Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 Indoor Cycle

Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 Review: Reports and Ratings

Bladez Fitness Master PTS68With cardio being a must in any workout routine, having an indoor exercise bike will leave you without an excuse for going to the gym and exercising. The Bladez fitness company reviews speak volumes about their equipment’s quality and longevity. Blending tech features with a comfortable built, all Bladez fitness products stand out from the crowd through delivering affordable, high end work-out equipment. The Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 is no exception.

Boasting the latest features, this indoor training cycle promises to deliver a silent belt for smooth pedaling and an adjustable seat for high comfort and a perfect fit. As you may have noticed, most Blade Fitness Master PTS58 Customer Reviews are mixed, with some pinpointing major shortcomings and others singing its praises. This usually means the truth lies somewhere in between. Let’s take a closer look at the Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 and all its specs and features, as well as pros and cons, to find out together.

What is the Bladez Fitness Master PTS68?

All Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 Cycle reviews agree that this spinning bike can endure a tough workout without flinching. Measuring 46 x 43 x 10 inches and weighing around 105 lbs., this Blades Fitness master cycle machine is the best choice whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced biker. The fly wheel alone weighs 40 lbs. and the saddle height and handlebars are adjustable. The computer monitor is a unique feature among spinning bikes. It’s always good to be able to check your heart rate and calorie burn count at a glance.

With one Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 cycle review describing the equipment as “rock solid”, it’s safe to say the fly wheel does its job excellently. The spinning bike can support as much as 300 pounds user weight, so you don’t have to be afraid it will wobble under you when you’ll be pedaling sitting up. If you’re not very keen on the saddle, you can easily switch it out. The bike doesn’t arrive assembled, but putting all the parts together is not rocket science. The oversized steel frame guarantees a sturdy cardio machine that is also affordable and does not look too bulky.

As some other Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 Cycle fitness equipment review pointed out, this upright indoor cycle sports the most common features found in gym equipment, as well as a customizable resistance with emergency brakes.

Pros and Cons to Using the Bladez Fitness Master PTS68

To get a better grasp of what this spinning bike can do, let’s take a look at the Blade Fitness Master PTS58 pros and cons. As most fitness equipment out there, it excels at certain things but also has some significant drawbacks.


  • The Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 cycle price is definitely a plus. For $600 you’ll get a sturdy piece of equipment that keeps noise to a minimum, so you can use it indoors without disturbing other family members or your neighbors.
  • Users of the Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 cycle report that the equipment can effortlessly be moved around thanks to the useful two small wheels on the front of the bike. To quickly relocate your equipment, just tip the bike by the handlebars and roll it where you want to put it. While this method is fool proof, you might want to be careful when you’re maneuvering the bike on wooden floors, to avoid scratching them.
  • Not only a great tool for cardio, this indoor cycle is also fashionable and will look good in any home gym. The racy design didn’t sacrifice comfort. The upright riding position completely resembles an outdoor bike, making this the ideal tool for training for competitions.
  • All buyers claimed the bike was very easy to put together, with the assembling process taking under one hour.


    • Bladez fitness equipment reviews mostly pointed the finger at a single major flaw. The included monitor is not the best one out there. It displays a faulty RPM (compared to a Polar wear link), inaccurate calorie burn count and doesn’t allow you to add your weight and height. These render the monitor almost useless, since you still need additional tools to keep track of your RPM.
    • Another downside is that you can’t upload the data from the monitor to your computer or to any internet account. There’s no way to sync the console with a workout tracking app, so you can forget about it from the start.
    • Customer reviews of the Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 Cycle on Amazon claim that the list of customizable workouts is limited. If you’re a big fan of setting everything up and then forgetting about it, you’ll have some trouble with this one.

Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 Indoor Cycle Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 Indoor Cycle Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 Indoor Cycle

Where to Find the Bladez Fitness Master PTS68?

You can find the Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 Cycle for sale on Amazon at around $600, with free delivery. Shipping is almost always done on time, with the equipment being delivered intact right on your doorstep. If you go for the standard option, you’ll receive the spinning bike in five business days.

Extra Info:

Recommended Routine

Spinning is essential for slimming down and toning up. Stationary cycles such as the Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 are great if you want to strengthen your joints without doing all the weight exercises. If your work-out goal is to get toned legs, start spinning at home for thirty minutes every day. You can warm up for four minutes, staying seated with your hands in second position. Then you can move on to standing for one minute and staying seated for another one minute, keeping a medium resistance all the time. After four minute, decrease the resistance and sit down in second position. Three minutes later, stand up and jog for a couple of minutes, following with cycling sitting down and increasing resistance every thirty seconds. Repeat this routine twice or even thrice if you feel comfortable.

Maintenance Advice

This spinning bike requires little maintenance. Once you make sure everything is in place, you can start pedaling, without a care in the world. Over the months, the leather resistance pad can start showing signs of wear and tear, but you can easily replace it with a new one for your Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 model (replacements should be pretty cheap).


This bike’s manufacturers seem to have completely forgotten to include any accessories. You don’t get a water bottle holder, so you have to improvise a stand using some of your furniture. You’ll also have to buy your own AAA batteries for the console if you want to monitor your performance.

Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 Indoor Cycle

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Warranty and Guarantee Information

The training cycle comes with five year warranty for the frame, one year warranty for the parts and ninety days for labor.

Any Customer Complaints?

Most customer complaints are directed at the Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 cycle support. Amazon reviewers seemed upset by the late replies on their issues from Bladez. A simple pedal problem was ignored by the company who guaranteed to send a replacement but failed to do so in the end. The console monitor also failed to satisfy most of the users who feel that the price entitle them to a better gadget that could have at least incorporated a syncing feature.

Our Recommendation

All in all, the Bladez Fitness Master PTS68 Cycle is a great spinning bike, suitable for at-home gyms. Its sturdy and durable steel frame is a plus, while the front small wheels make it easy to transport. The adjustable handlebars and saddle make it comfortable for anyone. The only drawback is the weak console which doesn’t display RPM or the correct calorie burn, but these can be monitored with other devices or smartphone apps.

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