Up System. This product includes everything you need to get started on your inversion exercising, providing all the durability and safety that you require. Let us know your thoughts, questions, and personal experiences in the comments below!

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