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Diamondback Fitness 510sr Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Although from a little-known manufacturer, the Diamondback Fitness 510 Sr exercise bike excels in features, performance, and durability. It is the cheapest exercise bike from the company. The more advanced version of this product is the 910 Sr bike. An ideal user of the bike is someone who suffers from back, joint, and foot pain. The seat resembles that of a typical chair with a long back for support. Its reclining frame adds comfort and makes it perfect for all sorts of people. For more details, take a look at our Diamondback Fitness 510sr Recumbent Exercise Bike review.

Diamondback Fitness 510sr Main Features

The Diamondback 510sr exercise bike is loaded with great features, but its resistance is not very strong. For this reason, experienced athletes will find it simple to use. Non-professional sports people and amateur trainees will find it an ideal product. The bike comes with 20 workout programs for you to choose from.

The machine even allows you to watch your performance on the LCD screen as you work out. Alternatively, it can be tilted down for you to watch television without obstruction. The display uses QuickSet programming to make operation easier. Unlike many competitor products, the 510 Sr exercise bike has a backlit LCD to make it easier to read even in a poorly lit room.

The weight of the Diamondback 510sr is 125 pounds. Because of its solid build, this Diamondback exercise bike can carry a maximum user weight of 300 lbs. When assembled, the machine measures 64 by 23 by 50 inches. People under 5’5” might experience trouble reaching the pedals.

The Diamondback exercise bike also includes ergonomic pedals and an adjustable seat to make it more comfortable for users. You can also adjust the resistance to the intensity you prefer. It has 16 Eddy Current Brake resistance levels, which are bound to offer an excellent challenge to many beginner and intermediate trainees.diamondback fitness 510sr

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Diamondback Fitness 510sr Additional Info

In this second part of our Diamondback Fitness 510sr Recumbent Exercise Bike Review, we will be looking at other imporant facts about this Diamondback fitness bike.


The Diamondback Fitness 510Sr bike is made using high-quality parts. It is stable and durable. However, as the owner, you should perform routine maintenance procedures on it to prevent early damage. Here are some tips on how to maintain your exercise bike:

• Always clean it with a damp cloth after use. You can also use soap to wash off the sweat on the handlebars, console, and seats.

• Check the pedals for tightness every week


The warranty package on this bike is one of the best you can ever find on the market today. The frames and brakes are under a limited lifetime warranty. For Diamond Fitness, this period is five years. Electronics and parts are under a three-year coverage, labor is covered for a year, and wear items are guaranteed for 90 days.


The Diamondback Fitness 510Sr exercise bike includes these features:

• Backlit LCD screen

• Heart rate sensors

• MP3 speaker system with headphone jerk

• Media bay

• Adjustable cooling fan

• Magazine rack

• Water bottle and water holder

You can use a USB cable in the media bay.

Recommended Routines

If you are a beginner, you will want to start with lighter exercises to help you lose weight or to prepare your body for challenging workouts. High-intensity interval training is ideal for users of this bike.

Every time you work out, you should spend the first five minutes warming up with light exercises. Your workout should then be at about 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. The 510Sr has a heart rate sensor for you to monitor your pulse.

Your exercise should be done three times a week and can go on for about 15 minutes.

Diamondback Fitness 510sr Pros and Cons

The Diamondback Fitness 510Sr bike is a well-designed product. Of course, it has its flaws, and you should be aware of them before making a purchase. These are the pros and cons of the 510 Sr bike.


• Recumbent seat. The bike’s seat is adjustable and features a tall, supportive back. The bike also has a metal chair frame for extra support.

• Entertainment. The machine has a headphone jack and inbuilt speakers for you to play music as you exercise.

• Excellent warranty. The package for this product exceeds the expectations of many buyers.

• USB port. You can charge your phone using this machine.

• Backlit and adjustable LCD. The screen is easy to read since it is backlit. It can also be adjusted if you find it obstructive.

• Heart rate monitor. The machine uses grip heart rate monitor to check your pulse rate and gives you live feedback through the LCD.

• Preset fitness programs. The machine comes with 20 preset programs that will help you to stay focused.

• Intensity levels. You can increase or reduce the resistance of the bike to your preferred challenge. It has 16 Eddy Current resistance levels.


• Resistance is not high enough. Some people will find it quite low. Specifically, experienced athletes might find it too easy.

• Too big. If you want to keep it in your house, the machine might take too much of your space. It would be inconveniencing for people in small houses.

• Cannot track performance. With the 510Sr, you have to manually track your performance over time using a book, phone, or other devices. It does not have automatic performance tracking features.

• Pedals positioned too far from the seat. For this reason, many people under 5’5” will find the bike hard to use.

• Assembly is time-consuming. Putting the bike together can take over two hours.

User Reviews

As part of our Diamondback Fitness 510sr Recumbent Exercise Bike Review, we also looked at what other Diamondback users have said about the Diamondback Fitness 510sr. The user reviews on this bike are disproportionately positive. The design and quality appearance of the product impressed many of the buyers. They also noted that the machine is well priced, and you get more than you pay for. Although the programs cannot be customized, many were happy with the variety of workouts included in the machine. According to many of the buyers, the pedal action is smooth, and resistance increases smoothly to the maximum. The most recurring complaint was about the assembling of the bike. Many did not appreciate the long time spent putting it together. Some even had to pay for its assembling.


To sum up our Diamondback Fitness 510sr Recumbent Exercise Bike Review, we should say that thhe The Diamondback Fitness 510sr is a reasonably priced product that does more than you would expect. Many higher priced exercise bikes will even fail to match the performance of the 510Sr. For instance, numerous fitness products that are priced at much higher rates do not have backlit or adjustable consoles. The quality and warranty package on this bike are also excellent. It would be advisable to purchase this bike if you are interested in getting value for your money.

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