Proform Performance 600C Treadmill

Proform Performance 600c Treadmill Review

The Proform Performance 600c Treadmill is a high-quality fitness equipment designed especially for home use. It was created to help users stay in shape, tone their body and lose weight without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

This treadmill can be easily used by anyone, regardless of their fitness level or running experience. Professional and beginner runners will equally enjoy a safe workout on this practical and sturdy machine. Proform is among the best fitness equipment manufacturers in the world and their products never fail to impress users.

As you will observe in the review below, the Proform Performance 600 Treadmill meets all the requirements of a high-quality product. It includes a variety of features that will transform your workout into a fun and challenging experience without having to spend money on a gym membership. Below, you can discover all the details you need to make an informed decision when it comes to your next acquisition.

Proform Performance 600C Treadmill

What is the Proform Performance 600c Treadmill?

Our Proform Performance 600 treadmill review, will include the main topics related to the features, design, safety issues and guarantee information of this model. The Proform Performance 600 is a professional treadmill that is equipped with a backlit display screen which monitors your performance during the workout.

It also includes a variety of added features, such as a quick incline option that will make your workout more challenging as you progress. The Proform Performance 600 treadmill comes with 22 professional workout apps that will help beginners to manage their workout and maintain a safe intensity throughout their running session.

The commercial motor is another strong point of this fitness machine, as it comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure that it will work properly as long as you need it to. This powerful, 2.75 CHP motor enables you to safely use the machine at home, without producing any disturbing noise.

Pros and Cons of Using the Proform Performance 600c Treadmill


  • Powerful Motor – The commercial 2.75 CHP motor is among this treadmill’s best features. It is created to offer a safe workout and to deliver quality performance throughout the years. Designed with durability and power in mind this motor is guaranteed to offer you many years of safe running.
  • 6” Display Monitor – This backlit display is clearly visible while you run, jog or walk. It helps you monitor your performance, speed, and distance without stopping your routine. The monitor comes in handy for both beginners and experienced runners who can easily track the most important aspects of their workout.
  • Adaptable Incline – The running platform has a maximum incline of maximum 12% that you can set if you want to increase the difficulty of your workout. Experts recommend starting with a lower incline rate and working your way up to the more challenging degrees as you progress and gain resistance.
  • IFit Compatible – The Proform 600 treadmill is compatible with the IFit application that offers you a variety of workout plans created by professionals . However, the iFit subscription is not included, and it has to be bought separately if you want to use it with your treadmill.

Proform Performance 600 C Treadmill Proform Performance 600 C Treadmill Proform Performance 600 C Treadmill

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  • 22 Included Workout Apps – Pro Form Performance 600 comes with 22 workout apps that you can try and safely enjoy at home. Created by fitness experts, the 22 apps will tackle all the problems you face, and you can choose the right one for you; weigh-loss, muscle toning, resistance building are just a few of the topics.
  • CoolAire Fan Included – Most of the Proform 600 Treadmill reviews included a positive note dedicated to the inbuilt CoolAire fan. As it is challenging to run in hot weather, the fan helps keep you cool while sweating on your treadmill, making for a more comfortable workout.
  • Compatible with iPod – You can connect your iPod to the Proform Performance 600c Treadmill in order to listen to your favorite music while running. Plug in the iPod and play your favorite tracks through the audio system to make any workout session fun!
  • Space Saving Option – This treadmill comes with a space saving option allowing you to easily fold and store it in a closet or under a bed. The fact that the treadmill is foldable is very helpful for people who live in small houses or apartments and need to save space.


  • Fairly Difficult to Assemble – Some Proform 600 treadmill review writers complained about the assembly process that took over 1 hour and a half and required at least to people. Make sure you have a family member or a friend with you to help assemble the treadmill, and there should be no issues.
  • Customer Service Issues – Some customers who had to call the Proform support team for various issues complained about being treated in an unprofessional manner. Although this is an isolated event, we decided to mention it in our CONS section, so our readers know the issues other users faced.
  • Annoying Squeaking Sounds – Apparently, in isolated cases, the treadmill started producing annoying sounds after only a few months of use. The problem can be avoided and fixed by periodically applying lubricant to your treadmill.

Where to Find the Proform Performance 600c Treadmill?

The Proform Treadmill 600 is available on Amazon and in fitness equipment stores, as well as on the official Proform website. We advise our readers to choose reputed retailers such as Amazon in order to make sure that the product is high-quality and original. You can easily find the Proform Performance 600c Treadmill online for the price of around $1,000.

Proform Performance 600 C Treadmill

Extra Info:

Recommended Routine

The recommended routine for this specific product is straightforward. You can use it every day for power walking, jogging or running and you should steadily increase your intensity. The incline can be adapted to your needs, so start with a flat surface and gradually advance to the maximum of 12%.

Experts recommend avoiding running on an inclined surface if you have back or joints pain. If you have any trouble with your knees or ankles, just maintain the flat track in order to avoid injuries or added pain.

Your treadmill comes with a variety of in-built programs, so start by choosing one that matches your objective, be it weight loss or muscle toning. Follow the expert advice and stay safe without forcing your body beyond its level. Steadily build strength and manage your performance to see your evolution.


It is advisable to buy a special treadmill mat to place under your machine while using it to avoid damaging your floors. Users also recommend choosing a bottle of lubricant to periodically apply to avoid noises and damage to your treadmill.

Warranty and Guarantee Information

The Proform Performance 600c Treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor and 2 years on the parts. For labor, you get a one-year warranty.

Any Customer Complaints?

As we have mentioned in our CONS section, there were some relatively minor issues with the product, such as difficulty to assemble and occurrence of strange noises. All in all, the majority of users were pleased with their purchase and would gladly recommend the treadmill to their friends.

Our Recommendation

As a result of our personal experience and conducted research, we are happy to recommend this sturdy treadmill to anyone who is trying to find the perfect running machine for home use. Silent, easy to use and equipped with a variety of features, the Proform Performance 600c Treadmill is a great option for runners. It can be used and enjoyed by every member of your family, so we advise you to choose this high-quality product.

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