gazelle supreme step machine

Gazelle Supreme Review

Gazelle Supreme is advertised as exercise equipment that supports both aerobic and resistance training. Furthermore, the exercise equipment is constructed to last, comes with exercise guides, and it is rich of features that support an easy and efficient workout session. However, does this piece of equipment worth the investment?

In this post, we have provided a clear overview of its top features, pros& cons, user reviews, and other useful recommendations that can help you gauge if Gazelle Supreme fits into your workout needs. Gazelle Supreme is ideal for all fitness levels.

Gazelle Supreme Main Features

gazelle supreme step machine

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Gazelle Supreme is constructed from 2-inch thick steel, a material used in the construction of most top end gym equipment. Steel is sturdy enough to resist the wear resulting from regular use and abuse for an extended period. Besides lasting long, the steel frame can also accommodate users who weigh up to 300lbs.

This piece of exercise equipment has an approximate weight of 57.5lbs, and when unfolded, the unit measures 44 inches long, 31.5 inches wide, and it stands 55 inches tall. When folded, Gazelle Supreme measures 65 inches long, 29.5 inches wide, and it stands 13 inches tall.

Gazelle Supreme comes with a plethora of features aimed to make your workout easy and effective. The notable features that make up this unit include the power piston that lets you increase or reduce the resistance of your exercise and a patented dual pivot system that enables your legs to move independently while working out.

Furthermore, Gazelle Supreme features a soft glide technology that shields your joints from the excessive impact that can hamper your workout performance, and an integrated grip pulse that lets you monitor essential workout metrics like speed, pulse rate, distance traveled, and calories burned. It is broad and non- slip foot platforms offer superior foot stability.

Gazelle Supreme Additional Info


Gazelle Supreme’s moving parts require regular lubrication to slow down the wear and tear associated with friction. Besides slowing the wear and tear, frequent lubrication also lets the moving parts run smoothly, and it prevents the squeaking sound related to neglected gym equipment. In addition to lubrication, you ought to check and tighten the gazelle elliptical glider’s screws.


Gazelle Supreme comes with a 12-month warranty that covers you against any damage related to manufacturing blemishes. However, you should note that the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, as well as intentional damage.


Gazelle Supreme comes with three workout DVDs that guide you through the multiple exercises you can do on this gym equipment, a 22 Oz water bottle to store water, and a nutrition guide that helps you eat healthily.

Recommended routines

Gazelle Supreme supports many low- impact aerobics and resistance training workouts that can help you shed the extra pounds of body weight alongside working out almost every core muscle.

The basic glide is the first workout that you should try on this gym equipment. To perform this exercise, you grab Gazelle Supreme’s handlebars and place your feet on the foot platforms. Then, start gliding your feet and hands alternating forward and back like somebody who is walking. This exercise works out your whole body.

You would want to watch the workout DVDs to ensure that you do not miss out necessary steps that can help you achieve your workout goals within the postulated time.

Gazelle Supreme Pros and Cons

Like any other exercise equipment, this type has its advantages and disadvantages that you ought to take into account when looking to purchase it. The typical pros and cons associated with this unit include:


  • Built to last: Gazelle Supreme’s solid steel construction can last a lifetime if well maintained
  • Suitable for those with limited storage space: Gazelle Supreme consumes less storage space since it folds flat.
  • An excellent option for home use: This piece of gym equipment operates quietly, giving you the freedom to use it in your apartment without disrupting your neighbor or family member’s peace.
  • You can regulate the intensity of your workout: Gazelle Supreme’s integrated resistance system lets you adjust the intensity of your exercise according to your fitness goals.
  • Offers a reasonable stability: Gazelle Supreme’s non- slip and extra wide footrest enhance your confidence and comfort while working out
  • Limited maintenance: Periodic lubrication and regular bolt fastening are the only maintenance practices required for this unit.
  • Fitness meter: Gazelle Supreme’s fitness meter tracks essential metrics to eliminate guesswork from your workout.


  • Squeaky joints: Gazelle Supreme’s joints may start to squeak if you fail to lubricate them as recommended.
  • Comes in separate parts: This piece of equipment comes in separate parts that need to be assembled. Even so, most people say that assembly is quite straightforward.
  • Lacks a motor: Unlike some gliding machines that come with an electrical engine, Gazelle Supreme utilizes a manual force. As such, the device can be quite challenging to glide.
  • Regular battery replacements: Gazelle Supreme’s fitness meter runs on batteries that need to be replaced when they drain. Otherwise, you would not use the meter.
  • Hard to read instructional manual: Some people complain that Gazelle Supreme’s user manual has poorly written instructions and incoherent illustrations that are hard to follow.
  • It is not the cheapest training equipment in the market: While Gazelle Supreme comes at a reasonable price; you can still find a more affordable competitor with similar or better features.

User Reviews

Some positive reviewers who have tried this unit say that they would recommend Gazelle Supreme because it is easy to use, easy to assemble, and it operates quietly. One user says that you ought to lubricate the unit once a week to prevent it from getting squeaky.

Another user reports that this unit works as advertised and it helped her lose 15 pounds after three weeks, but she states that the monitor keeps stopping and that its case is not durable. The user also reports that her unit started squeaking after two weeks of use.

Most negative reviewers who have tried Gazelle Supreme report that their primary issue was in the assembly part. For instance, one user says that his unit lacked some nuts required to join some pieces. Another one reports that he found it hard to assemble his unit since the instruction manual is hard to follow.


In our opinion, Gazelle Supreme is a worthy investment for anybody who is looking to stay fit. We would recommend this piece of exercise equipment because of its sturdy construction that can withstand heavy and regular use, the bonus workout DVDs that guide you through different workouts, and the compact size that consumes less floor space. You can fold it flat for storage or transportation.

Furthermore, we recommend it because of its resistance system that let you regulate the intensity of your workout and its fitness meter that lets you monitor your speed, calories, distance traveled, and pulse rate.

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