Titan HD Power Rack Review: Reports and Ratings

They say that practice makes perfect; the same goes for strength training. If you truly want to reach the next level, you need to frequently perform exercises to boost your strength and shape your body as you dream it would be. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time or money to hop in our cars and drive to the gym every day. Gym memberships can get expensive and, most of the time, we do not even end up using all of the pieces of equipment that we pay for. Nevertheless, a product like a fitness power rack can really help us benefit from an effective workout that leaves us with excellent results, so maybe Titan HD power rack is the product you need.

What can we do to combine the benefits of going to a gym with remaining at home and exercising on our own schedules? The Titan Power Rack can be the perfect solution for you. To understand what this piece of Titan fitness equipment can do for you, we invite you to look through our Titan HD Power Rack review. It includes advantages and disadvantages regarding this bench press rack, where you can buy it from, recommended routines, maintenance advice, accessories, warranty details, customer complaints and more. All you have to do is go through all of the sections about this Titan fitness squat bench rack and decide if you want to order the piece of Titan gym equipment for your home.
Titan HD power rack

What is the Titan HD Power Rack?

To start off, you should understand what the Titan bench and squat rack is and how it can benefit you. To put it shortly, the Titan HD Power Rack is a squat and bench rack that you can rely on for safety, durability and versatility. This bench squat rack has a 700 pound capacity (1 inch round steel j-hooks, 2 inch steel tubes) and a built-in chin up / pull up bar with a 1 ¼ inch diameter. The Titan HD Power bench press and squat rack is 48 inches long, 48 inches wide and 83 inches tall and weighs 107 pounds. This Titan home gym is made from steel for increased resistance and durability. With the help of the Titan HD deadlift rack, you can perform “squats, military press, bench press, curls, shrugs, and more”, according to the manufacturer. Even more so, it is said that the bench press safety rack provides no less than 28 positions. As opposed to almost any other bench with squat rack from competitors (like Rogue Power Racks), the Titan HD bench press squat rack is extremely affordable (for example, it if more than 50% less than the R3 Power Rack). It really seems to be a best fitness power rack, at least in the Amazon community, with an abundance of positive reviews and great feedback from customers (we will discuss this aspect more in the following sections).

Pros and Cons to Using the Titan HD Power Rack

While most pieces of strength training equipment have a pretty equal amount of pros and cons, there are more advantages that customers point out with this power rack squat cage than disadvantages.


  • Easy assembles (requires 2 to 3 people to work together for safety)
  • Durability – made from steel
  • Small footprint for the benefits the bench press power rack offers
  • Large number of exercises you can perform
  • Chin up bar, j hooks and safety pins all included
  • Amazing price (best power rack for the money)
  • Very fast shipping (and free!)
  • Highly praised customer service


  • Some customers experienced issues with their product, which resulted in an unsafe design
  • Rough pull up bar knurling
  • There are also various minor complaints from customers, but the bench press with squat rack generally has an excellent online reputation

Titan HD power rackTitan HD power rackTitan HD power rack

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Where to Find the Titan HD Power Rack?

Those who want to buy power rack from Titan can do so through various ways. Out of all the options available, we highly recommend Amazon as a safe and reliable source. The Titan HD power rack bench press is affordable enough as it is, but this website offers an additional 35% discount from its original price. This means that you can currently purchase the squat rack bench press cage for only $319 on Amazon. To understand how affordable this squat rack with bench press options is, just notice that the Rogue fitness squat rack / Rogue fitness power rack is $695.

Alternatively, you can get this squat rack and bench from sources like eBay (used) or from the official Titan Fitness website.

Extra Info:

Recommended Routine

There is a large amount of routines that you can perform with this best home power rack. You can either create a routine solely for this power rack with bench press options or add exercises on the power rack bench to your regular routine. Among the numerous exercises you can carry out are shrugs, squats, deadlifts (partial), chin ups, upright rows, barbell rows, decline and flat bench press, overhead barbell presses, curls or military presses.

Maintenance Advice

Regarding maintenance, customers have very few complaints. What they do recommend is that you take care when you assemble your squat rack bench cage; one customer recommends to “tighten all the bolts. Keep in mind these at lock nuts and your tightening them on tube steal. In other words, tighten snugly or firmly. Do not crank down on the nuts.” If you do end up having any issues with your power rack and bench cage, you can easily contact customer service. Almost all customers agree that representatives from the company do a fine job of helping out customers in need.

Titan HD power rack



If you are interested in purchasing dip bars for power rack, be careful to buy a power rack dip attachment for the HD model (other ones won’t fit). You can buy dip attachment for power rack on Amazon; look at all of the products sold by the manufacturer and see which power rack dip attachment fits with the HD squat rack with bench press cage. In addition to the dip bar attachment, there are also spotter arms available for extra safety.

Warranty and Guarantee Information

Unfortunately, there is no clear information related to warranties or guarantees for the Titan HD squat rack and bench press cage. If you are highly interested in this aspect, we recommend that you contact customer service or the company directly to see if you have any options in this regard. Nevertheless, we want to remind you that the build is sturdy and it is designed to last. If you do happen to get in touch with client service, you will see that the representatives are very helpful.

Any Customer Complaints?

Surprisingly, there are hardly any customer complaints about the Titan HD Power Rack. On Amazon, the product has an amazing 4.5 star rating and almost all off the 90+ reviews are positive. Those who experienced any issues succeeded in solving their problems with customer service in a short amount of time.

Our Recommendation

To conclude, the Titan HD Power Rack is more than a great addition to your home; it is a trusted piece of strength training equipment that is worth every penny. You can perform countless exercises in a safe environment, whenever you like. If you want to learn more about the Titan HD Power Rack and get more insight from customers, you should look through Amazon reviews to understand why we are so pleased with this product and why we recommend it so much.

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