Horizon EX 69 Elliptical review

Horizon EX 69 Elliptical Review

For many people, having a compact cardio machine at home is an excellent way to stay in shape without having to pay money for a gym membership. The Horizon EX 69 is a good choice for those who not only want to work out, but who also want to track progress- it offers 10 unique programs for variety, and it also offers a Goal Center for users to track workouts. It is compact in size and can fit into a relatively small space in your home. With built-in speakers, a cooling fan, and a comfortable, natural footpath, this elliptical machine is designed to make your cardio workouts as enjoyable as possible.

Horizon EX 69 Main Features

The Horizon EX 69 is an elliptical machine that, while it is designed for home use, is modeled after the types of machines found in gyms. It is easy to use and is suitable for beginners, but users of any experience level and fitness level can use it.

This machine weighs about 200 pounds in total, and resistance is provided by a 14.3-pound flywheel and by magnetic brake resistance. Users can manually adjust resistance for a custom exercise, and the machine breaks down this resistance into levels 1-20. The machine is designed for safety, as it has footpads with added traction. The footpads are designed in a way that keeps your feet in a flat, natural path.

Lastly, this machine has several features for workout tracking and overall comfort. You can pick from 10 programs, and you are also able to track and look back on individual workouts. It has speakers with an mp3 input so you can listen to your iPod or other mp3 player while exercising. This machine also has a cooling fan, which is a comfort

feature not often found on elliptical machines.

horizon ex 69 elliptical trainer


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Horizon EX 69 Additional Info


Like many cardio machines, this machine requires minimal maintenance. You will not need to oil anything, and parts will typically not need to be replaced. (If something does need replacement, please see the “Warranty” section below.) However, to extend the life of the machine, it is a good idea to wipe it down after use, as sweat buildup can sometimes degrade workout equipment. Because you will need to plug in the machine, it is a good idea to handle the plug with care and be sure to not wear down the cable.


The manufacturer offers a generous warranty that covers the Horizon EX 69. There is a lifetime warranty for the brake resistance and for the frame, and a one-year warranty for parts and labor. The manufacturer doesn’t provide information on extension.


This product comes with some accessories, including the convenient cup holders for water bottles. While there are not many accessories available to purchase for this machine, you may be able to purchase a machine cover to protect the Horizon EX 69 when it is not in use. If you would prefer different cup holders, you can also purchase alternate ones.

Recommended Routines

The Horizon EX 69 can be used for a variety of workouts. If you are injured or new to fitness, it’s a good idea to start with short, relaxed workout of about 15 minutes each. As you become more advanced, you may want to do interval training. For example, one type of interval workout involves going as fast as you can for a minute, followed by 30 seconds of easy work, and then repeating. The machine itself also offers a variety of programmed workouts you may want to try.

Horizon EX 69 Pros and Cons

When you are deciding whether to buy a product, it can help to have a list of pros and cons. While your personal list may be different, the following lists may give you an idea of something to consider.


  • Comfort and convenience. This elliptical’s fan feature is somewhat rare, but it helps cool you off during a tough workout. You also can plug in an mp3 player and listen to music while exercising.
  • Workout variety. This machine offers 10 different workout programs, so you can challenge yourself in new ways.
  • Tracking progress. The Horizon EX 69 offers a Goal center where you can keep track of your progress.
  • Safety. The foot grips are oversized with plenty of traction, and you only need to step up 10 inches to get on the machine.


  • Less entertainment than some gym machines. While the Horizon EX 69 does have many features of health club machines, it does not have a TV screen, which some users prefer.
  • Warranty doesn’t cover everything. While the lifetime warranty is a generous one, it does not extend to all machine parts.
  • Low user weight limit. This may not be an issue for everyone, but the machine’s user weight limit of 300 pounds means it isn’t suitable for everyone.

Horizon EX 69 User Reviews

In general, the user reviews for the Horizon EX 69 are very positive. Many users have said that this machine is comparable to the machines found in gyms and health clubs. Several have also commented that the assembly for the product is fairly straightforward, although it does take a couple of hours. Many users also have noted that, especially considering the low price, this machine has several great features and is a good purchase value overall. Some customer have complained that, upon the product’s arrival, it was damaged, and others have said that they have had to deal with the product breaking or making unusual sounds after a month or two. These are not universal complaints, though, and many users seem to be happy with the product over all.


The Horizon EX 69 is, overall, a good buy for the money. While it is not quite as fancy as some of the elliptical machines seen in gyms, it does include many high-end features like fans, mp3 playing ability, and workout tracking that are typically only found on higher-end products. Its natural footpath and compact size also make it a good choice for the user who hopes to work out at home. This product is recommended for its safety and versatility, as well as for its overall value.

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