Keiser M3i

Keiser M3i Review: Track Your Workout Progress

Keiser M3i Reviews

We take a look at the latest Keiser indoor cycle, the M3i & explore the different features & designs that make this machine one of the best on the market.

Keiser is a brand well known for its innovative indoor workout cycles, coming out with new and improved models that give you not only the workout you’ve been wanting, but also the gadgets that make tracking your workout progress that much easier.

Their newest model, the M3i, is the most advanced machine in their entire M3 lineup. It boasts a sleek new look and some updated tech that lets it stand out from similar cycle brands in its price range. We’ll take an in-depth look at the features of the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle and what makes it one of the higher rated cycle machines on the market today.

Will the Keiser M3i be the cycle system for you? Does it meet your needs in what’s expected in an exercise machine or is it all hype? In the end, we’ll lay out the facts to help you feel confident enough to be able to decide on if the Keiser M3i meets the requirements that you need before purchasing it.

What Is Keiser M3i and How Does It Work?

Let’s start with the basics. Keiser initially released the M3i in 2014 and consumers weren’t disappointed with the look and functionality then. Now, as of this year, Keiser reworked the M3i into an updated model which provides even more features than what came with its initial release.

What exactly changed? Well, the most significant and unique update that came with this model was the technology that the manufacturer implemented.

The addition of Bluetooth compatibility and the capability to connect to computers through a wireless connection helped set this model apart. Large exercise classes can utilize this function to provide a projected display of a class’s stats for them and their teachers to view, allowing corrections to be done where needed.

Otherwise, if you plan on using this model for your at-home gym, you can download the data stored in the cycle machine onto an app on either your smartphone or tablet. The app will display information concerning your workout, and as a result, you’ll be able to see graphs and charts showing results about things like:

  • Cadence (RPM)
  • Power Output (Watts/Kcal)
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Elapsed Time
  • Current Gear (Resistance level)
  • Odometer or Trip Distance

This information is displayed on your app for you to review at any time that you need. You’ll be given the opportunity to see where you’re lacking and focus on improving those areas to put your workout through new limits. You’ll be given a chance to set up a bike ID that allows the M3i to store your information and will enable you to access it anytime.

There are quite a few apps that are currently supported by the Keiser M3i, and they can work on either Android or iPhone. Some of the more popular ones include:

  • Bkool (Available on Android and iOS)
  • Keiser M3 Series Pro Apps ( Available on Android and iOS)
  • GOInd ( Available only on the App Store)
  • Impowered BeTested ( Google Play)
  • Impowered BeTrained (Google Play)

Aside from its technological features, its structure catches your attention through its design. As with the newer technology that was installed, there were a variety of things that they changed to the bike itself. For one, they changed the design of the pedals to accommodate a large variety of shoe sizes and shapes better.

Secondly, you’ll be given a media tray with your purchase, allowing you the chance to have a tablet or phone on to watch movies or listen to music while you’re cycling. You’re able to switch between kilometers and miles quickly, and you’ll be able to set up Interval training to help improve your workout routine.

Finally, you’ll be able to adjust the leveler foot by slightly lifting the corner to adjust as needed. That helps set the cycle up to make the best fit for you despite your height or body type.

The V frame on this bike is unique to Keiser, the company claiming that they are the first in the industry to utilize this frame shape having taken inspiration from traditional bike frames.

This unique shape helps riders of all shapes and sizes use this machine as comfortably as possible. The handlebars are also customizable, just moving a pin out of the way is all it takes to set the handlebars in the position you need for your workout.

The petals were designed to give a game-changing experience during your session; a toe cage helps keep your feet securely held onto the pedal. It’s intended for SPD riders and to remain parallel to the floor while being held high enough to clear the floor surface.

Maintenance on the Keiser M3i is easy to keep up with, allowing users to access the drive train by removing eight screws. However, regular maintenance shouldn’t be a concern when working with this model thanks to the belt’s pretention design that requires no adjustments. It should be inspected routinely to ensure that everything is still working correctly.

The drivetrain itself is threaded with a Poly-V belt which gives a smoother and quieter riding experience, and it’s also the prime choice with automotive technicians to run the accessories in front of car engines. The belt itself can transmit large loads over smaller pulleys which give the best machine to bike feel without the flywheel perimeter being a significant part of its function.

What Makes Keiser M3i Unique

As far as a unique feature that this bike carries is the crank arms on the pedals. Many manufacturers only cater their crank arm designs around slender feet and narrow hips that professional cyclists tend to have.

When it comes to designing a cycling machine that can accommodate a large assortment of people of varying body shapes and sizes, this feature can become a problem for any who don’t match those ideals.

Keiser fixes this problem by designing curved crank arms that can cater to people with wider hips and differing foot sizes. This makes the Keiser M3i more all-inclusive and more comfortable to workout on.

Aside from that design detail, Keiser’s M3i is currently the only model of indoor cycling equipment to pass the EN ISO 20957-1 certification by TUV Product Services.

TUV is a global inspection, testings and certifications organization and passing the certification means that the M3i will display data onto the LCD at almost instant intervals to keep track of your workout progress.

It’s also the only cycling machine to have Bluetooth compatibility. This allows for a large variety of options as far as tracking and customizing your workout experience. The LCD itself doesn’t have any buttons to mess with which will enable you to keep focused on your exercise while the information that you need is updated and displayed regularly.

The handlebars are another feature I feel deserves a place in this section. While it’s not a wholly unique feature, it is something that’s commonly used in most models of indoor cycles. You can change their position in many different ways to give you a more comfortable workout, and it’s easy to set them in their place before you get started.

Nestled between your handlebars is the gear switch that gives easy access to it so you won’t skip a beat. You’re given up to twenty-four different levels of resistance to cater to your needs, and all are easily managed with a quick flick of the switch.

Holding the shifter all the way down will activate the HIIT setting which will provide your workout with a variety of interval training to keep your body in shape and allow it to raise your metabolism and burn fat faster.

Many consumers noted that the flywheel was located on the back of the M3i versus the models that have the flywheel up front. This was a deliberate design move on Keiser’s part, keeping the wheel in the back helps maintain it longer by keeping it out of the way of dripping sweat from its users.

There are even ridges incorporated in the design of the frame that’s meant to catch sweat drops and divert them away from the flywheel. Keeping the wheel dry will keep it running smoother and for a longer span of time.

What speaks for Keiser’s dedication for quality in this model is the constant quality control of the axle assembly which is the core piece that gives you the most accurate ride information delivered to you. The company randomly dyno-tests an M3i to ensure quality and accuracy every day.


What is likely the most negative aspect of this unit is the price. Currently, this model sits at $1,995.00 on Amazon. With this price you’ll get the following:

  • The Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle
  • Floor Mat
  • Media Tray
  • Stretch Pad

Amazon typically has the better pricing of these units, and if there are any defects in your M3i, you can return them without much hassle.

The price isn’t something that will work with everyone’s budget, but considering what the M3i comes equipped with and the science involved in making it the most efficient indoor cycling machine, the price is justified.

You can find cheaper models, even by Keiser if you love the brand, that can still just as adequately provide a great workout, but as many consumers noted, they rarely keep up with the quality and the technological advantages offered by the M3i. In the end, the most important features are the ones that you, the consumer, value in an exercise machine.

If you want a quality product that was meticulously tested to bring you the very best in design and features, then two grand should be a justifiable expense.

How It Compares

If you’re still on the fence about whether it will be a suitable addition to your home gym, we’ll provide comparisons to another cycling unit from the M3 lineup. The original M3 matches a lot of the design features that make the M3i so alluring, a sturdy V frame and a carbon forged flywheel nestled in the back.

Both models utilize a magnetic driven resistance to make you work harder when you need it and provides adjustable seating to help give more comfort and support during your workout.

However, when it comes to advantages over the M3i, the only thing that this model can compete on is the price which is a couple hundred lower at $1,795.00. Otherwise, you lose the ability to move the handlebars where you want them to be, and you also lose the Bluetooth capability and the media stand that comes with the M3i.  

Honestly, if the price is a factor and you can live without these upgrades, the Keiser M3 all around would be a very suitable alternative to the M3i.

What We Think

Everything that we’ve seen regarding the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle has been impressive. Aside from the cost of the machine, there are no outstanding downsides to purchasing this model and enjoying all the benefits it can provide for you.

The technology provided pairs well with the kind of workout that you can expect to have from a quality built unit. These were the features that we found were helpful and harmful to give you better a chance to decide what you liked the most.


  • High-Quality Belt Drive
  • 24 levels of magnetic resistance settings
  • Full guard is surrounding the flywheel for additional protection
  • Quiet
  • Four-way adjustable seat & handlebars
  • Media Tray
  • HIIT Settings
  • Bluetooth & compatible apps
  • Capable of handling up to 300 pounds
  • Easy to move around & stored
  • Dual side SPD pedals


  • The price
  • It doesn’t have preset training options

In the end, the final say is yours. We’ve provided a detailed overview of the Keiser M3i; it’s build, design, and features that come together and make one of the most popular personal cycle training machines.

While it’s not cheap, everything that comes with your unit more than makes up for the price tag and most consumers who purchased this product were very happy with their purchase. If you have the budget for it and you want to invest in a high-quality machine, the M3i is your best bet for just that.

While other models might compare to some of the features provided, they aren’t always designed for the same kind of durability that Keiser implemented into its design focus. With the M3i, you’ll be guaranteed an indoor cycle that can withstand use and time no matter how hard you like to exercise.

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