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How to Use the MapMyRide App for Your Fitness Goals

The MapMyRide app is on the lips of almost every fitness enthusiast who is seeking a bike route planner they can count on. As one of the most popular cycling apps available for Apple products and Android devices, MapMyRides allows cyclists to keep track of their routes, communicate with friends about fitness goals and analyze their progress through a reliable training log. One of the most appealing features about the MapMyRide app is how you can download it: completely free of charge. All of these benefits combined have won us over and inspired us to write about how you can use the MapMyRide app for your fitness goals.

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Fitness apps are gaining more and more demand as we are almost permanently stuck to our smart phones. In a way, we have several apps to thank for our motivation to exercise, as most of them have a social feature incorporated in their functionality. By sharing fitness objectives and progress, you will be more excited about making those dreams come true and sticking to your initial plan. As far as methods of working out are concerned, bicycle riding is an excellent option. Not only is it extremely low-cost, but the outdoor exposure also adds to the health benefits of this choice. Most gym subscriptions will be expensive, but riding a bike you invest in only once won’t cost nearly as much.

Let’s get into the specifics of this app, like the MapMyRide live tracking and the MapMyRide heart rate monitor that customers are so interested in. Get the 411 on the MapMyRide app and how it can help you reach your exercise goals below!

What is the MapMyRide App?

MapMyRid is a mobile app available for iPhones, BlackBerry smart phones and Android devices. Official information on the app can be found on and also on the download pages in all three app stores. MapMyRide is not only available for United States residents, but also for those residing in the United Kingdom, through MapMyRide UK. The MapMyRide app is one of the three major MapMyFitness apps that aim to help you track your exercise, together with MapMyWalk and MapMyRun.

In its essence, the MapMyRide app was designed to enhance your bike riding experience through a great number of awesome features. The app is easy to set up and easy to use, with an abundance of information available at any time on To start with the MapMyRide app, all you have to do is register with your email address or your Facebook profile, depending on your preferences. You can start customizing your MapMyRide profile and adding photos, descriptions, locations and other relevant information.

Once you have passed the set up, you can start literally mapping your ride by creating a route or uploading one that you have already established. You can then continue by creating courses, logging or importing workouts, tracking your favorite gear, establishing food and water logs and more. To fully understand everything the MapMyRide app can offer, take a look at the full list of features and benefits in the following section.

MapMyRide Features and Benefits

Going back to the objective of our article, how can MapMyRide be used for your fitness goals? Well, first of all, you can actually establish both short-term and long-term goals inside the app.

Set Goals

There are four main goal categories that you can choose from for creating yours:

  1. Work out more
  2. Go farther
  3. Increase my pace
  4. Walk

You might be wondering what a ‘Walk’ option would have to do with a bicycle riding app. Like we mentioned in the section above, MapMyRide is part of the MapMyFitness suite of apps. The company’s main app is MapMyWalk, and most features are drawn from there. Hopefully the designers will change the goal name in the future to be suitable for the MapMyRide app, but until then you can definitely manage with work out more, go farther and increase your pace.

You can assign minutes, miles and other stats and keep track of your evolution in the My Goals tab.

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Find Routes

What makes the MapMyRide app even more amazing is the opportunity to find the best bike riding routes in your area. All you have to do is access My City after you establish your location. You can look through the best bike path routes and bicycling routes in your neighborhood and test them out for yourself.

In addition to discovering new and exciting bike routes, you also have access to local bicycling events, groups of other cyclists and even shops that have the gear you need for an excellent cycling experience.

Track Progress

Remember what we said before about setting goals? Well, the MapMyRide app also allows you to stay on track (both metaphorically and literally speaking) by keeping an activity log. You can record the following pieces of information with the MapMyRide app:

  • Pace
  • Duration
  • Calories
  • Distance
  • Elevation
  • Speed

By using these statistics, you will be able to see how close you are to achieving the fitness goals you set every day.

MapMyRide Android, iPhone and BlackBerry Downloads

If you are interested in trying out the MapMyRide app for reaching your fitness goals, you can proceed with downloading it for your mobile device. As we stated before, the app is completely free in all of the stores it is offered on. Below you can find the download links and additional useful information for each kind of mobile device that’s compatible.


Possibly the most popular place for getting the MapMyRide app is the App Store, as most users have iPhones. The MapMyRide app for iPhone is currently at version 16.2.0 and will take up 99 MB of space in your device. It is available not only in English, but also in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese. Please note that you will need to have iOS 8.0 or later for the MapMyRide app to work with your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

To download the MapMyRide app for iPhone, please click here.


The MapMyRide app can also be downloaded for free from Google Play for Android users. Out of the +63,000 customer reviews, almost 40,000 users rated it with 5 stars, leading to a 4.4 star average customer rating. The Android version of the MapMyRide app is 49 MB and gets frequent updates from the developers. If you download the app from Google Play, you also have access to multiple customer reviews with detailed experience with MapMyRide.

If you want to download the MapMyRide app from Google Play, go ahead and visit this page.


Last but not least, BlackBerry users can also benefit from the MapMyRide app on BlackBerry World. Nevertheless, please keep in mind that this version of the app has limited support, due to lack of demand. It’s very small (only 191 KB), but it’s only at version 1.6. On its BlackBerry World description page you can see the supported carriers, countries and devices. Moreover, you can do a quick QR code scan to get full instructions on how to use the app.

BlackBerry users who want to download the MapMyRide app can access this link.

Master your fitness goals and enjoy the ride!

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