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Peloton Bikes: Our Complete and Honest Review

In achieving health and wellness goals, success is often thwarted by the demands of everyday life. Whether those demands come in the form of a job—complete with chaotic commutes and project deadlines—or family—from young kids with no shortage of energy to aging loved ones in need of little extra help—fitting in a class at the gym or going for a bike ride often take a backseat. To help re-prioritize fitness higher on an endless task list, Peloton bikes combine a highly effective immersive exercise experience with the energy of a group fitness class to keep you motivated even when life gets busy.

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What Is the Peloton Bike?

The heart of Peloton bikes is the 21.5” HD touchscreen that connects to live cycling classes taught by expert instructors.  If staying motivated is a concern, Peloton’s top NYC instructors will provide you with real-time metrics and encouragement throughout your ride, helping you to finish strong. Besides live classes, Peloton bikes also offer thousands of on-demand rides that are available 24/7—so you can exercise when your schedule permits.

Through Peloton’s subscription, riders can take a variety of different classes. Metrics classes focus on the numbers with a specific resistance and cadence cues given by the instructor while rhythm classes use the beat of the music to help riders stay motivated. These classes are fun—but challenging—workouts that celebrate holidays, music genres, and more and live DJ classes make riders feel like they are dancing on their bike.  

If you are new to indoor cycling, Peloton bikes have beginner classes designed to help build proper form and ways to build endurance. For more experienced cyclists, Peloton bikes offer challenging rides designed to refine and sharpen your biking skills in both studio and outdoor settings.

Product Specs of Peloton Bikes

When you clip into a Peloton bike, it immediately connects you to Peloton’s network of live real-time classes and on-demand videos. Your workout metrics and data are seamlessly tracked and stored, so you can monitor your performance over time and customize your workouts to meet your fitness goals.

A near-silent belt drive that is strong (and built to last) gives riders a quiet and fluid ride, allowing them to focus on how their body is handling endurance and form—and not the bike. The magnetic resistance system provides a gradual incline feeling that allows the rider to transition naturally.

With a depressed ergonomic center and high-performance profile, the Peloton bike seat is fully adjustable and supports cyclists of all levels and body types. Delta LOOK-compatible pedal clips support a wide variety of cycling shoes. Its padded handlebars support riders in and out of the saddle (all while perfectly framing the touchscreen).

Pricing for Peloton Bike

Peloton bikes are available for purchase at online or at Peloton retail showrooms. All Peloton packages have the same bike, regardless of whether you purchase the basic starter level ($2,245) or the family level ($2,694), a 1-year limited warranty, and include the $250 delivery and setup cost in the retail price.

The price difference between Peloton bikes packages is based on the number and type of accessories you want to add onto the bike (such as cycling shoes, headphones, weights, etc.). And, while delivery and setup are included in the price, state and local taxes not; neither is the $39 a month subscription that allows you to stream live classes or access on-demand videos.

How Peloton Bikes Compare

To help you fully evaluate Peloton bikes, we chose a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

  • LeMond Revmaster Pro
  • Horizon iC7
  • Sunny Health Spin Bike

Peloton Bike

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The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic exercise bike comes with several exciting features. The user can choose any of its 12 workout programs it and regulate the intensity with 16 resistance levels. People with heart conditions can monitor their heart rates as they utilize four cardiovascular programs.

The machine weighs about 104lb when unpacked. It’s suitable for users of up to 300lb weight and between 5’3″ and 6’5″ tall.

This spinning bike displays vital workout data on an LCD screen. It monitors the heart using sensors installed on the handlebars. You can view the workout time, heart rate, cadence, distance covered, and burned calories.

The size of the console allows you to grasp the details at a glance. You don’t need to strain the neck or interrupt the exercise to read it. As you work out, the machine generates electrical energy that powers the screen.

Price (​$$$

  • Ease of Use
  • Assembly Time
  • Design Quality
  • Warranty

Peloton bikes are great for riders of all levels. For those new to indoor cycling, Peloton offers a 101-bike demonstration and beginner classes that have been specifically created for first-time cyclists. For experienced riders, Peloton offers a variety of class types, instructors, and playlists—with advanced training materials available.

Peloton’s delivery team professionally assembles all bikes. The only assembly you will have to do is decide where in your home you would like Peloton to set up your bike.

Peloton bikes have industrial-grade bearings, petals, and crank arms. A study carbon welded steel frame is powder coated (making it sweat-proof) and a commercial-grade magnetic resistance system makes it easy to see why Peloton bikes are club-quality.

Peloton bikes have a 30-day money-back guarantee (minus shipping and handling). Due to the weight of Peloton bikes, they charge returns a $250 fee to cover shipping (depending on where you live, the fee might be higher). Also, Peloton provides 12 months of coverage for the bike’s parts, electronics, and labor.

There are two (2) extended warranties are available, with the longest bringing coverage to 39 months for an additional $230. Keep in mind that for your Peloton warranty to remain valid, you will need to keep the bike in the same place that Peloton’s professional team performed assembly.


  • Stream live classes in real-time
  • 24/7 access to on-demand video classes
  • 21.5” touchscreen and stereo speakers
  • Webcam lets rider connect with the instructor and classmates
  • Peloton bikes are Bluetooth-enabled, so riders can track progress and statistics
  • Customer service is available either by phone or online chat on Peloton’s website
  • Peloton bikes can accommodate riders sized from 4’ 11” to 6’ 5”
  • Takes up minimal floor space (dimensions are 49” length x 24” width)


  • Requires a strong Wi-Fi connection
  • Included warranty only includes parts and labor for only for first 12 months
  • Peloton class subscription is an extra $39 per month

LeMond Revmaster Pro

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The LeMond Revmaster Pro is a good option for outdoor cyclists that want to take their workout routine indoors. With a narrower crank design that mimics the geometry of a road bike, Cam handles, and wide seat and handlebar ranges, the LeMond Revmaster Pro bike gives riders a custom fit to maximize muscle involvement.

Price (​$$

  • Ease of Use
  • Assembly Time
  • Design Quality
  • Warranty

Thanks to its many adjustable components, the LeMond Revmaster Pro is a bike built for many indoor cyclists—from beginners that want to get in shape to expert athletes training for a race. The bike is quiet and has a smooth ride thanks to an impressive flywheel.

Unlike Peloton bikes (which are fully assembled by Peloton’s professional delivery team), the LeMond Revmaster Pro requires self-setup. The bike is pre-assembled before delivery, and final setup steps are laid out in easy-to-understand instructions. Final assembly time is estimated at one hour or less.  

Triathletes gravitate toward the LeMond Revmaster Pro because it allows the cyclist to exercise in an upright position or pedal stretched out and low. Electroless nickel plating combats corrosion, and a two-piece bottom bracket cartridge makes maintenance and service quick and easy.

To ensure customer satisfaction, all LeMond Revmaster Pro bikes are tested before final packaging. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, the LeMond Revmaster Pro has a 30-day return and exchange policy. If your return is within 15 days of the receipt of the bike, you can get a full refund of purchase amount less applicable shipping and handling costs.

If the return exceeds the 15-day window—but is within 30 days of receipt of the product—you will receive a full refund of the purchase amount less a 20% restocking charge and shipping/delivery/installation costs if applicable. Exchanges will receive full in-store credit or exchange for a similar bike with the 20% restocking fee waived.

Extended warranties for the LeMond Revmaster Pro are available for purchase directly through the manufacturer Johnson Fitness & Wellness.


  • A Kelvar belt provides a smooth and quiet ride
  • BMX custom cranks and bottom bracket can withstand more force
  • Easy to adjust brake, resistance, and seat options
  • Electroless nickel plating is stronger than stainless steel and corrosion resistant


  • Easy to follow setup instructions
  • The tablet holder is not included
  • Included warranty and exchange policies are minimal

Horizon iC7

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For riders that crave the feel of the open road—but want the convenience of an indoor bike—the Horizon iC7 bike offers a happy medium. The bike’s 44-pound flywheel provides riders the smooth ride of an indoor bike with the challenging resistance that comes from biking outdoors. Cyclists of all levels appreciate the micro-adjust feature on the resistance knob, allowing for precise control over how difficult it is to pedal and stop.

Price (​$$

  • Ease of Use
  • Assembly Time
  • Design Quality
  • Warranty

ViaFit connectivity makes it easy to track your workout while the multiple programs offered on the innovative console will keep you engaged and motivated to reach your fitness goals. The 4” LCD console provides real-time workout feedback, helping the rider to track time, distance, calories, speed, RPM, and heart rate. A Polar® wireless receiver tracks the rider’s heart rate.

Setup and assembly of the Horizon iC7 take approximately one hour. It requires no additional tools to set up the bike: simple instructions and tools are included in the box.

The Horizon iC7 features a road-style saddle that is highly adjustable and multi-position handlebars that can be adjusted vertically. Also, the Horizon iC7 comes with pedal cage toe straps but can be swapped out with your pedals for a more personalized ride.

Johnson Fitness, the manufacturer of the Horizon iC7 bike, provides a 5-year warranty on the frame, a 3-year warranty on parts, and a 1-year warranty on labor.


  • Smooth, quiet pedal stroke due to magnetic resistance brake system
  • Tension control knob can be micro-adjusted for precise resistance
  • Handlebars and seat are all highly adjustable
  • ViaFit connectivity simplifies workout tracking
  • Bottle holder makes hydration quick and easy


  • The console is not Wi-Fi enabled
  • The tablet holder is an additional cost

Sunny Health Spin Bike

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The Sunny Health Spin Bike makes it easy to get a good workout at home at an affordable price. The bike itself is easy to set up and store, so you can turn your home into an indoor cycling studio—and back—in no time flat. Whether you are new to indoor cycling or a seasoned pro, the 40-pound flywheel and heavy-duty steel frame and crank help to ensure optimal durability for your Sunny Health Spin Bike.

Price (​$

  • Ease of Use
  • Assembly Time
  • Design Quality
  • Warranty

The Sunny Health Spin Bike has a fully adjustable seat and handlebars, ensuring rider comfort across multiple different positions and workouts.

Setup and assembly of the Sunny Health Spin Bike take one hour. No additional tools are needed to set up the bike: everything is included in the box.

The Sunny Health Spin Bike is equipped with a quiet and smooth felt fabric brake pad system, allowing the rider to create a more (or less) intense workout using the resistance and tension systems. The handlebars are padded and slip free, providing extra safety while also being easy on the hands (no more calluses!).

The Sunny Health Spin Bike has a one-year limited warranty on the frame and 90-day limited warranty on all other parts.


  • Quick and easy to set up and assemble
  • Sturdy and solid construction with a 40-pound flywheel
  • Compact design makes the bike easy to store


  • No mile or calorie counter
  • No water bottle holder
  • Tablet and holder are additional costs
  • Brake pads require routine maintenance with silicone lubrication


So, is a Peloton bike worth the investment? It depends.

If you are an avid cyclist, a high-end indoor bike can easily cost thousands of dollars—and that’s without the ability to stream live classes and access on-demand materials. Peloton bikes are club-quality bikes that are long-term investments: The company seeks customer feedback to create new and innovative workouts that will keep riders subscribing for years to come. And, for those who go cycling classes at local gyms, the cost-savings of Peloton bike will be recouped even quicker considering one in-person class at an elite studio is $35-$40.

If you’re new to indoor cycling—or are undecided on the Peloton bike videos—sign up for a 1-week subscription to Peloton’s mobile application and combine with a bike at your local gym before making the leap. Just keep in mind that the mobile app doesn’t give you access to certain features, like real-time statistics and performance tracking.

If you invest in a Peloton bike, know you are joining a group of dedicated fans who wish they had taken the leap much earlier. Despite having a high initial cost, if used consistently over many years, Peloton bikes are a great fitness investment—which is why we give them five stars. Investing in a Peloton bike is the equivalent of adding an elite indoor cycling studio to your home and a great way to achieve your health and wellness goals.Featured image via Amazon

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