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Schwinn Spin Bikes Review: Should You Buy It?

META: One of the most trusted names in cycling is Schwinn. How do their spin bikes stack up? This guide provides a comprehensive review of Schwinn spin bikes.

One of the most trusted names in cycling is Schwinn. No matter if you’re looking for a bike for your indoor at-home workouts or are in search of commercial options to add to your gym, Schwinn is a brand that you will likely come across frequently in your search. How do Schwinn spin bikes stack up? This guide provides a comprehensive review of Schwinn spin bikes.

What is the Schwinn Spin Bikes and How Does It Work?

When it comes to choosing a Schwinn spin bike, there are two main options from which to choose, the IC3 and the IC2.  The IC3 features a 40-pound perimeter-weighted flywheel, while the IC2 features a 31-pound wheel. The IC3 features a race-style seat with fore and aft adjustments, while the IC2 merely features the fore and aft adjustments.

The flywheel on both models allows for infinite resistance levels, meaning users of all capabilities are sure to be challenged when using the bike. Additionally, Schwinn constructed the bikes out of oversized, corrosion-resistant steel. This not only helps make for a reliable and durable product but also makes for a safe and sturdy ride for all users.

Both models come with LCD monitors attached to the bike. Both models display the time, rotations per minute, distance traveled, speed, and calories burned. However, the IC3 model also shows the user’s heart rate. Both models require two AA batteries to operate the bike. The IC3 allows users to clip in with pedal SPD clips while the IC2 provides adjustable foot straps.

The bikes also vary in size and dimensions as well. The IC3 measures 43”L x 23”W x 49”H and weighs 100 pounds. The maximum user weight is 300 pounds. The IC2, on the other hand, measure 45”L x 23”W x 49”H but only weighs 83 pounds. The maximum user weight for this unit is 250 pounds. It’s safe to say that the IC3 is a bike built more for advanced cyclists, while the IC2 is for beginner cyclists.

What Makes the Schwinn Spin Bikes Unique?

As the company’s website states, the name “Schwinn” has long been “synonymous with America’s most popular bicycles.” The company has produced bicycles since the late 1800’s. The company worked to streamline and revolutionize bicycle designs for nearly a hundred years before they decided to bring their technology indoors, introducing their Deluxe Exerciser exercise bikes in 1965.

Since then, Schwinn has continued to revolutionize the indoor and outdoor biking industry. They have shifted with trends as technology has evolved, offering numerous cardio solutions to their customers. One of the examples of this technology shift is the company’s Trainer App, which allows you to connect Bluetooth devices to Schwinn products Model 17 and later.

If you are looking to purchase Schwinn spin bikes for a studio or gym, the company makes the process incredibly simple, offering a professional build, assembly, and calibration process. Schwinn’s team works to ensure that every one of its bikes meets it rigorous testing standards, conducted by highly-trained technicians. If you have a problem with a bike, you can send it to Schwinn for servicing.

The team begins by completely assembling all parts and inspecting each component of the bike. Then, the trained technicians build, tune, and calibrate all mechanical parts. Once the bike is put back together, the technicians will:

  • Adjust the drivetrain tension
  • Align the flywheel
  • Straighten the crankshaft
  • Realign the resistance system for optimum performance.

Once all systems have passed Schwinn’s standards, the technicians perform a final test ride to ensure that there are no additional problems. Once they confirm that the bike is functioning as intended, the technicians will conduct a full cosmetic inspection and cleaning. There’s no denying that this is the cutting-edge Schwinn difference and one of the reasons why the company is such a reliable brand.

After the final cleaning, the company will secure the bikes to its custom-sized pallets. Then, they will wrap and protect the equipment to ensure the bike arrives at your studio or gym in better condition than you had sent it initially. Schwinn ships the bike immediately, and you’ll receive the tracking information so that you can keep an eye out on your product.


Customers can purchase the IC3 model on the Schwinn website for $500. The IC2 is a bit cheaper, available for $300. The cost is the same when purchasing on Amazon. Schwinn also offers protection plans on all of their spin bikes. The warranty features a five-year insurance plan on the frame, a one-year insurance plan on mechanical and electrical components, and a 90-day warranty on wear parts.

However, those purchasing the IC3 model will receive an even better warranty. The IC3 model comes with a two-year warranty on mechanical and electrical components and a one-year warranty on all wear parts. Furthermore, although the product comes with a standard warranty, customers also have the option of purchasing additional coverage to protect their device.

The three-year protection plan option is available to customers for $59. This plan extends the parts and labor coverage to three years. Customers could also choose from a five-year protection plan for $89. This plan extends the parts and labor coverage to five years. Customers do not have to purchase this plan when they first buy the bike. Instead, they can add a protection plan at any time.

Additionally, when ordering from Schwinn, you can purchase in-home assembly for a little less than $130. Unfortunately, this service does not include the construction of optional accessories, such as racks or attachments. The trained technician who assembles your product will also remove all boxes and packaging from your home. Schwinn will contact you to schedule an appointment after shipping.

Lastly, Schwinn offers financing options for those looking to purchase their products. This could be an excellent option for those who are looking to buy multiple bikes, perhaps for a gym. When doing so, customers are required to pay the charge in full within 18 months. Otherwise, the remaining balance is subject to interest. The offer only applies to single-receipt qualifying purchases.

Public Perception

When reading customer reviews online, it appears that many feel as though the IC2 and IC3 are excellent choices for those looking to begin working out at home. The IC2 model has a 3.6-star review on Amazon with 100 customer reviews. Of those who reviewed the product, 45 percent gave it a five-star review, while an additional 21 percent gave it a four-star review.

It seems as many of the reviews on Amazon did not have to deal with the performance of the bike, but rather how the unit arrived out of the box. We did not find any other indicators that this was an issue, especially when the shipment came from Schwinn’s website. Thus, this could be a problem that is isolated to the Amazon distributor and not to Schwinn or the bikes themselves.

How it Compares

One of the most popular spin bikes on the market today is the Peloton spin bike. The Peloton is a high-end option that provides excitement for at-home customers. The equipment comes with on-demand and streaming spin classes, accessible from the comfort of your home. However, as you’d expect, this service does not come for free.

The Peloton costs nearly $3,000 to purchase the equipment and subscribe to the first year of classes. After that, it costs almost $500 to renew the subscription. There’s no denying that the on-demand courses set the bike apart from Schwinn models. Although Schwinn has an excellent Trainer App, it does not compare to live-streaming classes.

However, where Schwinn spike bikes do win are in value and trustworthiness. For one, the Peloton bike seems like an unnecessary cost. One of the reasons for purchasing a spin bike for the home is to cut down on the costs of going to the gym. To get the most out of a Peloton bike, you need to subscribe to the service. To us, this seems counterproductive.

Additionally, Peloton is a brand which has only recently gained notoriety. In fact, the company is relatively new. Schwinn, on the other hand, is a name in the industry that people have trusted for years. Even with more than 50 years producing at-home exercise bikes, the company continues to deliver quality, durable products that withstand the test of time.

When it comes to choosing between a Peloton and Schwinn spin bike, the choice ultimately comes down to whether you’d like the fancy, new gadget or the tried and true. Yes, there’s no denying that Peloton could be the future of in-home biking. At the very least, they are disrupting the industry. But it’s too soon to tell where the company will be in a few years. Schwinn, however, is a brand you can trust.

What We Think

If you’re looking for challenging cardio workouts on a spin bike in your home, Schwinn models could be a fantastic option. First and foremost, we appreciated the fact that there were two different models geared toward different users. The IC3 is pricier than the IC2, but it also comes with a few more perks for the more serious cyclist.

With the quality of Schwinn’s designs and the warranty they offer on their products, users can expect their spin bikes to last few years. This could be particularly important for those looking to use the bikes in a commercial setting, such as in a gym or studio. Knowing that the Schwinn name backs these spin bikes is something that stood out to us.

Another thing that stood out most to us was how well these bikes performed. We immediately noticed the high-quality, steel design. The bikes did not have a problem supporting any of our team members during the testing process. Additionally, our team members found that it was easy for them to get on and off the bike, adjust the seat height, and slide in and out of the foot pedals.

Although Amazon remains an excellent buying option for home workout equipment, we found that in this case, it was much better for users to purchase from Schwinn directly. We were astounded when we saw the perks that Schwinn was offering at this point. In our opinion, the free shipping speaks for itself. But the fact that customers receive a $900 value, for free, in warranty coverage is incredible.

We also think that customers should consider purchasing a few other perks as well. Again, Schwinn is offering great deals on these perks. Customers can secure additional warranties for as low as 50 percent off. Plus, users will receive the customer service for which Schwinn is known. If you’re interested in buying a new spin bike for your home, now is the time to do so.

Although there are fancier models available, such as the Peloton, Schwinn spin bikes are affordable options that most should consider. If you’re a beginner to average cyclist, the value that you’ll receive when purchasing a Schwinn bike is incredible. And, don’t get us wrong either. The bikes, especially the IC3, are excellent options for veteran cyclists as well.

Coupons and Deals

Schwinn is currently offering numerous deals that could incentivize you to buy from the company directly. First and foremost, customers can receive 50 percent off a Pro Build & Tune Custom Pallet order. These bikes will arrive users fully assembled and ready to ride as soon as the customer takes them out of the box. This is a $300 value that is available for $150.

Furthermore, Schwinn is also offering free shipping on all of its products. Although the value of this offer depends on the size of the order, Schwinn estimates that it is at least a $329 value. Perhaps more important are the warranty options that the company is offering to its customers who order its bikes today.

Right now, residential customers will receive lifetime replacement parts for no additional cost. Schwinn estimates that this is a $900 value. Furthermore, customers can elect to purchase a lifetime warranty for in-home labor. This service typically costs $1,000, but customers can buy it today for $300. So, customers will receive more than $1,200 in free value when ordering from Schwinn today.

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